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Here on this page, will be headlines form difference news source, that reveal a cause for concern for the Faithful in Christ! Please take all this to prayer, then engage, and get the truth out, for this is a FAITH ALERT!

Wednesday 12 May: Fierce Fighting Continues Between Israel and Gaza Strip Factions. Death toll in Gaza hits 53, including 14 children and 3 women, in addition to 320 injuries

Since yesterday when heavy fighting erupted between Israel and factions controlling the Gaza Strip, hundreds of rockets and some missiles have been fired INTO Israel from Gaza and dozens of Israeli air strikes have hit Gaza in response. 

As of 9:32 AM eastern US Time (New York City time) Explosions are being reported across multiple cities, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ofakim, Beer Sheva and more, inside Israel.  The image above shows an ammo depot burning in Tel Aviv.

Hamas which governs the Gaza Strip tells the Egyptian mediators that if their conditions are not fulfilled, they will use a 'previously un-seen weapon' to target Israel.

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America needs to hear this. The audit in Maricopa County is the last chance for America to stop the Biden team of communists from completing their destruction of America while setting up the country to lose World War III. America is not paying attention to the audit and there is nothing more important right now. If Arizona were to be flipped for Trump, the dominoes would begin to topple and many other swing states would move in Trump's direction. This is particularly true if jaiL time was attached to corrupt election officials.

Trump won the election in Arizona by a massive 2-1 landslide. The numbers from the audit have been leaked to me.

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Def. Ministry expects escalation on border with Russia at any moment

Taran says Russia is in no hurry to fulfill its troops withdrawal promises.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran says Ukraine expects the situation on the border with the Russian Federation may escalate at any moment.

Read more on UNIAN:



Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing "Gene Edited" (GMO) Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

Despite strong resident protests, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Florida agencies have approved controversial release of millions of genetically-modified or "gene edited" killer mosquitoes into the Florida Keys. At the same time the controversial Presidential Science Adviser nominee of Biden is involved in development of the CRISPR technology being used to genetically modify everything from the mosquitoes to the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus mRNA "vaccines" to gene-edited salmon. How Bill Gates, the Pentagon and the eugenics lobby come together now is alarming to put it mildly.

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Warning Of Social Unrest: Out of Work, Out Of Food And Now A Gas Shortage - As 'Free' Money Runs Out Tempers Flaring Higher Than Ever Before

Imagine filling up a balloon with either air or water, and keep pumping it full and fuller....eventually it is going to blow.

That is what America is facing right now, as more and more problems make it harder and harder to function and conduct normal patterns and routines, the more stress people are undergoing.

People are like that balloon right now, being filled with stress, fear, hunger and now a gas shortage along with spiking gas prices, just to name a few stressors.

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"O Zeus, why is it you have given men clear ways of testing whether gold is counterfeit but, when it comes to fiat money, it carries no stamp of nature for distinguishing bad from good." - Euripides & EvG

The Greek playwright Euripides' (450 BC) statement on gold (slightly amended by me), tells us why it has remained money for 5,000 years.
Because gold is constant wealth and can't be altered or forged successfully.

As regards distinguishing bad from good fiat money, bankers and central bankers have made that task both ridiculously and criminally easy for us all.

Because there is no good fiat money.

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The Deep State Has Complete Dominion Over America! An Upcoming Collapse Is Planned With The Goal Of Total Destruction, Chaos And Disorder

The pyramid defines the power structure the majority of humanity is subject to, in even the smallest details of our lives. This issue reveals the impending economic collapse, by explaining what is going on behind the curtain and what is being hidden and why.

The vertical axis of the pyramid represents; power, wealth, knowledge, etc. The shape of the pyramid describes the population distribution as measured by the vertical axis. The great majority of humanity, we the people, are on the lower levels near the bottom of the pyramid. The Controllers - The Powers That Be - the Deep State Elites occupy the lofty levels near the peak.

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10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup

One potential positive from the whole Covid-19 debacle is that we have learned an incredible amount about the society in which we live. This will be crucial if we manage to stave off a descent into a nightmare future of techno-fascist slavery.

We will have a new understanding of what our world has become and what we would like it to be in the decades and centuries to come. And "we" means we. While the majority have, apparently, learnt nothing at all from what has happened, they will eventually catch up.

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Now Michigan's Governor Wants to Shut Down ANOTHER Fuel Pipeline

As the entirety of the southeast United States hunts for gas and wonders if they are going to be able to make their way to their jobs the next day as a result of an alleged cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, Michigan's Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is now attempting to shut down another pipeline running through her state.

As a result, the state of Michigan has told Enbridge, a Canadian energy company, that it has to shut down an oil and gas pipeline by May 11. What's even more strange than closing down a pipeline at a time when the entire Southeast of the country faces a gas shortage is that Whitmer's claims are not completely invalid as most hers tend to be. Whitmer and the state of Michigan are arguing that the pipeline represents a potentially massive environmental disaster if the pipelines burst, leak, or are damaged.

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It's Only Been 4 Months: Keystone Pipeline is Shut Down, Gas Prices Are Highest in 6 Years, Gas Stations Are Out of Gas, And Gas Lines in Several States - Nice Work, Joe!

On Joe Biden's first day in office, he shut down construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process

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Do You Get The Feeling That Events Happening Now Are Leading Us Into An Endless Global Nightmare?

2021 was supposed to be the year that life went back to normal.  Obviously that is not happening, and so a lot of prominent voices out there are going to be forced to update their narratives.  Global events have really started to accelerate, and so many of the things that the "doom and gloomers" have been warning about are starting to happen right in front of our eyes.  For example, on my websites I have been talking about Israel a lot in recent months, and now it appears that the region is on the brink of war.  So far, more than 700 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza, but by the time you read this article that number will probably be even higher.  In response, the IDF has conducted a series of dramatic strikes inside Gaza, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising "to attack harder and increase the pace of attacks"...

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Leading Doctors: Governments Are ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers' of Vaccine-Related Deaths

Never before in history has there been a globalized campaign to vaccinate the world's population, followed by an unprecedented drive to censor, deplatform and discredit anyone who dares to criticize the roll-out of the current range of unlicensed, experimental corporate COVID-19 vaccines and mRNA gene therapy jabs. However, some leading doctors are finally beginning to speak out on this crucial issue, and what they are describing is shocking tale of government and corporate corruption and cover-ups. 

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Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was very content during a trip to Turkey on Friday. He said it was productive and smiled alongside his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. He said it was a "wonderful" trip where he spoke with his "brother Cavusoglu." The trip signals the growing alliance that Turkey and Iran have in the region. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took Russia's side in a growing spat with the US, slamming US President Joe Biden who is widely hated by Turkey's ruling party. The messaging from Ankara is that Russia and Turkey are growing together as allies and partners. They work together in Syria, Libya and the Caucasus; their goal is to supplant US influence and divide up many areas of the Middle East between themselves... (READ MORE)



Tucker Carlson: Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen, why isn't there a criminal investigation?

Fauci exploited a loophole that allowed him to fund research at the Wuhan Lab that likely became COVID-19

How do we assess the Biden administration's response to COVID? Well, here's one marker: it tells you pretty much everything that the White House that is supposedly so committed to science chose as its head COVID coordinator a man with no background at all in science or medicine. His name is Jeffrey Zients. Zients ran Joe Biden's presidential transition team, that's his qualification. He's a former management consultant from Bain, who sat on the board of Facebook. Jeffrey Zients is a political operative. That's who's overseeing COVID response for Joe Biden. The good news is because Zients isn't even close to being an actual scientist, he doesn't talk like one. Occasionally he says things whose significance the rest of us can clearly understand. Read what Zients said on CNN yesterday, and it becomes very clear how the White House understands this pandemic.

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120+ retired military flag officers warn US ‘under assault' by socialists, Marxists, urges Americans to fight back

More than 120 retired military flag officers with Flag Officers 4 America published an open letter Monday warning that the United States is in "deep peril" and under "tremendous assault" by supporters of socialism and Marxism, urging Americans to get involved in "a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding."

"Under a Democrat Congress and the Current Administration, our Country has taken a hard left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government which must be countered now by electing congressional and presidential candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic. The survival of our Nation and its cherished freedoms, liberty, and historic values are at stake," the letter states.

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Why are magnets sticking to people who have been vaccinated? Magnetic personality? Not hardly.

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More than 1,000 gas stations run out of fuel

CHAMBLEE, Ga. - More than 1,000 gas stations in the Southeast reported running out of fuel, primarily because of what analysts say is unwarranted panic-buying among drivers, as the shutdown of a major pipeline by a gang of hackers entered its fifth day Tuesday.

Government officials acted swiftly to waive safety and environmental rules to speed the delivery of fuel by truck, ship or rail to motorists and airports, even as they sought to assure the public that there was no cause for alarm.

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Dr. Lee Merritt interviewed by the Health Ranger: Forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity

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US State of Emergency Declared: Cyberattack Shuts Down Fuel Pipeline, Chaos Erupts in SE

The United States is currently in a state of emergency...again.

This time, it is due to an alleged massive cyberattack leveled against the Colonial Pipeline. The result is the shutdown of virtually the entire Pipeline. Though the event happened days ago, it was not until yesterday that panic began to set in. In a flurry of panic buying, the Southeast United States stands on the precipice of running out of gas.

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The vaccine is the pandemic: MULTIPLE countries seeing spike in covid deaths AFTER covid vaccines began

(Natural News) A total of 26 countries and counting are reporting a massive uptick in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "cases," injuries, and deaths now that the "vaccines" are in widespread use.

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean, which started jabbing people on Feb. 17, both reported a sharp rise in Chinese Virus deaths - the highest, in fact, since the plandemic was first launched. It took a full two months for case numbers to return back to pre-vaccine levels.

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Dr. Carrie Madej reveals to Health Ranger that Covid vaccines contain "exotic nanotech" for tracking and bio-control

(Natural News) There is so much to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccination" agenda that people are not aware of, but that experts like internal medicine physician Dr. Carrie Madej are warning have ominous implications for the future of humanity.

In the following episode of Brighteon Conversations with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Dr. Madej talks about how we need to get the word out about the deadly "spike" protein component and other elements to the "vaccines" that are being used to tag, track and control the populations of the world like cattle.

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Covid Was 'An Act Of War' Upon America, Timed To Get China's Puppet Into The White House And Engineered With The Kill Shot And Lock Downs To Complete The Take Down Of America

With America largely locked down now for over a year since coronavirus started spreading across the country, we have to take a detailed and sourced look within this story at new information that has come out recently that suggests this entire episode in American history has been part of a 'war' upon America, timed to get China's puppet Joe Biden into the White House and complete the globalists long-running task of 'taking down America'. 

With documented reports that China was preparing for a Third World War with biological weapons, including coronaviruses, six years ago according to a dossier produced by the People's Liberation Army back in 2015 and uncovered by the US State Department, as one commenter had pointed out within that Daily Mail story, there are way too many coincidences to overlook.:

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Predictive Programming and the Coronavirus

Under the guise of a fictional sci-fi novel, the pandemic and all the associated features of corruption are revealed. This article demonstrates how predictive programming works. And we have seen no shortage of predictive programming when it comes to the virus. 

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Israel Kills Hamas Commander Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir, IDF Says

Israel has killed a top Hamas commander in a strike against the terror group.

"We just killed the commander of the Hamas anti-tank missile unit, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir. He was in charge of carrying out anti-tank missile attacks on Israel. Our aircraft are currently striking additional terror targets in Gaza," the Israel Defense Force tweeted Tuesday while carrying out attacks in the Gaza Strip.

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At the writing of this story 12:09 PM EDT - The Israeli Air Force has, within the past 30 minutes, launched a total of eighty (80) military aircraft for strike operations against HAMAS and the Gaza Strip.

Fighter jets, surveillance aircraft and airborne refueling tankers took to the skies.

Whatever operation Israel has planned, it seems it will be MASSIVE.

Bear in mind that they are using these military aircraft against a CIVILIAN population.   They are not warring against a sovereign power.

More details as they become available.

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Truth about UFOs and aliens could be just WEEKS away from being released by US in ‘most profound moment in history'

HUMANITY may be just weeks away from finding out the truth about UFOs and potential aliens, a disclosure campaigner has claimed.

Steve Bassett, who has tirelessly worked to end the 74-year embargo of classified information on UFOs, told The Sun Online he believes intelligence agencies are preparing to lift the lid on extraterrestrial encounters.

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Netanyahu warns of long IDF Gaza campaign after rocket barrage on Tel Aviv

Three Israelis killed Tuesday • Over 700 rockets fired at Israel since Monday • Bus struck by a rocket in Holon, south of Tel Aviv

A woman was killed and another person was critically wounded in Rishon Lezion after terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a barrage of rockets in the direction of Tel Aviv late Tuesday night setting off sirens throughout the center of the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz gave a joint statement Tuesday night, declaring that the violence will continue for some time. 

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Colonial Pipeline cyberattack may cause SoCal gas prices to rise higher than they already are

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Just when you thought SoCal gas prices couldn't get any more expensive -- there are now concerns they could rise even higher as a major pipeline on the East Coast remains shut down due to a cyberattack.

Gas prices across the Southland have already been rising since the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have been easing and more people are out on the roads.

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UFOs and the Days of Noah

Back in 1884, long before the coining of terms like "flying saucer" and "extraterrestrial," George Hawkins Pember asserted, "The seventh and most fearful characteristic of the days of Noah was the unlawful appearance among men of beings from another sphere" (emphasis added).[i] He predicted the return of the "Principality of the Air" and argued that the rise of spiritualism was its fruition. Of course, Pember has taken a lot of ribbing for his assertions since the nineteenth century because we still await the apocalypse. In like fashion, imagine the ridicule Noah endured as an apocalyptic prophet building a huge ark far removed from the sea. It is not difficult to imagine Noah was accused of something akin to "hate speech" as a pre-Flood preacher of righteousness. Also easy to conceive is that, by an assortment of antediluvian affronts, he was called a crackpot for his strange beliefs.

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Terrifying Changes Happening That Will Destroy The World If Common Sense Does Not Start Prevailing - We Must Start Speaking Out And Fighting Back 

There is a wave of complete lunacy sweeping throughout the entire globe it seems.

Pastors arrested for holding church services. Chaplains reported to terrorism agencies for speaking on LGBT issues, despite encouraging respect for all. 'Woke' universities connecting Darwin to "white supremacy."  A secular K-12 coed day school forcing changes to curriculum based on race based issues, the equivalent to book burning, as parents which pay those tuitions rage against it. Another Pastor arrested for conducting church service during the "COVID tyranny" phase.

These are just a few examples of what is happening in America and abroad, showing a change, certainly not for the better, that is sweeping across the world,  able to do so, because normal people are "scared" of being labeled, attacked and/or harassed if they dare speak up against what is happening.

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Report on the Black Robe Regiment Summit and The Speech Too Hot to Handle for the Event.

Well let me give you the after action report on the Black Robe Regiment Summit.

First of all this event should not have in any way had the sacred name of the Black Robe Regiment tied to it.

I'll try and keep this brief and just hit the highlights.

First on Thursday night Pastor Shahram Hadian called me and wanted to talk to me.  He said that I was one of the only speakers coming who he had not met personally and that he really didn't know anything about me. After a few minutes of us talking he gets to the real reason he was calling. He stated that he had watched my New Declaration on YouTube and that he had concerns. He stated that the Pastors that were coming to this event were not at that point yet. He said he agreed personally with everything that I had written in the New Declaration, however he kept pushing to get me to agree to drop it.

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Vaccine Passports Illegal, Infections and Deaths after Vaccines, Government and Media Lies, the "Booster" Myth

So far in the UK approximately 33m people have received at least one vaccination from either the AstraZeneca or the Pfizer "vaccine" (the latter is is fact a genetic treatment). There have been 1,086 deaths (see above). Therefore the chance of dying from the vaccine is 1 in 30,386. This compares very badly with the chance of those under 50 dying from COVID itself as this ONS data shows:

For a healthy child under ten, the chance of dying of Covid-19 is 1 in 4 million (or 1 in 1.3million for a child with co-morbidities). Which is why so many attack the plans to vaccinate children, see this.

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Man Who Shot Three Random People in Times Square in Broad Daylight Identified as Farrakhan Muhammad

NYPD identified the man who shot 3 random people, including a 4-year-old child in Times Square on Saturday evening.

Police identified Farrakhan Muhammad as a person of interest by his brother, the Denver Channel reported.

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Globalist Pope Francis Defends Joe Biden Over Abortion Policies - Says Plan by US Bishops to Rebuke Him Might Look "Divisive" - But Same Pope a Frequent Critic of Trump

Globalist Pope Francis was a frequent critic of President Trump and his policies to secure and protect the US border.

But this same Marxist pope holds his tongue in criticism of Obama or Joe Biden.

This week Red Francis rebuked US Bishops over a plan to rebuke Joe Biden from Communion.

Pope Francis said he was concerned it might come off as "divisive."

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Corn Prices Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

It sure didn't take long for the Joe Biden era to start resembling the Jimmy Carter era.  Prices are going up so fast that even the mainstream media can't stop talking about it.  This has already become a major national crisis, and it should be exceedingly obvious to everyone that it is only going to get worse.  The Biden administration wants to borrow and spend trillions more dollars on top of all the absurd spending that has already happened, and the Federal Reserve is going to continue to pump gigantic piles of fresh cash into the financial system.  Collectively, our leaders are literally committing economic malpractice, and if most Americans truly understood what was going on they would be out in the streets protesting against it.

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The American Cyber Stasi Will Suppress All Digital Dissent In Biden's Dystopia

CNN's recent report that the US' security services are considering contracting the services of so-called "researchers" as a legal workaround for spying on average Americans confirms that Biden's dystopian hellhole is rapidly moving in the direction of establishing a "Cyber Stasi" for suppressing all digital dissent against the Democrats as they continuing consolidating their de facto one-party rule of the country.

The dystopian hellhole that I predicted would become a fait accompli following Biden's confirmation as President by the Electoral College is quickly becoming a reality after CNN's recent report that the US security services are considering contracting the services of so-called "researchers" as a legal workaround for spying on average Americans.

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Could The Wildly Out Of Control Violence In Jerusalem Spark A Major Regional War In The Middle East?

Things have been getting more tense in Jerusalem for weeks, and Monday was the day when tensions really started to boil over.  The violence that we witnessed in the streets of Jerusalem shocked the entire globe, and it threatens to spark a major regional conflict.  At one point, a tree that had been set on fire on the Temple Mount was burning wildly out of control, and that was a perfect metaphor for the emotions that we witnessed on both sides.  As a result of multiple violent clashes, over 300 Palestinians and an undisclosed number of Israelis ended up with injuries...

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Covid Cases Double In World's Most-Vaccinated Nation, Raising Concerns

In Seychelles, Sinopharm shots were issued to 57% of those who were fully inoculated and the rest with Covishield, a vaccine made in India under a license from AstraZeneca Plc.

Seychelles, which has vaccinated more of its population against Covid-19 than any other country, saw active cases more than double in the week to May 7, raising concerns that inoculation is not helping turn the tide in some places.

The World Health Organization said vaccine failure couldn't be determined without a detailed assessment and that it was working on evaluating the situation.

Kate O'Brien, director of the the WHO's department of immunization, vaccines and biologicals, told a briefing Monday that the body was in direct communication with Seychelles and that a detailed assessment was needed looking at factors like strains of the virus and the severity of cases.

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Wildfires Rage In Arizona; Southwestern US Faces Megadrought 

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has warned against a megadrought approaching dangerous levels in the southwestern US. Wildfire conditions have been ripe across the region as Red Flag Warnings have been sprouting up from California to Texas. 

Arid conditions in Arizona appear to have sparked a duo of wildfires burning in the state, forcing thousands of folks to flee as firefighters struggle to contain the blazes. 

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Gas shortage: Gov. Cooper declares state of emergency for NC, halts vehicle regulations

In light of the recent cybersecurity attack that temporarily shut down one of the largest pipelines in the United States, Governor Roy Cooper on Monday signed an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency in North Carolina. The order also temporarily suspends motor vehicle fuel regulations to ensure adequate fuel supply supplies throughout the state.

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'We are turning the corner': Average daily Covid deaths fall to a NINE-MONTH low of 666 while new cases and hospitalizations plummet 15% in a week amid rise in vaccinations with 58% of American adults having had their first shot

The U.S. is 'turning the corner' in its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, White House Response Coordinator Jeff Zients told CNN on Sunday.  

Nationwide Covid metrics are hitting lows not see for the better part of a year, as the vaccination rate approaches a crucial tipping point of having half of adults vaccinated against COVID-19. 

As of Monday, 58 percent of U.S. adults had had at least a first dose of vaccine, and nearly 44 percent were fully vaccinated. 

Experts widely credit the proliferation of vaccines for dramatic decline in cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. 

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Gas Stations Run Dry as Pipeline Races to Recover From Hacking

Gas stations along the U.S. East Coast are beginning to run out of fuel as North America's biggest petroleum pipeline races to recover from a paralyzing cyberattack that has kept it shut for days.

From Virginia to Florida and Alabama, stations are reporting that they've sold out of gasoline as supplies in the region dwindle and panic buying sets in. An estimated 7% of gas stations in Virginia were out of fuel as of late Monday, according to GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan.

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Defense Dept. Develops Next Gen Sensor to Implant Under Human Skin, Like a 'Check Engine Light'

One military doctor is calling a next-generation technology that could ultimately stop a future pandemic, "a human check engine light." 

It's actually a tiny hydro-gel sensor that sits right under the skin and was originally developed to help treat diabetes.

But for the Defense Department, it's a way to stop the spread of infection in its tracks.

Read and watch here:



What's Happening In Canada Comes Next To The US Unless We Stop It Now

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother were arrested over the weekend following their church service. Half a dozen Gestapo cars lined up on the street to arrest the men, pull them from their car and put them on their knees in the middle of a busy street while it was raining. And for what? Meeting with other believers! This will be here in the US if we don't put a stop to the CONvid-1984 hoax and expose the lies and bring justice to the guilty.

Watch here:



USDOT Declares Emergency Over Colonial Pipeline Shutdown - Waives Trucker Hours of Service Rules

The United States Department of Transportation, (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have declared an emergency over the shut down of the Colonial Pipeline and waived trucker hours-of-service rules to transport fuel in 17 states.

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Hell Is Coming, And Death Is Coming With It: Prepare to face this challenge instead of fleeing from it. Prepare to fight back!

"Due to this staged calm, many falsely believe that all will return to what is ludicrously referred to as ‘normal,' and that the destruction of the economy and financial system is not one of the agendas sought by the ruling class. This is a gross miscalculation, as in order to complete this takeover of society; the current financial and monetary systems must collapse."

"The only viable solution to our problems is unity in disobedience, and a refusal to accept any mandate issued by this criminal cartel called the state."

This is a brief time of more calm, but hell is coming, and death is coming with it. 

Prepare to face this challenge instead of fleeing from it. Prepare to fight back!

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Surviving Change

A lot of people have preparedness and survival plans based on certain factors remaining the same. Maybe they're convinced their income will remain the same, and they'll get to stay in their home, their car will keep running, they'll be able to afford to keep buying food to stash away, everyone will stay happily married, nobody will die...the list is endless. But the most certain thing in life is the uncertain: change.

If the past year has taught us nothing else, it should have reinforced how quickly things can change and how much resiliency matters. Perhaps nothing at all changed for you, but you've most certainly noticed others who have faced overwhelming changes. Loss of income, loss of loved ones, loss of freedom, loss of buying power, loss of social interaction, loss of physical possessions as the bills can no longer be paid.

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As America Faces A Complete Shutdown, The Time To Prepare Is Measured In Days As Fuel, Food And Freedom Disappear 

I am yelling fire because fire is raging. Mixing metaphors, the storm is not coming; it's already here. America's financial house of cards will fall, taking other nations with her. Thoughtful Conservatives must inform people of imminent danger because families will be disrupted, businesses will fail, couples will be divorced, and children will suffer immeasurably. 

The economy has faltered, is failing, and will fall. 

I see no way out of the coming collapse. Sometimes politicians make such a mess of things that there is no way to correct or solve the mess. It's almost like being in a small boat on a raging sea, unsure how far you are from the coast you left and the distance to where you hope to dock. You keep going hoping to stay afloat; however, our "boat" is overwhelmed with accelerating debt. 

As of May of 2021, the outstanding national debt of the United States is $28,300,000,000,000.00. Every man, woman, and child in the United States owes $84,000 for their share of the U.S. public debt, plus $3,800 state debt and local debt of $6,300. That is overwhelming, outrageous, and obscene. 

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Welcome To The Socialist Paradise Of California

If you like extremely high taxes, a ridiculously inflated cost of living, horrifying bureaucratic nightmares, rising crime rates, endless homeless encampments and "health restrictions" that make it nearly impossible to operate a small business successfully, then you are going to absolutely love California.  Vast hordes of people have fled the state over the past 12 months, and so that means that there is now plenty of room for more socialists to move in.  But before you come, you will want to make sure that you have completely discarded any lingering notions of "freedom" and "liberty" because they won't be of any use to you once you arrive in California.

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VAXXED Blood - The Issue of Transfusions

Should we have the right to refuse blood transfusion from the vaccinated for COVID-19 ? People who are vaccinated for COVID-19 can donate blood immediately or shortly after being vaccinated despite the fact that the experimental product may induce life-threatening disorders in the recipients.

Watch here:



Willing victims flock to get puncture wounds in Count Dracula's castle for once - as authorities in Transylvania open it as a Covid VACCINE site

Willing victims are flocking to get puncture wounds at Romania's Bran Castle as the site - widely believed to be the inspiration for Count Dracula's lair - opens as a vaccination centre.  

A poster showed vampire fangs replaced with syringes during a coronavirus vaccination drive at the castle this weekend.

Health workers with blood-soaked vampire fangs on their scrubs gave out Pfizer jabs to visitors, who can turn up without an appointment every weekend in May.

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Powdered dead babies in capsule form. You ain't gonna believe this one (Made guess where)

What can I even put here...pure evil...made from babies bodies chopped into small pieces and cooked on a stove?!? But don't write about Vitamin C or D. That will get you kicked off social media. You just never know what is in something anymore.

Watch here:



Keep It Simple: Gold vs. a Mad World

Psychologists, poets and philosophers have written for centuries that many who have eyes refuse to see, and many who can think, refuse to think clearly-all for the simple reason that some truths, like the sun, are just too hard to look straight into.

Or as others have said more bluntly: "Truth is like poetry-everyone [fricking] hates it."

When it comes to bloated markets, debt orgies and helicopter money, the rising fun of such "stimulus" is embraced, yet the template for its equally market-tanking, social-destroying and currency-debasing consequences are simply ignored.

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Biden official warns cyberattacks on US are 'here to stay' after 'Russian ransomware gangsters DarkSide' shut down America's largest fuel pipeline: Emergency declaration is issued in 18 states amid price hike fears

An emergency declaration has been issued for 18 states to keep fuel supply lines open after a cyberattack knocked out America's largest gasoline pipeline.  

The hack of Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gasoline, diesel and jet fuel across 5,500 miles to the East Coast, on Friday night is believed to be the largest successful assault on US energy infrastructure in history. 

Colonial Pipeline said it was forced to shut down all pipeline operations as a precaution after it became the victim of a ransomware cyberattack - a technique where the victim's computer systems are hacked and then payment is demanded to unlock them. 

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Breaking! Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass Based on Implantable Microchip

Bill Gates and other globalists used MIT and other universities to develop these systems, but when the public resists this Orwellian takeover, they denounce it as a conspiracy theory - the ultimate form of gaslighting.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab called for a mandatory global health pass in the form of implantable microchips within 10 years.

In a 2016 interview that's now gaining national attention, Schwab, also the founder of the globalist Great Reset agenda, explained that within a decade humanity will be required to have implantable microchips to serve as a global health pass.

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Sunday Live: China Admits To Developing COVID-19 Bioweapon With Fauci & Gates

As Infowars first broke 15 months go, COVID-19 is part of secret bioweapons project between the globalists, the United Nations and Communist China -- that secret is now coming out!

Alex Jones breaks down Communist China's latest admission that it developed the COVID-19 bioweapon with the funding and support of Dr. Anthony Fauci and vaccine czar Bill Gates.

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They are coming for your kids: Globalists launch all-out assault on children

Whether it's in the womb, at a border crossing, in the classroom, or at a local pediatrician's office, the globalist agenda has prioritized children as its main target.

If a child manages to get out of his or her mother's womb alive, their future includes the prospect of masks for life, sitting at home being indoctrinated "remotely" through a computer, and experimental injections their parents are told will "keep them safe."



Higher Prices Leave Consumers Feeling the Pinch

Rising costs for everything from fresh fruit to freezers are shaping purchase decisions

Americans accustomed to years of low inflation are beginning to pay sharply higher prices for goods and services as the economy strains to rev back up and the pandemic wanes.

Price tags on consumer goods from processed meat to dishwashing products have risen by double-digit percentages from a year ago, according to NielsenIQ. Whirlpool Corp. freezers and dishwashers and Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. lawn and garden products are also getting costlier, the companies say. Some consumers are feeling stretched.

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The Differences Between Nationalism And Patriotism And Why Both Stand Opposed To Globalism, Which Is A 'Mad Race To The Bottom' For Everyone But The 'Global Elite'

The terms "nationalism" and "patriotism" are often used interchangeably. This is understandable, as they have somewhat overlapping meanings, both of which suffer from a certain amount of vagueness. However, there are a number of key differences between the two that are worth shedding light on. In the final analysis, we believe that the term "nationalism," while not denoting anything totalitarian by its nature, is not an accurate term for the sentiment that exists in the United States. Nationalism, it would seem, is more suited to Europe or Asia, places with historic nations, united by common language and ethnicity that are necessarily tied with a certain area of land.

There's a lot to unpack here and the differences are extremely subtle. And to give a bit of a spoiler, we're not going to be taking the position, as is often the case, that patriotism is fine but nationalism is simply a metastatic and malignant form of patriotism.

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China Wants To Revive A Strategically Located Airfield Deep In The Pacific: Report

The airstrip in the country of Kiribati is positioned just 1,800 miles from Hawaii, which isn't that far in terms of the distances in the Pacific.

he Chinese government reportedly has plans to refurbish and expand an airstrip on the island of Kanton, also spelled Canton, part of the archipelago nation of Kiribati in the central Pacific Ocean. If true, this could give Beijing an airbase in an incredibly strategical location, between North America and New Zealand, potentially giving China's military much greater reach throughout a critical and increasingly tense region.

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Russia Just Accepted Its New Super-Quiet, Cruise Missile-Packed Submarine Into Service

It's been a long wait, but the new Yasen-M subclass should help revitalize the Russian Navy's nuclear-powered submarine force. 

More than seven years after its last nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine, or SSGN, entered service, the Russian Navy has commissioned its next such vessel, the Kazan, the lead ship of a new subclass. The event marks an important advance in the overhaul of Russia's mainly Cold War-era nuclear submarine fleet, which had previously introduced only one SSGN of all-new design, the Severodvinsk, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The new type is based on the design of the Severodvinsk, the sole Project 885 Yasen vessel.

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CRISPR Covid Injections Alters A Person's Thinking & Behavior, Tech Can Be Remotely Controlled

Yale, DARPA, CIA neurobiology expert on controlling the human brain with RNA vaccines, and more information, which is linked to below.

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How American Christendom Weakens American Christianity

An age of scandals reveals how institutions of the faith can fundamentally oppose the faith.

I'm going to share a question that I've been thinking about a lot-especially in the years since the rise of Trump and the months since I've been diving deep into the sex abuse scandals that have corrupted powerful and important American Christian institutions. The question is simply this: Is American Christendom increasingly incompatible with American Christianity?

The root of the question comes from Soren Kierkegaard's Attack on Christendom, a series of searing essays aimed directly at the established Danish church, a church that was deeply entangled with the Danish state. In Kierkegaard's formulation, "Christendom" refers both to the legal institutions of the church and to the culture those institutions create. 

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Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge

Stonewall Jackson's name will be forgotten, and his quotes will be attributed to people who did not say them.

VMI, the famed Virginia Military Institute that employed Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and played an integral role in America's Civil War, has moved to de-person the General in a Soviet-style purge of the school's Confederate history, going as far as to rip Jackson's name away from his own quotes which emblazon a portion of the school and re-attribute them to someone else.

Efforts to de-person Stonewall Jackson and erase the school's rich Confederate history have been in the works for quite some time, as the publicly funded military school has long been a target of the radical left. Though they had previously been met with resistance, in 2020, as the radical left waged a Soviet-style purge on America's history - particularly in the south - with the help of a new far-left state government installed in Richmond, efforts to snuff out the Confederate history of VMI - and Virginia as a whole - went into overdrive.

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Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden Admin Interests in Iran Is Found Dead After Falling from 17th Floor Balcony in Tehran

Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner was found dead this week after falling from her 17th-floor apartment balcony in Tehran. She was the first secretary of the Swiss delegation and worked in the US Interests Section.

Neighbors heard a loud explosion late at night before her death.

Her body was found in the garden the next morning.

According to reports, Sylvie Brunner was called to Iran to testify about her knowledge of the details of the American accounts who pocketed billions of dollars due to the bribes to lift sanctions against Iran.
We cannot verify that report at this time.

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Why, all of the sudden, is there Asian hate in America? Here is the answer:

There are two main elements to the current assault against Asians in America.  The events seen recently, noticeably all the sudden, are not a coincidence and not a matter of hate towards Asian Americans necessarily.  It is an effort to maintain the current political environment that perpetuates the institutionalized racism enacted and enforced by Affirmative Action, and preparation for the Establishment's race war in America.

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Dr. Carrie Madej tells the Health Ranger that covid vaccines use exotic nanotech for tracking and bio-control

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Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays Out Plan to Control Global Internet: Leaked Documents

Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally directed the country's communist regime to focus its efforts to control the global internet, displacing the influential role of the United States, according to internal government documents recently obtained by The Epoch Times.

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Bill Gates-Funded Company Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In US

UK-based biotechnology firm Oxitec, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said it released the mosquitoes in six locations in Monroe County's Florida Keys: two on Cudjoe Key, one on Ramrod Key, and three on Vaca Key. It's part of an effort to help tackle a disease-transmitting invasive mosquito population-the Aedes aegypti mosquito species-that's responsible for "virtually all mosquito-borne diseases transmitted to humans," according to the company.

These mosquitoes make up about 4 percent of the mosquito population in the Keys, and transmit dengue, Zika, yellow fever, and other human diseases, as well as heartworm and other potentially deadly diseases to pets and other animals.

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The Hate Speech Fabrication as Orwellian Thought Control

The pervasive spectre of ‘hate speech' is all around us, created by those who want to portray certain opinions in the worst possible light in order to delegitmise them. If you dare to hold a different opinion on certain issues and go on to articulately express those opinions which could well resonate with other people, then it is designated as being hate speech. Not because it is hateful, but because those opposed to that opinion have no counter-argument to it and so label it as being something morally bad.

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Judge rules gun maker not liable for individual's criminal act

Decision a blow to Biden's campaign to curb 2nd Amendment rights

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the gun maker Glock brought by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on behalf of a man who was shot and paralyzed by a gunshot.

"A fair reading of the [federal law] shows that Congress intended the scope of its preemption to include claims like the plaintiff's. The [law's] plain text extends preemption to plaintiff's tort and products liability claims," wrote U.S. District Judge Susan Brnovich.

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Russian Troops Mass Near Ukraine, So The U.S. Military Lands An Army Brigade In Albania

This spring Russia massed 80,000 troops and thousands of vehicles near Ukraine.

Now NATO is mobilizing 28,000 of its own troops for a sprawling, months-long series of war games with its locus-you guessed it-near Ukraine.

While the alliance's Defender Europe 21 exercise is just the latest iteration of an annual training event and long has been in the works, its geography is no accident.

NATO-and the United States in particular-is determined to match Russian deployments where Russia is most aggressive.

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Confronted with a Nightmare Scenario - John Rubino 5.8.2021

Financial writer John Rubino says there is no easy way out for the financial and political mess the United States has created for itself.  Rubino starts with the economic problems and explains, "Now, inflation is starting to spread. . . . Look at lumber.  If you are trying to build a house, it's $35,000 more now than it was two years ago just because of lumber.  Iron ore, house prices, grains, food and you name it, we've got inflation going on.  At the same time, we have an apparent labor shortage.  All these companies are coming out and saying we would love to take on all the business we are being offered to us, but we don't have enough people.  Even Uber and Lyft cannot find enough drivers.  It's weird it is happening this soon, but we should not be surprised since we dumped tens of trillions of dollars into the economy over the past year.  This is what you would expect if you get the money supply going up 30% or 40%, which it did.  This is what you get.  The economy overheats.  Now, we are confronted with the nightmare scenario in a fiat currency system.  Inflation starts to pick up, which it is.  That sends interest rates higher, which is happening.  That threatens all the heavily indebted people out there because as rates go up, their costs rise.  Then they go bankrupt in increasing numbers, and the system collapses.  We are in the early stages in that kind of a process, and I don't think anybody knows what to do about it."

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Trudeau Pushing Canada To Adopt Communist China's Internet Censorship Model

China's internet censorship is more comprehensive than any other country in the world. China's firewall blocks website content and monitors internet access.

"Laws and regulations prohibit the spread of information that contains content subverting state power, undermining national unity [or] infringing upon national honour and interests." 

Dr. Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, has the following to say about Bill C-10:

"As government moves to create the Great Canadian Internet Firewall, net neutrality is out and mandated internet blocking is in."

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BREAKING: Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED moments after church today

Just minutes ago, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested for opening his church in Calgary. Half a dozen police cars swarmed around him and he was taken into custody. 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested.
Go to to help his fight for freedom.@RebelNewsOnline

- Adam Soos ⳩ (@ATSoos) May 8, 2021

What have we come to when Alberta - once known as the freest province in Canada - now routinely prosecutes and jails Christian pastors? I don't know of anywhere else in the free world that has that disgraceful distinction.

Wal-Mart and Costco are open across Canada, so are liquor stores and marijuana stores. But a Christian pastor cannot open his doors with a massive police raid.

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China plans to revamp disused US airfield in the Pacific 1,800 miles from Hawaii amid nation's global military expansion

China has drawn up plans to upgrade an airstrip and bridge on one of Kiribati's remote islands less than 2,000 miles southwest of Hawaii in a bid to revive a site that hosted military aircraft during World War II.

The plans involve construction on the tiny island of Kanton (also spelled Canton), a coral atoll strategically located midway between Asia and the Americas.

Any significant build-up on Kanton, located 1,864 miles southwest of Hawaii and U.S. military bases there, would offer a foothold to China deep into territory that had been firmly aligned with the U.S. and its allies since World War II. 

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Strong solar flare produces intense radio bursts and widespread radio blackouts across North America

New sunspot AR2822 exploded on May 7th, producing an M3.9-class solar flare, one of the strongest flares of young Solar Cycle 25. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the explosion near the sun's northeastern limb:

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Alert!!  Absolutely Insane New Videos Of Armed And Dangerous Antifa Thugs Assaulting Drivers In Portland Is Reason Enough To Declare Portland A No-Go Zone

A few years ago, we thought Portland, Oregon had hit the lowest point as Antifa goons blocked streets, directed traffic by ordering them to obey their rules, all the while police stood aside and watched the harassment without doing a thing to help the drivers.

Well, we thought wrong, things have gotten worse. 

Recently the Mayor, Ted Wheeler, largely responsible for forcing the police to stand down and let the Antifa thugs rule the streets for years, decided it was time to pretend to care, so he gave a performance in later April, and declared war on Antifa.

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China was preparing for a Third World War with biological weapons - including coronavirus - SIX years ago, according to dossier produced by the People's Liberation Army in 2015 and uncovered by the US State Department

Chinese scientists have been preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons including coronavirus for the last six years, according to a document obtained by US investigators.

The bombshell paper, accessed by the US State Department, insists they will be 'the core weapon for victory' in such a conflict, even outlining the perfect conditions to release a bioweapon, and documenting the impact it would have on 'the enemy's medical system'.

This latest evidence that Beijing considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses from as early as 2015 has also raised fresh fears over the cause of Covid-19, with some officials still believing the virus could have escaped from a Chinese lab.

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UT Bioweapons Dept. Study: Do Not Take The Covid Shots

Alex Jones breaks down the UT bioweapon research study that confirms the lethality and dangers of taking the Covid vaccine.

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COVID Fraud - Lawyers & Medical Experts start legal proceedings against W.H.O and World Leaders for ‘Crimes against Humanity'

A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / "infections" tracked by the use of this faulty test.

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Webb: This Biden Proposal Could Make The US A "Digital Dictatorship"

A "new" proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to "end cancer," this resuscitated "health DARPA" conceals a dangerous agenda.

Oura Ring biometric tracker.

Last Wednesday, President Biden was widely praised in mainstream and health-care-focused media for his call to create a "new biomedical research agency" modeled after the US military's "high-risk, high-reward" Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. As touted by the president, the agency would seek to develop "innovative" and "breakthrough" treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes, with a call to "end cancer as we know it."  

Far from "ending cancer" in the way most Americans might envision it, the proposed agency would merge "national security" with "health security" in such as way as to use both physical and mental health "warning signs" to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur. Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic "pre-crime" organization with the potential to criminalize both mental and physical illness as well as "wrongthink."

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How to make GMO people and patent them

The individual or subject is no longer a creation of God but a creation of man and patentable

RNA modification not only can alter DNA, but it's been already envisioned as a tool for DNA editing. This argues against the whole BS official narrative that the RNA vaccine technology is inoffensive for the DNA.

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Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline Operator

A cyberattack forced the shutdown of one of the largest pipelines in the United States, in what appeared to be a significant attempt to disrupt vulnerable energy infrastructure. The pipeline carries refined gasoline and jet fuel up the East Coast from Texas to New York.

The operator of the system, Colonial Pipeline, said in a statement late Friday that it had shut down its 5,500 miles of pipeline, which it says carries 45 percent of the East Coast's fuel supplies, in an effort to contain the breach on its computer networks. Earlier Friday, there were disruptions along the pipeline, but it was unclear whether that was a direct result of the attack, or the company's moves to proactively halt it.

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The War Against Population: The Elite want the world's population to be much smaller. Can there be any question that this is the devil's work?

We have been conditioned to scoff at the idea of conspiracy. The idea that people might plan to harm others without first warning their intended victims is too preposterous to consider! 

We are like the passengers on a bus that keeps having "accidents" which cause untold death and suffering. These are wars, depressions and epidemics etc. We have just completed the bloodiest century in human history: Auschwitz, Dresden, Ruanda, Hiroshima, Cambodia. Over a hundred million people were murdered, and that's not counting abortions.

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Communist China: World's Biggest Climate Polluter Keeps Polluting

Communist China, in 2020, built over three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined -- the equivalent of more than one large coal plant per week, according to a report released in April by Global Energy Monitor.

Also in 2020, China's CO2 emissions rose by 1.5% while those of most other countries fell. Although, in 2020, the world retreated from coal, these retirements were eclipsed by China's new coal plants.

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Tucker Carlson pokes hornet's nest by spotlighting vaccine deaths

'What is the real number of people who apparently have been killed or injured?'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson prompted a sharp reaction from critics Wednesday night after addressing the issue of how many people have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Carlson explained he is "completely in favor of vulnerable people taking vaccines" (The CDC profile is a person older than 70 with an average of 2.6 "comorbidities," such as diabetes and heart disease). But he argued that the vast majority of the population, with a survival rate of more than 99%, should have as much information as possible to make a risk assessment.

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Halt Vaccine Passports!

It is very important that people understand what is happening here. The intention is to introduce vaccine passports everywhere. But this is a disguise. It's a world's first digital common-format, globally-interoperable ID system with an editable health flag (vaccinated Y or N).

It makes no one safer. If you're vaccinated, you're protected & are not made safer by knowing others immune status.

As in Israel, you will be compelled to present a valid VaxPass in order to access defined facilities or access services. No VaxPass, you're denied.

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Once the Maricopa County Election Audit Fails, the Chinese Are Set to Cross Both Borders With a Vengeance!

China is out of room and out of resources. They need to erase as many Americans as possible from our shores in order that they may send 300 million colonists to occupy our country. This is the story of the true genocide that China has planned for America. 

America and the Globalist Agenda

The globalists goal is to establish a one world government and a one world economic system (which is nearly complete as I write these words) which is ruled with extreme authoritarianism and brutality in a futuristic version of neo-feudalism.  To accomplish these goals, there can be no Bill of Rights and American prosperity must be obliterated. This is what we are in the midst of at this time as America is being torn down brick by brick and we live in a country that is being targeted by the CHICOMS for the elimination of 90% of the American population. This intent will become apparent in the following paragrpahs. IF THIS WAS NOT TRUE, THEN WHY ARE WE SEEING EVERY PROTECTION, OFFERED BY TRUMP, AGAINST THE CHICOMS, BEING COUNTERMANDED BY BIDEN?

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Food Is In The Globalists Crosshairs As 'Perfect Storm Scenario' Strikes America: 'Job Paradox' Leaves Unemployed Not Wanting To Work While Government Hands Out 'Free Money' 

With 'chicken shortages' across America 'the new big thing', leaving poultry prices soaring and restaurants unable to keep up with customer demand, Business Insider reported on Thursday that there's a growing list of shortages now hitting the 're-opening economy', from Depends to diapers to tampons, from new and used cars to gas to plastics to computer chips, to furniture to coffee to toilet paper (again) and to foods of many different kinds. 

Also reporting within that story that the costs of packaging many goods have increased by nearly 40% from the start of 2020, marking "historic highs", it also gave us a warning why; a 'commodity' unlike all the others is in surprisingly short supply: workers

Reporting that major labor shortages are hitting businesses and industries all across the country, with economists 'baffled' by the 'job paradox' of millions unemployed while jobs remain unfilled, WHY would many people want to go back to work at a 'dead end job' when 'free money' is being handed out by the government? 

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The US Brainwashes the World

The American Establishment uses the presstitute lie machine to control the narrative for most of the world by broadcasting disinformation in 59 languages.  Countries and their news services rely on "news" from the US to comprehend world events.  Most of the world has little alternative to American news sources except for the BBC which is part of the US presstitute network.  In effect, the US has been effective in brainwashing the world.

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Trifecta: DARPA, IARPA And Now HARPA To Complete ‘Digital Dictatorship'

A "new" proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to "end cancer," this resuscitated "health DARPA" conceals a dangerous agenda.

Last Wednesday, President Biden was widely praised in mainstream and health-care-focused media for his call to create a "new biomedical research agency" modeled after the US military's "high-risk, high-reward" Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. As touted by the president, the agency would seek to develop "innovative" and "breakthrough" treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes, with a call to "end cancer as we know it."

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A Simple Experiment Demonstrates How Every Electronic Form of Communication Is Monitored and Weaponized by AI Against Americans

The sooner that most Americans stop denying reality, they will soon realize that we all are being tagged in order that most of us will be bagged. This story is provides examples of how this is the most true statement that you will read today. This article contains proof that all of are like cattle that are put on the scales which will eventually decide whether we live or die and on what day and in what order.

I always try to give credit where credit is due. Therefore, the credit goes to Bob Griswold of In an early morning lengthy conversation with Bob, he told me to type ANY 3 numbers, along with the words, "NEW Cases" into my computer's search engine. Please note, I chose the search engine that is most friendly to patriots, which is duck-duck-go.

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Self-Evolving System For The Image Of The Beast? $10 Million To Do The Impossible

Back in January, at a meeting held at the Royal Society in London, a team of scientists and investors announced the largest prize ever offered to solve a scientific mystery. Organized by engineer and business consultant Perry Marshall, the whopping prize of $10 million (ten times the Nobel Prize payout) will be given to any person or team who can "arrange for a digital communication system to emerge or self-evolve without...explicitly designing the system." The point of the contest is to learn where genetic code came from, and how it became the basis for all life. The winning experiment, according to their website, "must generate an encoder that sends digital code to a decoder," and transmit at least five bits of information, or roughly half as much as a comparable segment of DNA. In other words, to claim the prize, you must bring into existence the functional equivalent of the first living cell, without intelligently designing the system... (READ MORE)



BLM Militants Draw AR-15s And AK-47s On Portland Motorists; No Police On Scene As Reign Of Terror Continues

Black Lives Matter militants took to the streets of North Portland on Thursday, in a march for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by police in 2018 after a gang shootout on the streets late at night.

During Thursday's event the protesters began marching in the streets, with a couple of support vehicles leading the way. At two separate points multiple participants pulled AR-15s, AK-47s, pistols, and possibly a shotgun and/or Keltec Sub 2000 on motorists who happened be driving along.

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US military goes full speed ahead toward max LGBT inclusion with ‘diversity' panels, all-gay helicopter crew

The emphasis on sexual orientation is taking precedence over military readiness, a former lieutenant general pointed out.

May 6, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - Under the Biden-Harris administration, the normalizing of homosexuality and transgenderism within the ranks of the U.S. military is accelerating. 

"History was made on Friday with the first ever all gay U.S. Navy helicopter crew," tweeted veteran Navy Intelligence Officer and left-wing activist Travis Akers, along with pictures of the homosexual flyers.

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Listen Up: If You Let Them Force You Into the Vaccine, They'll Control You Forever

A monologue by Fox News' Tucker Carlson says it all when it comes to predicting what's coming down the road if you acquiesce to mandatory COVID vaccines. Plus, although Democratic leaders including President Biden have been promoting the idea of choice when it comes to vaccine passports, if you let the passport idea in, it may never be your choice again, Carlson says.

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France: ‘One mosque is erected every 15 days, while one Christian building is destroyed at the same pace'

What will France look like in five years? Ten? And remember: while all this has been going on, those who want to preserve France's heritage and culture have been smeared as "racists," "xenophobes" and "Islamophobes." Now what is to come can be seen plainly, and what force is there that can head it off?

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Pro-life, anti-lockdown candidate for London Mayor banned by Facebook on day of elections

London Mayor candidate David Kurten described the ban as 'an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.'

LONDON, U.K., May 6, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - On the very day of the London mayoral elections in the U.K., Facebook imposed a 7 day ban on London Mayor candidate David Kurten, for his challenging of the global narrative and his opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine passports. 

Kurten, the founder and leader of the pro-life and pro-family Heritage Party is a member of the London Assembly and a mayoral candidate for the mayoral and assembly elections, taking place May 6, 2021. 

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Pfizer Executive admits that their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic



TUCKER CARLSON: How Many Americans Have Died after Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Watch video here:



Federal Gov't Telling Facebook to Silence Those With Vaccine Safety Concerns Says Lawsuit

It is no longer a random act - Facebook censorship has become so blatant and massive that they have indefinitely silenced the former president of the United States. Many pro-censorship advocates cheer this on because they dislike the voices silenced by Facebook. They attempt to justify the censorship with the claims that Facebook is a private company and can do what they want, a lawsuit filed against the social media giant says that is not the case.

A lawsuit filed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - the chairman of the non-profit group Children's Health Defense (CHD) - claims Facebook conspires with the federal government to squelch speech which advocates for vaccine safety.

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What Will You Do When Inflation Forces U.S. Households To Spend 40 Percent Of Their Incomes On Food?

Did you know that the price of corn has risen 142 percent in the last 12 months?  Of course corn is used in hundreds of different products we buy at the grocery store, and so everyone is going to feel the pain of this price increase.  But it isn't just the price of corn that is going crazy.  We are seeing food prices shoot up dramatically all across the industry, and experts are warning that this is just the very beginning.  So if you think that food prices are bad now, just wait, because they are going to get a whole lot worse.

Typically, Americans spend approximately 10 percent of their disposable personal incomes on food.  The following comes directly from the USDA website...

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Biden cuts 'God' out of Day of Prayer proclamation

Instead tells 'citizen' to follow 'their own faiths and consciences'

Just the News documented that "Lord" appears only once, when Biden uses boilerplate language regarding "In the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one" and a reference to the "divine" only comes up only in a quote from the late Rep. John Lewis.

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Son cut mum up into 1,000 pieces then kept her hands, head & heart on her bed before EATING her

A ‘CANNIBAL' son has been convicted of murdering and EATING his mum after "cutting her up into tiny pieces."

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 28, was found guilty of strangling Maria Soledad Gomez, 68, to death in early 2019 after he dismembered her body following a row.

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Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, and George Soros Are Interfering with the One Activity That Could Derail the Biden Plans for Purging America

Literally and figuratively, the fate of the country hangs in the balance with regard to the Maricopa County 2020 Election audit in Arizona. Maricopa County is the 8th largest county in America and it has a long, very long history of corrupt elections. However, this article is just not about Maricopa County and a stolen election. This article, will, in part, as we have done in previous articles in this series, will demonstrate how far and the extreme and illegal tactics used by the Democrats to steal an election. 

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US Chicken shortage sends price soaring and wings are flying off the shelves...

Chicken shortage sends prices soaring, and restaurants can't keep up...

After a year promoting takeout wings and crispy chicken sandwiches, restaurants including KFC, Wingstop Inc. and Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. say they are paying steep prices for scarce poultry. Some are running out of or limiting sales of tenders, filets and wings, cutting into some of their most reliable sales.

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Existential Economic Threats: How U.S. States Can Survive Without Federal Money

We all knew it was coming; the alternative economic media has been warning about it for years. Eventually, monetary intervention and bailout after bailout by central banks always leads to devaluation of the currency and inflation in prices. Helicopter money always ends in disaster and at no point in history has it ever produced positive long-term results for a society.

The federal reserve has generated trillions in fiat dollars over the course of a single year (on top of the tens of trillions created in the past decade), all in the name of offsetting deflation. This deflation was NOT caused by the pandemic, it was caused by the government response to the pandemic.  On top of that, the shutdowns of "non-essential businesses" and the lockdowns in general ended up being useless in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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BREAKING: Biden DOJ to Interfere with State of Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County Ballots ...Update: With DOJ Letter

The same organization that manufactured and ran the Russia collusion hoax and allowed for the 2020 election fraud is going to interfere with the Arizona audit!

According to Garrett Archer at ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona the Biden Department of Justice is going to "get involved in some capacity" with the ongoing forensic audit.

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Vaccine Propaganda Kicked Into High Gear As Globalists Roll Out 'Free Stuff' For 'The Vaccinated' - The Hideous Truths About Unethical Medical Experimentation On Human Beings

With the globalists drive to 'inoculate' everybody in the world with exactly 'who-knows-what' hitting a major road bump with a sudden drop-off in the number of people who actually WANT 'the shots', we're now witnessing a major uptick in the 'propaganda effort' to get people 'vaxxed', with the globalists unveiling 'Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World', a concert that won't be live at all but a 'virtual concert' that will be broadcast around the US on May 8th, nearly a full-week after it was pre-taped. 

Being pushed by many all of the globalist 'news' outlets, including ABC, ABC News Live, CBS, YouTube, iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations and the iHeartRadio App, the concert will be encouraging people around the world to 'take' the 'experimental vaccine', and is being billed as the first large-scale music event for a 'Covid-compliant audience'.

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Sidney Powell: America is now a 'Communist regime'

'They're feeding lies to the American people very single day'

One of the lawyers who fought, without a lot of success, to have evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election reviewed by the courts in America has delivered a harsh verdict on the state of the nation under President Joe Biden.

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, worked on cases that, had they succeeded, would have been to the benefit of President Trump.

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Biden Taps Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff

The selection is the president-elect's highest-profile White House staff appointment so far.

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped political veteran Ron Klain as his incoming White House chief of staff, continuing to shape his close team of advisers once he assumes the presidency in January.

Biden's selection of Klain - which was first reported by The Washington Post prior to the official announcement - is the first Cabinet position Biden has announced. Klain was formerly Biden's chief of staff when he served as vice president under President Barack Obama and he was also the White House's Ebola Response Coordinator. The announcement follows Biden naming several public health experts, including former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, to his so-called Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board on Monday.

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UNICEF, WHO, IFRC and MSF announce the establishment of a global Ebola vaccine stockpile

The four leading international health and humanitarian organizations announced today the establishment of a global Ebola vaccine stockpile to ensure outbreak response. 

The effort to establish the stockpile was led by the International Coordinating Group (ICG) on Vaccine Provision, which includes the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), with financial support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The stockpile will allow countries, with the support of humanitarian organizations, to contain future Ebola epidemics by ensuring timely access to vaccines for populations at risk during outbreaks.

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Canada's lockdowns nearly as strict as communist China, Cuba: Oxford University

Canada's current lockdown measures are some of the most stringent in the world rivalling authoritarian communist states like China and Cuba, Oxford University's COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) suggests.

Included in the tracker is a COVID-19 stringency index which measures the strictness of government protocols meant to handle the pandemic. 

The score is based on nine variables including school closures, travel bans and other public health measures. Each country is given a value from 0 to 100 by the index, with the score of 100 indicating the strictest policies. 

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Trudeau's internet bill would take Canadians off the web

The backlash against Bill C-10 is being driven by the prospect of the government having the power to regulate cat videos and any other user generated content posted to Facebook or TikTok - but the problems with this bill run much deeper.

Fundamentally, this bill will change your entire online experience.

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Praying to God could be made a crime, lawmakers threatened with legal action

'A ban on spiritual guidance and prayer would be tyrannical and unworkable'

The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom revealed this week it will take legal action if lawmakers go ahead with a strategy to ban "conversation therapy" that would impact churches' missions, ministries, and even praying to God.

Jason Coppel, QC, wrote in a detailed legal opinion for the faith organization that activists who are proposing new definitions in law to address their fears of "conversion therapy" would criminalize the ordinary work of churches.

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The Seven Principalities of Hell

I have never used my column to discuss something that another author had written but I am going to break that tradition. On my daily show we talk about all things spiritual and how the dark forces are having their way with the American church.  We are warned in Scripture that "my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" and there can be know doubt that very few Christians understand how the invisible, spiritual realm impacts what goes on here in the natural world.

Satan has an organized army and they are led by what the Bible calls "principalities and powers, evil spirits in high places."  That is right.  Satan has an organized, highly structured team and for the most part, the American church is "ignorant of Satan's devices."

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What is going on in America? Grandmother dies after being punched in the face by a 23-year-old, Man bites off parts of victims' ears in random attack

ETH - In case you haven't kept up with the news lately there has been an explosion of lawlessness unfolding across America and has left some to ask "What in the World is going on"? Where do we even begin?

There were reports of a massive fight that broke out at a Bath & Body Works store in Scottsdale Fashion Square mall in Arizona were reportedly a customer and an employee began fighting when other employees jumped in to try to stop the fight but spiraled into a huge brawl that was caught on video.

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Aldous Huxley Foresaw Our Despots - Fauci, Gates, & The Vaccine Crusaders

In 1949, sometime after the publication of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World (1931), who was then living in California, wrote to Orwell.  Huxley had briefly taught French to Orwell as a student in high school at Eton.

Huxley generally praises Orwell's novel, which to many seemed very similar to Brave New World in its dystopian view of a possible future.  Huxley politely voices his opinion that his own version of what might come to pass would be truer than Orwell's.  Huxley observed that the philosophy of the ruling minority in Nineteen Eighty-Four is sadism, whereas his own version is more likely, that controlling an ignorant and unsuspecting public would be less arduous, less wasteful by other means.  Huxley's masses are seduced by a mind-numbing drug, Orwell's with sadism and fear. 

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China Vows to Take Control of the Internet and Influence Opinions...of the ENTIRE WORLD

Leaked Chinese government documents obtained by the Epoch Times reveal Chinese leader Xi Xinping has set out to control the entirety of the Internet. In doing so, they would displace the current status of the United States in that regard. According to the documents, Xinping personally directed this effort.

Chinese leader wants to take the "Ruler of the Internet Crown" from the U.S.

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Russia to "Test" Three "Satan-2" ICBM's - 24 Nukes each - U.S. May Only Have TWO MINUTES WARNING if "Test" is actually an attack

Russia has announced that it will test three (3) of its new "Satan-2" Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM's) later this year. But there is very real potential danger for the U.S.A. during such a "test" because the missiles have a Fractional Orbit Bombardment System (FOBS). 

With this system, if the warheads deploy, the USA would only have TWO MINUTES WARNING; not enough time to get OUR missiles out of the silos.

Each Satan-2 ICBM (aka RS-28) has and 18,000KM range and is equipped with up to 24 hypersonic gliders designed to evade all enemy defenses.

The test is scheduled for this year and will include a launch at full range, 11,000 miles / 18,000KM.

The RS-28 is the most powerful nuke in the world.

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Ophthalmologists now ethically obligated to denounce covid-19 vaccines, as 20,000 new eye disorders are reported

(Natural News) In just a few months, the World Health Organization received approximately 20,000 reports of new eye disorders that occurred post covid-19 vaccination. These reports include 303 cases of blindness and 1,625 cases of visual impairment! The European drug monitoring agency had never recorded such a severe spike in eye injuries until after the experimental vaccines were launched. These reports were collected by VigiBase and analyzed by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre in Uppsalla, Sweden.

About half of the new eye disorders were additionally reported to the U.K.'s Yellow Card adverse event reporting system, which was set up to monitor the influx of adverse events that were anticipated during this live, experimental vaccine study. Back in 2020, the vaccine makers had already entered into liability-free contracts with governments around the world. This has enabled mass vaccine injury with no recourse or accountability and set up the framework for a historic, worldwide holocaust.

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ZEITGEIST 2025 WILL BE HERE SOON... And Lebanese Directorate Sets Up "Baalbek Reborn: Virtual Tour" To Bring Roman Temples And Deities Back To Life, Introduce Final Generation To Tomorrow's Gods

For centuries, the Roman Heliopolis of Baalbek in Lebanon has captivated scholars, emperors and adventurers alike, who marvel at the architectural feat and spiritual significance it embodies. The virtual tour app, titled Baalbek Reborn: Temples, was put together by the Lebanese Directorate General of Antiquities, the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and Flyover Zone - a US company that specialises in virtual tours of archaeological sites. Two years in the making, the app was launched this month. "No list of the world's most important tourist destinations would be complete without Baalbek. It was the site of one of the most important oracles of the ancient world, dedicated to Heliopolitan Zeus [later know as Jupiter (the god tied to America's secret destiny-more on that coming soon from Dr. Thomas Horn and SkyWatch TV)], and it became seriously influential," he says. "Emperors consulted it. Everyone wanted to know whether they should get married, take a trip or start a business, start a war, and they all asked the oracle." The location began in worship to Baal, the Semitic lord of the gods and precursor to Helios, Zeus and Jupiter... (READ MORE)



New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult

"The risk-benefit calculus is therefore clear: the experimental vaccines are needless, ineffective and dangerous. Actors authorizing, coercing or administering experimental COVID-19 vaccination are exposing populations and patients to serious, unnecessary, and unjustified medical risks." Doctors for Covid Ethics, April 29, 2021

An explosive new study by researchers at the prestigious Salk Institute casts doubt on the current crop of gene-based vaccines that may pose a grave risk to public health. The article, which is titled "The novel coronavirus' spike protein plays additional key role in illness", shows that SARS-CoV-2's "distinctive ‘spike' protein".."damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease." While the paper focuses strictly on Covid-related issues, it unavoidably raises questions about the new vaccines that contain billions of spike proteins that could greatly increase the chances of severe illness or death. Here's an excerpt from the article dated April 30, 2021:

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WITH GREAT DECEPTION ON ITS WAY...Famous Scientist Michio Kaku Explains Why We Shouldn't Contact ALIENS

Renowned physicist Michio Kaku has made himself clear on the topic over the years, stating that he believes we will find alien life, and if we do we should be wary of making contact. In a new interview with The Guardian, he has gone further, calling it a "terrible idea". "Soon we'll have the Webb telescope up in orbit and we'll have thousands of planets to look at, and that's why I think the chances are quite high that we may make contact with an alien civilization," he told the publication. "There are some colleagues of mine that believe we should reach out to them. I think that's a terrible idea. We all know what happened to Montezuma when he met Cortés in Mexico so many hundreds of years ago... (READ MORE)



Treasury Department warns of need to deal with national debt limit

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Treasury Department says it will employ extraordinary measures to avoid an unprecedented default on the national debt this summer, but officials say those measures could be exhausted "much more quickly" than normal given the unusual circumstances of the global pandemic.

Treasury officials on Wednesday urged Congress to pass either a new borrowing limit or another suspension of the debt before a July 31 deadline. The Treasury will continue to initiate the types of bookkeeping maneuvers it has used in the past to keep the government from breaching a level that would trigger a default on the massive national debt.

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Preparing for the Time That the Deep State Shuts Down Your Communications In the Coming Martial Law!

What Can You Do?

The Bible confirms that there is a Satanically-inspired and motivated global meltdown. The books of Daniel and Revelation reveal much about this topic, but unfortunately, most Americans remain woefully ignorant of the extreme dangers, especially to Christians, that has already arrived at our collective doorsteps.

Also, in the Bible, Jesus also spoke about The Great Tribulation and he revealed the events while He was on Earth. When Jesus was asked about the signs to look for with regard to the Second Coming, He said, "For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now and never to be equaled again.

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A COVID Lifeline Is Being Severed

The growing fear during this pandemic is second to nearly no other time in medical history for the depth and breadth of the strategies used to stoke those fears. Emergency use orders, mask mandates and the suppression of health information all support public fear over a viral illness with a survival rate of over 99%.1 Ivermectin has fallen victim to these strategies.

It bears repeating that a review of the literature by respected Stanford University professor of medicine and epidemiology John Ioannidis,2 published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization,3 found the infection fatality rate for COVID-19 as of September 2020, was 0.23%. In people younger than 70 years the median was even lower.

The study4 was undertaken to look at the different death rates across a variety of locations and included 61 studies and preliminary national estimates. The infection fatality rate is the number of deaths divided by all people who were infected.

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Bottom Ten Business Friendly States Are All Liberal Cesspools - The Exodus From Liberal States To Conservative States Could Destroy Everything That Makes Red States Thrive

It is easy in politics to demonize the "other" side. Conservatives think it is demonic to kill babies, yet liberal treat conservatives demonic for being against abortion, calling it "anti-choice," rather than pro-life.

In almost every aspect of life, liberals and conservatives seem as if they are truly living in alternate realities. 

Clearly though, there are real life ramifications to a number of polices that show liberal policies kill businesses, and conservative policies helps businesses thrive.

When it comes to states, and their favorability with business owners and CEO's, societal issues are far less important than tax policy (37 percent rank it first), regulatory climate (35 percent) and talent availability (25 percent)-Texas and Florida outclass all comers, according to 383 Chief Executive Officers.

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Is It Still Unconstitutional If the Govt. OUTSOURCES Spying on Citizens? After All, They're Only Surveilling "Extremists."

In 2021, there is no denying that the United States is a full-on surveillance state. The Biden Administration attempts to remove all pretense of privacy with its new consideration to use outside firms to track "extremist" chatter by American citizens online. But what exactly is an "extremist?" According to Tulsi Gabbard, recent efforts essentially criminalize half the country:

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Video: Pfizer Has a Criminal Record. Is It Relevant?

$2.3 Billion 2009 Medical Fraud Settlement. US Department of Justice

In September 2009, Justice Department attorneys and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius held a news conference "dealing with a health care-related settlement".

"The federal government announced the largest medical fraud settlement in U.S. history.

Pfizer [was] ordered [2009] to pay $2.3 billion to settle charges of promoting its drugs for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration."

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Biden To Hire Private Firms to Spy on American Citizens Who Spread ‘Conspiracy Theories'

Joe Biden is set to hire private firms to spy on American citizens who may be engaged in discussing or spreading "extremist" content online, according to reports.

According to CNN, "The plan being discussed inside DHS, according to multiple sources, would, in effect, allow the department to circumvent" laws that limit what the federal government can do in surveilling U.S. citizens without a warrant.

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EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people "shed" infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon

(Natural News) The vaccine is the bioweapon. Specifically, the spike protein is the bioactive weapon, and it is designed to spread from person to person, being transmissible from the vaccinated in order to infect the unvaccinated.

Never forget that Bill Gates has long wanted to use mosquitoes to carry vaccines so that people could be vaccinated against their own wishes (and completely without informed consent). Now, it turns out, they don't need mosquitoes. They have high-obedience humans ready to carry out the same role.

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LifeSiteNews has launched a video channel on Brighteon featuring outstanding interviews with America's top truth tellers and health freedom advocates

(Natural News) We are proud to announce that LifeSiteNews has joined with a brand-new video channel.

Recognizing that there is no future whatsoever at YouTube, LifeSiteNews has made the right choice by migrating its video offerings to Brighteon, where they will never be censored.

After a successful run of its Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health virtual conference on Brighteon, LifeSiteNews decided that this is the way to reach the most people without having to deal with the Big Tech censors.

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Hundreds arrive on planes from Delhi and Mumbai on day one of Biden's Indian travel ban as Air India cancels major NYC route amid worst COVID surge the world has seen with 30,000 deaths a day

Hundreds of people arrived in America from Mumbai and Delhi on Tuesday, the first day of Biden's ban on travel for non US citizens from India, to escape the world's worst COVID surge. 

Biden's ban applies to non-US citizens but permanent US residents, their family members and some others - like students - are exempt from it. It is similar to the ban on travel to the US from South African and multiple European countries. There are still flights to get into the US from India but Air India is canceling its New York-Delhi route from May 7.  

India is in the midst of the worst COVID surge the world has seen. Official reporting puts the daily death till at around 3,000 but health leaders say it is likely ten times that at more than 30,000. 

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U.S. Military Plane Travels SUPERSONIC Over Europe to Middle East, Shuts-Off Transponder; MORE: "Nuke Sniffer" Airborne off Australia

An aircraft identified only by a Hexidecimal ID "AE67FB" suddenly appeared on radar as it entered European air space, flew at SUPERSONIC speed of 891 MPH over the UK and France, into the Mediterranean, across Israel, into Jordan where it "went dark."

Here's the radar flight path as it entered European airspace over the northern UK, before it "went dark" about 25 minutes ago (10:20 PM Eastern US Time) over Jordan air space.

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World War III is on the horizon? The two big wars seem inevitable. One in the South China Sea, and the other might be the Ukraine war.

While the world is suffering from a Pandemic, it is also leading toward wars. The two big wars seem inevitable. One in the South China Sea, and the other might be the Ukraine war.

As a matter of fact, The U.S. was the beneficiary of World Wars and used wars, aggressions, coercion, conspiracies, toppling Governments, and cold-war tactics to maintain its supremacy. After the recent Sini-US dialogue in Alaska, it is evident that China refused to accept American hegemony.

Principally, the U.S. should accept the ground realities and try to re-assess its strengths and then exert as a power, but, proudly after leading a unipolar world for few decades, the U.S. is not willing to surrender so easily.

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The Maricopa County Audit Team, along with Paul Preston's two law suits against the State of California for using millions of illegal ballots. The ballots themselves are flawed and must be thrown out. You have not heard a word about these law suits unless you watched my interview with Paul Preston, the President of the 51st State movement in California. 

Read my words carefully. If one of these efforts does not succeed, this country is done and we will continue to descend into an unprecedented horror with all the human rights abuses that were present in past despotic leaders.  

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Steven Fishman - Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?

In his 1859 book, "The Origin of the Species," Charles Darwin stated that only the strongest will survive.  

But in times of our Vaccine Holocaust, strength comes from researching the issues, becoming thoroughly informed, following real science, and knowing how to overcome an onslaught of demons in Government and in the media.

Politics have little to do with this issue anymore.  Both the 45th and 46th Presidents are in a pissing contest - seeing which one will amass the most credit for "Operation Warp Death."  Not helpful.

Face reality here:  Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS.  Same curtain call, just more pain.

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Prepare For Absolute Madness As America Moves Towards 'Papers Please' While More Signs Emerge Biden And Democrats Will Go After The 1st Amendment To Help Usher In Tyranny

With the new 'buzzword' in the slow creep towards Communism/totalitarianism that America is now going through being 'vaccine hesitancy', with the perfect examples being: this story over at The Hill reporting 'vaccine hesitancy' among lawmakers is 'slowing the return to normalcy on Capitol Hill'; and this new story over at the Daily Mail warning: 'vaccine hesitancy' will stand in the way of 'herd immunity', more and more Americans are saying they won't get the vaccine at all, instead trusting their own immune systems to fight off the virus in the small chance they'd get it.

Reporting within that Daily Mail story that while nearly 32% of US is vaccinated, daily vaccinations have fallen from an average of 3 million a day to only 2.5 million, hinting that a 'ceiling' of those who actually WANT to get vaccinated has been reached, a look at both the top-voted and worst-voted comments on that story paints a picture the mainstream media doesn't want us to see. 

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The Criminalization Of Dissent

Authored (somewhat satirically) by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory, and ZeroHedge

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent.

Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it.

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CRISES IN THE CHURCH: Study Finds 61% Of Christians Are Practical Pagans, Have Embraced The Occult New Age

REASONS FOR JESUS: It's common knowledge that the New Age movement has a strong foothold on our culture right now.  Bookstores are lined with best-selling titles teaching people how to use crystals, how to meditate and cultivate "higher consciousness", and how to make contact with spirit guides as people like Jim Carey and Oprah Winfrey continue to push things like Christ Consciousness and meditation on the masses. As some of you know, I have recently written a book with Josh Peck of SkywatchTV called "The Second Coming of the New Age" (foreword by Bible scholar Dr. Michael Heiser - FREE IN COLLECTION HERE) where we outline, expose, and refute the doctrines and practices of the New Age movement as being not only false but demonic. We recently sat down with former pastor, best-selling author, and CEO of SkywatchTV Dr. Tom Horn to talk about the content of this book, these recent studies, and the pervasiveness of New Age spirituality in Western culture and its churches:

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THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION-PART 4: The Sky Island's Assimilation for Extraterrestrial Evangelism

If astronomers do discover a planet suitable for extraterrestrial life, Mt. Graham is probably the facility that will make the announcement. Of course, a lot of people are wondering what the Vatican is doing up there-astronaut Gordon Cooper sure had an interesting opinion-and we hope to shine some light on that question.

While touring VATT, we met a Jesuit engineer eager to pontificate on the compatibility of science and faith. Of course, we agree that the war alleged by secularists is more about poor philosophy than a concrete conflict, but some Jesuits are part of the problem (more on that later). The VATT is a cherry assignment for a Jesuit interested in science. While the living quarters are tight, wealthy benefactors furnished a plush leather sofa and chairs for the otherwise rustic retreat. Amenities aside, this facility is for serious astronomy, and it houses an impressive instrument on an ideal location. The mission of VATT is displayed prominently outside the entrance in Latin and in English indoors.

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Former circus elephants begin to arrive at Florida sanctuary

YULEE, Fla. (AP) - Former circus elephants are starting to arrive at a new wildlife sanctuary in north Florida.

The White Oak Conservation Center announced Monday that a dozen female Asian elephants have already arrived at the Yulee refuge, located north of Jacksonville. Up to 20 more elephants are expected once more areas are completed at the planned 2,500-acre (1,010-hectare) space.

The pachyderms are coming from the Center for Elephant Conservation in Polk County. Most of the animals previously traveled with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus until they were retired in 2016.

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The Book You'll Want to Read Before It Disappears

In this video, Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, and I discuss "The Truth About COVID-19 - Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal," which we co-wrote.

The book was released yesterday. If you preordered, thank you! If you didn't, you can now pick it up without delay.

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France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism

A group of retired generals has warned in an open letter that France is sliding toward a civil war due to the government's failure to control mass migration and creeping Islamism in the country. The letter, which has broad public support, according to polls, also warns against cultural Marxism, runaway multiculturalism and the expansion of no-go zones in France.

The warning comes amid a wave of jihadist attacks - including the beheading of a schoolteacher - committed by young men, none of whom were previously known to French intelligence services. The letter also comes after widespread public indignation over a French justice system compromised by political correctness - as evidenced by the refusal to prosecute an African immigrant from Mali who, while shouting "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is the Greatest"), killed an elderly Jewish woman by breaking into her home and pushing her off her balcony.

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"Mamalitia" Group of Pro-2A, Anti-Vax Moms Under Assault Following Media Smears

'The tyrants have created women who are ready to go like it's 1776,' group proclaims on their website.

Triggered leftists are reportedly threatening a group of moms opposed to mandatory vaccines in California who have formed a pro-Second Amendment group empowering women called the "Mamalitia."

On Sunday, the Mamalitia group announced it would cancel public meet-and-greet events after receiving terroristic threats following media hit pieces which mischaracterized the group as dangerous radical extremists.

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WATCH: Kristi Noem invites laid off police officers to come to South Dakota

Appearing with Sean Hannity of Fox News, South Dakota governor reacted to the Biden administration withholding permits for annual Fourth of July Mount Rushmore celebration.

She also invited laid off police officers to come to South Dakota.

Watch here:



From Mind Control to Viruses: How the Government Keeps Experimenting on Its Citizens

"They were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don't recognize them for what they are until it's too late." - Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

The U.S. government, in its pursuit of so-called monsters, has itself become a monster.

This is not a new development, nor is it a revelation.

This is a government that has in recent decades unleashed untold horrors upon the world-including its own citizenry-in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged in the guise of the greater good.

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Murder and Mutilation. Why Judgement WILL come to America

Ancient Israel murdered thousands of children. Sacrificing them through the fire to Moloch and other Canaanite gods. Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands? The LORD had this to say:

and say, ‘Hear the word of the Lord, O kings of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem. Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: "Behold, I will bring such a catastrophe on this place, that whoever hears of it, his ears will tingle. "Because they have forsaken Me and made this an alien place, because they have burned incense in it to other gods whom neither they, their fathers, nor the kings of Judah have known, and have filled this place with the blood of the innocents (they have also built the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings to Baal, which I did not command or speak, nor did it come into My mind), (Jeremiah 19:3-5)

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The Secret Religion of the NEW WORLD ORDER: Told by One Who Left it - ALL OF IT - FOR CHRIST (VIDEO)

Most of my readers know that I was brought up in a Jewish home.

Both mom and dad were Jewish. To my knowledge, I am the only one who came to belief in Jesus Christ except for my dad. The Lord allowed me the privilege of leading him to the Throne of Grace before he died.

And the angels rejoiced.

I remember going to the Barnum and Bailey Circus every year with my grandfather. He was a Shriner. As a young girl, I had no idea that grandad was a Freemason. You see, all Shriners are Freemasons but not all Freemasons are Shriners.

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Iran Teases Attack on US Capitol Building as Biden Admin Prepares To Lift Sanctions

Iran released a provocative new video over the weekend that depicts its military forces blowing up the United States Capitol building, a threat that comes as the Biden administration inches closer to providing Tehran with billions of dollars in economic sanctions relief.

The video debuted Sunday on Iranian state-controlled television before Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei delivered remarks, in which he praised the country's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the paramilitary force that has killed Americans, and celebrated IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a drone strike by the former Trump administration.

In the video clip, armed IRGC forces are seen marching before the U.S. Capitol's famous dome explodes. It also shows Iranian forces marching on Jerusalem.

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In this 19-minute MAMChat, Matterhorn Asset Management principals Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg address critical data points related to precious metal price conditions. Specifically, they discuss (and make sense of) ongoing shifts in inflation and yield data as well as the omni-present topic of unsustainable debt levels fictionally managed by central bankers via monetary expansion and yield/rate repression.

As to inflation, dramatic increases in year-on-year money supply combined with record-high commodity prices and ongoing governmental guarantees of commercial bank lending are now undeniable tailwinds for the inflation camp-and hence gold as well.

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Unusual Shortages Coming - From 'Shrinkflation' To Gas Shortages To Pet Foods, We Are Seeing The Devastating Results Of The Economy Killing Lockdowns

We have seen and documented the rising food prices since the COVID pandemic lockdowns began, as well as the early day toilet paper, mask, and cleaning supply shortages. 

Now more than a year later we see that "the prices of the stuff that make EVERYTHING are surging," as reported by Stefan Stanford, which offers better insight into the continued increase in shortages in foods, as well as the rapidly rising prices for products, even as the size of some products are being shrunk down to make it seem as if prices haven't risen as much as they truly have.

Recently a reader sent over a number of emails, including links to verify the work he had done in researching, a few of which we will be going over below.

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MINISTRY OF TRUTH: 12 state attorneys general demand Big Tech platforms eliminate all speech from people injured by vaccines

(Natural News) Attorney generals from twelve states are calling on the world's top social media networks to completely eradicate any negative claim about covid-19 vaccines. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have already implemented "misinformation" policies that remove any dissent against government lock downs, mandatory masks, and Big Pharma's forceful vaccine push. However, the new covid vaccines are so faulty and unsafe, vaccine injury and death claims are still spreading across social media.

After being noticeably censored on their own pages for sharing vaccine truths, Facebook users have flocked to Facebook groups to talk about the covid-19 vaccine side effects. One of these groups reported tens of thousands of personal testimonies about the harms of these vaccines. This group consisted of more than 120,000 people and was growing by 10,000 people every week as vaccine injury reports poured in. The group has since been removed by Facebook, as The Ministry of Truth rewrites history and covers up its crimes.

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Mission IMPOSSIBLE: NASA warns even a nuclear bomb wouldn't stop a giant asteroid heading for Earth after massive six month simulation exercise ends in devastating impact

NASA scientists have concluded that even a nuclear bomb wouldn't be able to stop a giant asteroid from destroying a huge chunk of earth.

In a simulated exercise, US and European scientists were told they had six months to come up with a lifesaving plan to stop a massive rock smashing into earth that had been spotted 35 million miles away.      

The study was conducted over the course of four days, from April 26 through April 29, and astronomers used radar systems, data imaging and other technologies like the world's largest telescope.  

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UPDATE: Intelligence Surveillance Aircraft Has Been Circling AZ Audit Location And Collecting Information On American Citizens Working For Election Integrity

UPDATE 0800 EST - We can confirm there is surveillance going on above the AZ audit location from sources on location. We are trying to confirm the tail number of the aircraft provided and staging base. We have copyright concerns over the last image we posted, so we replaced it with another verified image. The previous image was provided by sources on location at the event, as was the image above.

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IN ONE HOUR EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE- The prophet Isaiah warns us that in the last days God is going to "turn the world upside down."

The prophet Isaiah warns us that in the last days God is going to "turn the world upside down." He declares, "Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down" (Isaiah 24:1).

According to this prophecy, sudden judgment is coming upon the earth, and it will change everything in a single hour. Within that short span, the whole world will witness fast-falling destruction upon a city and a nation, and the world will never be the same.

If you are attached to material things - if you love this world and the things of it - you won't want to hear what Isaiah has prophesied. In fact, even to the most righteous of God's people, what Isaiah says might seem unthinkable. Many would surely ask, "How can an entire world be stricken in one hour?"

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Freedom Fading

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn-Russian dissident, 10-year forced-labor Soviet Gulag inmate, Nobel Laureate, Christian-lamented the "fallacious belief" that "here such things are impossible," that totalitarianism could not happen in one's own country. "Alas," he wrote, "all the evil of the twentieth century is possible everywhere on earth."[1]

Read those words carefully. It is the point I have been building towards in the last two issues of Solid Ground.[2]

In the first article, I chronicled my own experiences behind the Iron Curtain in 1976 working with Christians living under brutal authoritarian rule in communist bloc countries like Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the former Soviet Union-places where believers suffered significant loss of personal liberty and, in some cases, severe persecution simply for following Christ.

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A Must Watch!!! Nurse in Halifax Breaks Her Silence!

Exposed!! The FDA Will Not Authorize Or Approve any Covid-19 Vaccine!!

Watch here:



Man Finds Out Government is Lying on a Monumental Scale, But Still Thinks They're Doing Good

A man who spent last year believing everything the Government and media said about Covid-19 and Lockdowns, only to find out that none of the things he'd believed are true, has announced his continued belief that they must be acting out of purely altruistic motives. Brian Sprocket, a 38-year-old teaching assistant from Barnsley, spent most of last year staying home, wearing a mask on the few occasions he ventured out, and ensuring he stayed away from all human beings, whom he regarded as walking virus carriers.

But at the beginning of this year, he was forced to think for the first time about what was going on, after his television stopped working. With nothing to watch, Brian decided to look at an email sent to him by a friend last autumn, which he had previously dismissed as a conspiracy theory:

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With Covid Losing Its Grip Over America, the Next Deadly False Flag Is Almost Upon Us

The next false flag event is beginning to show itself. With covid losing its grip on most of America, it is time to introduce a deadly kill shot and the picture is beginning to crystalize.

Before this article reveals what is next, it is time to first take stock of where we are at and how we got here. Why? Because what lies ahead very likely contains the kill shot, both literally and figuratively, and forewarned is forearmed. Rest assured, the globalists fully plan to have the nation totally subjugated by this September (2021).

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As most of us understand by now, the pandemic was planned with the sole purpose of submitting humanity to a New World Order of unprecedented tyrannical control by the ‘superrich elite

Any informed person in this world is fully aware of the severe health risks posed by vaccines. Especially a rushed, untested experimental biological agent, that is falsely marketed as a vaccine, activates all the alarm bells within the educated part of humanity.

Naturally many patriots are severely worried, when they see a prominent leader of the worldwide freedom movement, Donald Trump, push these terrifying medical experiments.

For those who never trusted Trump, this is undeniable evidence for what they have been saying all along: ‘See, he is part of the cabal, he is pushing their agenda, we always knew it! Will you now finally wake up?' That could of course be true. But in order to correctly interpret Trumps actions, we have to understand the nature of the enemies he is fighting, and their specific agenda he is trying to subvert.

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Americans Should Be Prepared For A 'Hot, Violent Summer' As 'Domino Effect' Wreaks Havoc Upon 'Supplies Of Everything' - Trucker Shortage Could Grind Supply Chain To A Halt

Back on April 20th, we published a story on ANP titled "With All Hell About To Break Loose In America, Prepare To Get Out Of The Cities And Into The 'Red Zones' In The Event Of A Worst Case Scenario" in which we warned America was heading towards another violent summer, an endless cycle of 'wash, rinse, repeat' ahead of us from Antifa and BLM as Susan Duclos had reported in this May 1st story. And now we get more signs why that might unfold, with leftist outlet Axios reporting "It's Set To Be A Hot, Violent Summer" while Yahoo News warns of exploding prices of food and commodities across the country. 

As Yahoo had reported in this May 1st story, "the prices of the stuff that make EVERYTHING are surging", and with rising commodities prices comes rising food prices, and with rising food prices comes people going hungry and stealing for food. Eventually leading to a cycle of violence and crime, as Axios reported in this May 1st story, "after a year in which murders spiked in the U.S., homicides are already trending up in many cities, presaging what is likely to be a violent summer."

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The Great Reset: An Ancient Faith Continuously Renamed

The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.

- Albert Camus

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

- Voltaire

The writings of antiquity claim Mankind's desire to unite the world began six millennia ago on the plains of Shinar, starting with the Tower of Babel.  That may be true.  But, in any event, and whether or not history rhymes or repeats, be assured of this:  Nothing is new under the sun.

Grand events have cycled throughout history. In America, they seem to climax around every 80 years.  For example, eight decades ago the nation was soon to enter the Second World War.  Going back another 80 years, the country was on the brink of the U.S. Civil War, and a little more than 80 years before that was The Revolutionary War.

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It's back to the future for Rome's Colosseum: Tourists to get gladiator's eye-view as the floor of deadly arena is restored in £16m high-tech facelift

The floor of Rome's Colosseum is to be restored to its former glory, giving visitors a gladiator's eye view of the ancient amphitheatre's 'majesty'.

Italian culture minister Dario Franceschini yesterday announced a £16million contract to restore the arena floor that will enable people to stand where the legendary fighters once battled wild animals and each other to the death. 

Engineering firm Milan Ingegneria has won the bid to build and install a retractable wooden arena floor, with the project set to be completed in two years. 

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World's 1st multinode quantum network is a breakthrough for the quantum internet

The move to a three-node system is a quantum leap in network design.

Scientists have gotten one step closer to a quantum internet by creating the world's first multinode quantum network. 

Researchers at the QuTech research center in the Netherlands created the system, which is made up of three quantum nodes entangled by the spooky laws of quantum mechanics that govern subatomic particles. It is the first time that more than two quantum bits, or "qubits," that do the calculations in quantum computing have been linked together as "nodes," or network endpoints. 

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'There is something in our skies, we don't know its intentions, and there isn't a damn thing we can do': Pentagon whistleblower warns failure to address UFOs could be America's biggest spy failure since 9/11

A whistleblower who ran the Pentagon's top-secret UFO program has warned a soon-to-be-released report on unidentified aerial phenomena could reveal the greatest US intelligence failings since 9/11.

Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), told The Sun he had seen 'very very compelling' data that confirmed the existence of technologically advanced UFOs. 

A highly-anticipated report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) is due to be released by the Director of the National Intelligence and the Department for Defense by June 1 . 

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Wells dry up, crops imperiled, farm workers in limbo as California drought grips San Joaquin Valley

As yet another season of drought returns to California, the mood has grown increasingly grim across the vast and fertile San Joaquin Valley.

Renowned for its bounty of dairies, row crops, grapes, almonds, pistachios and fruit trees, this agricultural heartland is still reeling from the effects of the last punishing drought, which left the region geologically depressed and mentally traumatized.

Now, as the valley braces for another dry spell of undetermined duration, some are openly questioning the future of farming here, even as legislative representatives call on Gov. Gavin Newsom to declare a drought emergency. Many small, predominantly Latino communities also face the risk of having their wells run dry.

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Get Ready For The Most Painful Inflation Since The Jimmy Carter Years Of The 1970s

If you are too young to have been alive during the 1970s, you might want to read up on that decade, because current economic conditions are starting to become eerily similar to what we experienced back then.  In the 1970s, an energy crisis caused tremendously long lines at gas stations all over the country.  In 2021, we don't have a shortage of gasoline, but shortages of other key products are starting to cause very serious problems.  In fact, as you will see below, even the Biden administration is publicly admitting that there will be "supply chain disruptions" in the months ahead.  The 1970s also featured extremely painful inflation, and I certainly don't need to tell you that prices have been rising very aggressively lately.  In fact, Bloomberg is using the term "skyrocketing" to describe the "upward trajectory" of commodity prices...

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NEW INTERVIEW With Alex Newman of The New American and Dr. Carrie Madej: COVID SHOTS, DNA & TRANSHUMANISM

Watch here:



Ways mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Could Harm the Unvaccinated Explored In Depth [LIVESTREAM REPLAY]

This is an exclusive replay of a livestream which broadcast 5 PM EST, May 1st. 

How concerned should we be that the newly vaccinated might adversely affect our health? What can we do? Sayer Ji shares the perspective of the New Biology, referencing horizontal information transfer (microvessicle shedding), and the Pfizer trial protocol that addresses vaccine bystander effects.

Read and watch here:



"I Just Wanted A Little More Time" - Texas Nurse Was Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine

Many hospital systems around the country have been surprised by the number of nurses who have passed on being vaccinated (either because they had already been infected, or simply because they didn't want the vaccine). But as federal public health officials crank up the pressure on Americans to submit to the vaccine as unused jabs pile up, one nurse in Texas complained to local journalists that she was fired simply because she refused the jab.

Nurse Michelle Fuentes told Dallas-Fort Worth CBS affiliate KRIV-TV that she had been terminated after working for 10 years at Houston Methodist Hospital, allegedly because she refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I knew that the date was looming over my head of me to get the vaccine and we were constantly being pressured and pressured," Michelle Fuentes said.

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House Res. 6666 Begins Government Surveillance of "Individual's Residences"

The bill aims at controlling the population through Stasi-like government monitoring.

Democrats are planning to monitor you at home to ensure that you are following the arbitrary dictates regarding COVID. CDP previously reported on this atrocity, but the Washington Times explained:

A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush that would put Big Government in charge of tracking citizens' movements as they relate to COVID-19 mitigation efforts - even sending health bureaucrats to "individuals' residences," "as necessary," as the legislation states - has a most apt number: 6666.

Mark of the beast. Mark of the beast for a beastly, monstrously unconstitutional bill.

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Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov't ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers' of injection-related deaths

3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries reported between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021

One of the world's most prominent medical doctors with expertise in treating COVID-19 has gone on the record with a scathing rebuke of the U.S. government's approach to fighting the virus. He says the government's strategy, carried out in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations World Health Organization, has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and is now being followed up with thousands more deaths caused by a mass-injection program.

Dr. Peter McCullough, in a 32-minute interview with journalist Alex Newman, said if this were any other vaccine it would have been pulled from the market by now for safety reasons.

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Canadian Martial Law Declared: Church Services Will Be Stopped Using Any Force Necessary

Pastor Artur Pawlowski explains how Canada's law enforcement is now presenting court orders insisting they can enter churches whenever they want.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins The Alex Jones Show on Friday to break down the news that Canadian Law Enforcement has been granted the use of any force necessary to stop churches from gathering.

Read and watch here:



As Joe Biden And Democrats 'Declare War' Upon Half Of America, Prepare For Martial Law And America Under Occupation

The Transformation Of America Into A Totalitarian Police State Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes

The election of 2020 proved to most patriotic Americans that elections could be tampered with if not outright stolen. Progressive socialists call the election the "Big Lie." I admit they are right. They thump their chests and tell us that the election was held following the requirements of our Constitution. Thousands of affidavits signed under penalty of Perjury were ignored, as were observations of people on the ground from both parties. There are recounts in Arizona, and will be more recounts in other states. 

If the election was so straightforward, why do we still have a military presence in our Capitol.? This is not a position of answering to the American people. This is a show of force to silence the citizenry for what is to come. The political agenda of the progressive socialists will bring willful and immediate resistance, forcing a breakdown of the functional political order that has been part of the American landscape for over 250 years. 

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Doctor refuses to accept vaccinated patients. He will not let those who made a bad decision...

Watch here:



The Biden Administration, the CCP, the Cartels and the Catholic Church Are Importing Every Perversion Known To Man to the Four Corners of the United States

There is, at present, an invasion of the United States for the sole purpose of destroying the culture and what's left of the moral fabric of the United States. This article will highlight the threat.

For the past 8 years, I have enjoyed a relationship with two Border Patrol Agents. I am hesitant to speak in detail about their backgrounds, for fear of exposure, however, they both possess the background needed to support the information brought forth in this article. This article is a culmination of research performed in which I interviewed Border Patrol Agents, Catholic Church informants and Mexican news sources. The content can be broken down into the following set of allegations. 

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China already ‘engaging in irregular war' with US in the ‘grey zone'

Experts say a China war is already well under way with the United States but Australia needs to take advantage of its obvious weakness.

It's war. But not as we know it.

Decades of writings by China's top tacticians reveal this to be so.

"National security leaders should look closely at what Chinese officials' words and China's military actions say about how the People's Liberation Army might actually fight a war," a US military academy analysis warns.

They say it's a war already well under way. That means the start of any ‘conventional' conflict will be murky and confused. And, even once the shooting starts, sowing doubt and disbelief will be a significant weapon in its arsenal.

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Recently Tim McMillan at The Debrief wrote how "recently published research finds that ‘online haters' or people who post hateful comments on online forums and social media demonstrate high levels of personality disorder traits associated with psychopathy...

"Unfortunately, the social web's dispassionate distance...provides a venue for people to express hateful and derogatory comments and views easily. With people's lives becoming further digitized due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, many researchers have noted sharp increases in online bullying and hateful comments in online chats."

Not long ago, Dr. Thomas Horn penned an extensive 7-part series on this subject titled FOR WHOM THE BAAL TROLLS and you can read the entire series at the links below.










THOMAS HORN IS RIGHT: Transhumanists Aim To Replace God With Machines Through Digital Immortality

Transhumanists have hyped the new religion of high technology for decades now. The basic idea, fairly prevalent in Silicon Valley, is that rapid advances in scientific knowledge and tech innovation will culminate in our de facto omniscience and omnipotence. Even though humanity is lost in a godless cosmos, digital devices will allow us to transcend our ape-like forms. As Google's Ray Kurzweil famously quipped, "Does God exist? I would say, ‘Not yet.'" One day soon, they promise, we'll use artificial intelligence to overcome the limits of our meat-based cognition... (READ MORE)



Antifa Infiltrated: From Target Lists To Recorded Threats to "Kill People," And "Kill Some Cops" To Doxxing And Threatening A Mayor, We See Who The Real Terrorists And Insurrectionists Are

While Joe Biden, the media and Democrats (all the same, I know!) focus on the events on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol, terrorizing Americans by claiming it was an "Insurrection!!!!," the terrorism of the past decade from Antifa and BLM groups aren't mentioned, or it is downplayed to the point where high profile "news" personalities try to justify and defend their violence. 

Perhaps because Antifa is used as the paramilitary arm for the Democrats, so of course their riots, arson, looting and million of dollars in destruction, are not heavily covered or criticized.

Just one reason Independent Media must document it all, otherwise no one would.

Now new reports show what happened, what was planned and said at an Antifa online phone conference, revealed by a Trump supporter that infiltrated the group and recorded the event. 

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What the world is experiencing in 2021 and going forward is a manmade EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT via an ongoing series of bioterrorists acts perpetrated by a genocidal conspiracy of state actors, corporate entities, NGOs, secret societies[1] and terrorist organizations such as NATO (aka North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

What these Covid Plandemic perpetrators have set in motion is an irreversible Extinction Level Event (ELE) that will eventually wend its way throughout the entire planetary civilization.

Because of the countless vectors of dissemination of the COVID-19 bioweapon, as well as the numerous methods of Covid propagation, controlling this wholly manufactured pandemic is a function of shutting down the military-grade bioweapon labs.  Similarly, the various means of proliferation of this ‘coronavirus' within national healthcare systems the world over must be stopped post-haste in order to halt this rapidly unfolding ELE.

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Commoditizing Water: The Winners, The Losers, and How All Americans May Eventually Be Affected

From oil and natural gas to rare earth minerals in the deep sea, we've looked at the competition for critical natural resources. Today, we examine the battle over a natural resource that's even more fundamental, water. There's every chance that America's Water Wars may be overflowing into your neck of the woods soon.

When it comes to America's Water Wars, the West is as wild as it ever was. And the mighty Colorado River is one of the spoils.

The Colorado River cuts through the Grand Canyon and spans 7 states providing water for about 40 million people and 5 and a half million acres of farmland. To some, the water is as valuable as oil.

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'Library of the Great Silence' invites E.T. to share long-term survival strategies

Intelligent aliens will soon have a space here on Earth where they can share how they made it through their technological adolescence.

We haven't yet heard from any such beings, of course. Some researchers find this "Great Silence" puzzling, given how old the universe is and how many potentially habitable worlds dot its vast expanse.

One possible explanation is that civilizations tend to destroy themselves once they become "advanced" enough to explore the cosmos in a meaningful way. Such power is inherently hard to control and can burn you to the ground more easily than it can fuel an outward push, the idea goes.

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'Mom And Pop' Landlords Dying On The Vine As Un-Evictable Tenants Enjoy Pandemic Protections

As millions of renters across America continue to benefit from sweeping protections against eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic, their landlords haven't been so fortunate.

According to Bloomberg, nearly $47 billion in rent relief from the Biden Administration has been slow to materialize, forcing "mom-and-pop" landlords into financial hardship - or forced to sell to wealthy investors. Bloomberg, perhaps to invoke sympathy for the landlord class, focused on the impact felt by minority landlords.

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Should People Have Right to Refuse a Blood Transfusion from COVID-19 Vaccinated?

As a larger percentage of the population receives the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, it's important to understand how this new development affects blood transfusions.

People who are vaccinated for COVID-19 can donate blood immediately or shortly after being vaccinated despite the fact that the experimental product may induce life-threatening disorders in the recipients. I asked several government agencies responsible for blood donation if we can have a choice to receive blood by non-COVID-19 vaccinated. The answer from all was NO.

Blood banks may or may not keep the records of whoever had COVID-19 vaccine. They don't test the vaccinated blood for Spike proteins specifically - the most dangerous product of COVID-19 vaccination. In America they do test for antibodies which admit aren't diagnostic tools (as I told you). In conclusion everyone can receive contaminated blood which can make her/him sick and has no choice to opt out! Tell me, if it isn't crime against humanity, what is?

Continue this report here



GENOCIDE in the U.S. Continues: 3,848 DEATHS 118,902 Injuries Following COVID Injections - Children Now being Reported as Dying Also

The mass murder of Americans through the experimental COVID injections continues, as the CDC is now reporting that 3,848 people have died and 118,902 adverse reactions have now been logged into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Many believe there is solid evidence that the CDC is holding back much of the data, and that the number of deaths and injuries reported is much higher (see below).

This is in addition to the fact that many deaths and injuries following the injections are not even reported, because the propaganda put out by the U.S. Government and reinforced through the pharma-funded corporate media, continues to claim that NONE of these deaths are linked to the COVID injections, and are just "coincidences."

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When Sin Is Legalized and Christianity Is Criminalized, It's Hell on Earth AKA "Tribulation"...

Norway Criminalizes Hate Speech Against Transgender People . . . in Private Homes or Conversations.

We have previously discussed the alarming rollback on free speech rights in the West, particularly in Europe. The move to criminalize speech has led to an insatiable appetite for new limitations and broader prosecutions. Norway is an example of this headlong plunge into speech controls and crimes in the West. This week the legislature adopted (without even a vote) a new criminal law that punishes people for saying anything deemed hate speech toward transgender people in their own home or private conversations.

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Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is found dead of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second Pfizer vaccine

The Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb has been found dead with her dog by her side as her family pay tribute to their 'beloved girl' and worry they will not be able to give her a fitting send off because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Bernice Gibb Rhoades, 56, known to friends and family as Beri, was found unconscious in bed at her home in Las Vegas by her husband Chino on Thursday, April 15.

Beri's family have paid tribute after she died of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

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Senate Intelligence Leaders Say Mystery 'Sonic Weapon' Attacks On US Officials Increasing

After it was revealed Thursday that US intelligence is investigating at least two potential "directed energy" sonic attacks on White House personnel - one of which is alleged to have happened just off White House grounds - the US Senate Intelligence Committee weighed in on Friday, saying such mysterious incidents appear to be happening with greater frequency worldwide.

Senators Mark Warner (D) and Marco Rubio (R) agreed that such microwave energy attacks have gone on for "nearly five years" and have targeted "US government personnel in Havana, Cuba and elsewhere around the world." In a joint statement the two ranking members said, "This pattern of attacking our fellow citizens serving our government appears to be increasing. The Senate Intelligence Committee intends to get to the bottom of this," according to Reuters. 

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Devastating Drought: Texas Farmers Say 2021 Drought Already Rivals 2011

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows from North Dakota to Texas, all the way west to California, the most severe levels of drought didn't ease across the U.S. this past week. 

While 62% of the country is seeing some level of dryness, a 2-point improvement in a week, the most extreme level of drought grew, now covering more than 9% of the country.

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Stealthy And Deadly Directed Energy Weapons Being Used On A Grander Scale Upon Humans Confirmed By Stories Of Attacks Near White House And In Virginia 

 Directed Energy Weapons Join Psychotronic Weapons Being Used Upon 'Targeted Individuals' 

While over the last several years, 'directed energy weapons' (DEW's) have been called a 'conspiracy theory' many times, most recently in the 2018 California wildfires that even Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed may have been caused by 'laser beams', a stunning new story by CNN (saved at Thursday reported the US is now investigating several possible DEW attacks in America, including one near the White House.

So while Wikipedia in this 'Directed Energy Weapons' entry reports: After decades of research and development, directed-energy weapons are still at the experimental stage and it remains to be seen if or when they will be deployed as practical, high-performance military weapons, as the CNN story pointed out, those 'attacks' appear similar to mysterious, invisible attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel abroad.

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Facing a Colorado River shortage, Arizona prepares for the pain of water cutbacks

With the Colorado River's largest reservoir just 38% full and declining toward the threshold of a first-ever shortage, Arizona water officials convened an online meeting this week to outline how the state will deal with water cutbacks, saying the reductions will be "painful" but plans are in place to lessen the blow for affected farmers next year.

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Facebook is making a bracelet that lets you control computers with your brain

The device would let you interact with Facebook's upcoming augmented-reality glasses just by thinking.

Facebook says it has created a wristband that translates motor signals from your brain so you can move a digital object just by thinking about it.

How does it work? The wristband, which looks like a clunky iPod on a strap, uses sensors to detect movements you intend to make. It uses electromyography (EMG) to interpret electrical activity from motor nerves as they send information from the brain to the hand. The company says the device, as yet unnamed, would let you navigate augmented-reality menus by just thinking about moving your finger to scroll.

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China's Secret Human Animal Hybrid Experiments

China is conducting secret Frankenstein-style human-animal hybrid experiments creating super viruses, human-monkey hybrids, human head transplants on monkeys and pigs, gene-editing babies, super soldiers etc. Most of these experiments are exported out of western countries since they were shutdown in the west due to heavy criticism.

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Max Hodak, the Neuralink cofounder is calling for someone to build a real-world Jurassic Park. "We could probably build Jurassic Park with 15 years of breeding + engineering to get super exotic novel species." For the uninitiated, "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic World" make up a five-movie franchise - with a sixth in the works - all based on Michael Crichton's hit novel about how bad of an idea it was to open a place like Jurassic Park. Leveraging recent advances in genetic research to create entirely new creatures is certainly an enticing idea, though there's a big difference between something potentially being feasible and actually being a good idea. But it's not all fun and games when you're playing god and creating new dinosaurs... (READ MORE)



The US "Holodomor" Death Toll In Action

At the height of the 1932-33 Ukrainian famine under Joseph Stalin, starving people roamed the countryside, desperate for something, anything to eat. In the village of Stavyshche, a young peasant boy watched as the wanderers dug into empty gardens with their bare hands. Many were so emaciated, he recalled, that their bodies began to swell and stink from the extreme lack of nutrients.

"You could see them walking about, just walking and walking, and one would drop, and then another, and so on it went," he said many years later, in a case history collected in the late 1980s by a Congressional committee. In the cemetery outside the village hospital, overwhelmed doctors carried the bodies on stretchers and tossed them into an enormous pit.

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USA Gangster Government - Alex Newman

Journalist Alex Newman says the rule of law is disappearing in America.  You can see it in the thug tactics of raiding the office of the President's former attorney Rudy Giuliani to the election audit finally underway in Arizona that is sure to reveal massive ballot fraud.  Newman contends, "This is one of the biggest stories out there, which is why you won't find much of it on legacy propaganda media. . . .  Arizona is ground zero. . . . If they find fraud, and I believe they have and will find more, that means all these races get thrown into question.  I think it is very clear the election was stolen from Donald Trump by Joe Biden and company. . . . If the Democrats are in such a comfortable position right now, all they have to do is wait and they will have a one-party state very much like California. 

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Huge Group of Doctors from 30 Countries: ‘There is No Scientific Foundation to the Concept of Vaccine Passports'

A GROUP of doctors say natural immunity to coronavirus infection is long lasting but fear people will be coerced into taking top-up vaccines in order to re-access society when their Digital Green Pass expires after just six months.

Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors across Europe and North America, say studies on Covid-19's closest-related virus to infect humans, SARS, revealed that those who had acquired natural immunity in 2003 remain protected even now.

They also maintain that, even before the onset of vaccination campaigns, most people had become immune to Covid-19, either through infection with the virus itself, often without symptoms or with only mild, uncharacteristic ones, or due to cross-immunity conferred by other, naturally occurring coronaviruses.

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Authors Challenge Germ Theory & Covid Hoax ("The germ theory is a fallacy, [and] vaccinations, a source of healthy profits for the pharmaceutical industry, are useless and do not provide immunity to any disease.")

"The germ theory is a fallacy, [and] vaccinations, a source of healthy profits for the pharmaceutical industry, are useless and do not provide immunity to any disease."

"Viruses and bacteria are part of the bodily process of removing toxins from the body. The body contains trillions of viruses and bacteria. According to the authors none of these viruses and bacteria are pathogenic. Viruses and bacteria are essential to the bodily process of removing dead and dying toxins from the body. While bacteria are alive, viruses are not."

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The dark night of fascism has finally landed in the United States

Tom Wolfe famously quipped, "The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe."  Certainly, that was the case during the Trump presidency, when leftists insisted he was Hitler yet were unable to point to a single instance in which he'd engaged in conduct actually associated with fascists.  However, in the topsy-turvy world that is 2021, Wolfe's saying has been turned on its head.  With the advent of the Biden administration, America is heading into a purely fascist future.  Meanwhile, Europeans are insistently demanding freedom, whether it's generals and other civil servants pushing back against Critical Race Theory and Islam or ordinary people singing and dancing in the streets.

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Australia makes it ILLEGAL for citizens to fly home from Covid-ravaged India - and offenders face five years' jail and $66,600 fines

Australia has made it illegal to fly home from Covid-ravaged India under threat of five years in jail at a $66,600 fine.

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced the unprecedented and draconian restriction on Saturday morning, which will begin at 12.01am on Monday.

The emergency law, invoked under the Biosecurity Act, could see anyone who has been in India in the past 14 days charged with a crime. 

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Majority Of US Companies Will Require Workers To Provide Proof Of Vaccination

It looks like American colleges won't be alone in making vaccination mandatory for any students who want to return to campus next semester. Despite the White House's determination that vaccination shouldn't be mandatory by law, more than 60% of American companies are reportedly leaning toward requiring proof of vaccination from their employees.

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India - People Chase Out Vaccine Nazis

Submitted by Ray Jason

Guest Post by Martin Armstrong

I have been getting reports from readers in India that claim that the people who die are the ones who were vaccinated. I have not been able to verify this, but it seems to be a rising theme in India. There are recorded deaths in the United States even after people have been fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, others are still testing positive after being fully vaccinated. This is simply raising deep concerns about what is really going on and what is the true objective.

It appears that there is another corona-type virus which they are calling a variant. This is misleading insofar as they are portraying that somehow COVID is the first coronavirus. The common cold is also typically a coronavirus. The rising number of claimed COVID-19 cases in India is being presented as a much more infectious and probably a far more deadly variant. It is driving hospitals beyond a crisis point. The flu also attacks the ability to breathe, which impacts often the elderly the worst.

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Russian warplanes are buzzing Alaska at the highest rate since the collapse of the Soviet Union, US commander says

THE US Air Force is seeing the "highest activity" of Russian aircraft over Alaska since the Cold War, a top US commander has said.

The increased military activity in the area is attributed to Russia's expanding activities, according to Air Force generals. 

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Mints are running out of gold; not enough physical silver to cover paper - former U.S. Mint Director

(Kitco News) - A global shortage of physical gold and silver products has created a premium on coins and bars, and this premium is causing a disconnect between the spot price and the "true" price that retail investors need to pay, said Ed Moy, former director of the U.S. Mint.

Moy, who was the director of the U.S. Mint between 2006 and 2011, cites the inability of the mints around the world to keep up with physical coin and bar demand as a reason for this shortage.

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There Is Something Very Sinister About The New  'Triple Mutant' COVID Strain More Deadly And Resistant To Vaccines, And Coming To America 

We all saw how quickly the initial COVID-19 coronavirus spread globally, so in this day and age of air travel, it is easy to imagine how quickly the "mutant strains" can rip from one nation to the next.

Pundits and CDC officials have acted as if COVID-19 was worse than the plague, yet the death rate is far lower than originally predicted (and even those numbers are not completely accurate), so, all of a sudden and very "coincidentally," we see talk of double mutant strains, and now, triple mutant strains of COVID in India, dubbed as "more deadly and resistant to existing vaccines."

Depopulation proponents must be thrilled.

They want us scared and hiding in our homes. Common sense precautions, meaning your own informed decisions on what is or is not best for you and your families, is really all that is needed.

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High alert: At least two mysterious directed-energy attacks on American soil panic US officials

The White House is on high alert after US officials after people suddenly fall ill during at least 2 mysterious directed-energy attacks on American soil, including one close to the White House.

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U.S. Embassy in Moscow cuts visa services and warns Americans with expired visa to leave before June 15 deadline in further deterioration in relations with Russia

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has announced that it will cut consular services and staff after Russia imposed restrictions on foreign diplomatic missions. 

The embassy said in a statement that starting from May 12, it will reduce consular services offered to only include emergency U.S. citizen services and a very limited number of immigrantion visas such as life-or-death emergencies. 

It noted that non-immigrant visa processing for non-diplomatic travel will cease and it will stop offering routine notarial services, consular reports of birth abroad or passport renewal services for the foreseeable future. 

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URGENT: U.S. State Department Tells Americans to "Leave Russia By June 15 . . ."

In the surest sign yet that crazed government officials are planning actual war, the U.S. State Department issued a notice to Americans in Russia telling them they "Should leave Russia by June 15 if their VISA is expiring."

This comes with another announcement from that same State Department declaring they "Will no longer process requests for non-immigrant VISA's from Russia to the United States effective May 12."

Put simply, they won't be allowing any Russians (except Diplomats) IN to America, and they are telling all Americans to get OUT of Russia.   

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America is running low on chicken. Blame covid-19, a sandwich craze and huge appetite for wings.

It's not like we weren't warned. The doomsayers predicted this months ago: "A MASSIVE CHICKEN WING SHORTAGE IS BREWING," blared the headline of one trade publication in early February.

But it turned out to be so much worse.

Bloomberg News, on Thursday: "Fried-Chicken Craze Is Causing U.S. to Run Low on Poultry."

In other words, not just wings, but chicken in general. Or, as Bojangles put it in a recent tweet about their tenders: "we're experiencing a system-wide shortage :( But they will be back soon!"

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Only Those With Closed Eyes and Minds Don't See the Genocide Coming As Biden Threatens America

Joe Biden referred to patriots and pro-Trump supporters as "enemies of the state" in his recent selective joint session of Congress address. This is in line with what we have seen from the extreme groups and individuals within the Democratic Party.

In order to put the Biden Nazi-style-genocidal references to his "enemies of the state" comments, it is very important to look at the same kind of rhetoric from his fellow communists within the emerging Bolshevik Party (aka the Democrats).

As you read the following paragraphs, I would admonish my fellow countrymen to abandon your conditioned state of political correctness. You must be unafraid to offend those in power with your honest evaluation of their character and intentions for the American people. To date, and at every turn, the American people have grossly underestimated the tyrannical threat posed by the Deep State and their minions from the Democratic Party along with their Beijing allies.

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‘Third Wave' Of Sickness And Death Will

Be Dominated By Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated...

It's interesting to me you don't find the words plague(s) and pestilence in the New Testament under any context other than the judgment of God.  (In fact, for the most part, the context of those words in the Old Testament is also within the judgment of God.)

Pestilence is only used in the Olivet discourse (as signs of the times of judgment):

Luke 21:10-11  (KJV)

Then said he unto them, "Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And great earthquakes shall be in divers [several, many] places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."

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Deleting the Reset: The Imminent Struggle Ahead

A while ago I wrote an article explaining my journey of learning towards the Great Reset agenda. In that piece I said that I thought this horror show would continue for some time, but ultimately it would fail, but at great cost to our society and to all of us.

More recently I've been researching information about the new ‘vaccines' and like others, now seriously wonder if this is part of something sinister and perhaps even more of a threat our very existence.

For relief from the madness and heavy-reading of the scientific studies, I watch a lot of Ivor Cummins', Dr Mike Yeadon's, and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi online presentations which are professional, clear and powerful.  Dr Bhakdi's recent interview here is brilliant, yet the most terrifying I've watched concerning the vaccines.

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More Proof Covid Is A Tyrannical Power Play: Totalitarian Regimes Use Forced Isolation And Dehumanizing The Individual To Transform Once Free People Into Chattel

According to this 2004 study published at the Oxford Academic British Medical Journal, tyranny and mental illness go hand in hand, with the mass abuse of human rights by authoritarian states leading to widespread mental illnesses throughout any population that has seen tyranny imposed upon them. 

Warning within that study that the exact effect that tyranny has on people's mental health and well-being is still not fully understood, but that living under totalitarian regimes often lead to distinct psychological and psychosocial consequences, as the excerpt from that study below points out, nothing less than the complete and total 'dehumanization' of 'the individual' is often the end result of tyranny.

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Cuban refugee: Americans have digested 'poison pill of communism'

'You can tell how much [media] hate this country'

Former Cuban refugee Maximo Alvarez warned in a speech at the Republican National Convention last summer that many Americans have swallowed the "poison pill" of communism, but now he says they've "digested" it.

In an interview Wednesday with Lisa Boothe, he recalled witnessing during his childhood dictator Fidel Castro's elimination of human rights, the Daily Wire reported.

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Death Knell of the Anglo-Saxons?

As you know, the moral underpinnings of our military have been destroyed. [First] there came the removal of the policy of ‘don't ask, don't tell,' then the forced integration of transgendered people, and now they want women brought to the tip of the spear.

Admiral James "Ace" Lyons, March 2017

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I'm not anti-vaccine. I'm anti-the wholesale slaughter of otherwise perfectly healthy human beings.

Post below from Dr Mercola, in which he announces his new book.

  • In October 2019, mere months before the pandemic was announced, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted Event 201, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, funded by billionaire technocrat Michael Bloomberg. This tabletop exercise simulated the global response to a fictional coronavirus pandemic
  • Amid predictions that 65 million people were dying, mass lockdowns and quarantines were implemented around the world, and alternative viewpoints were suppressed through censorship under the guise of fighting "disinformation"
  • Event 201 confirms that even if the virus itself wasn't preplanned, the unprecedented and draconian response to it was

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China engaged in 'breathtaking' nuclear expansion, STRATCOM commander warns

China's military is engaged in a "very rapid" expansion of nuclear forces, which threatens U.S. security and is complicating efforts to deter both Russia as well as China, the commander of the Strategic Command told Congress on Wednesday.

The expanding nuclear arsenal includes large numbers of mobile, intercontinental ballistic missiles that travel around the country and are difficult to track. 

Beijing also is deploying new solid-fueled missiles capable of being set up and fired quicker than their older liquid-fueled missiles.

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Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, and Your DNA

Recent reports reveal that a Chinese company with connections to the Gates Foundation is involved in COVID-19 testing and poses a potential threat to American privacy, particularly the medical and health data of those who have been tested for COVID-19.

In late January, CBS' 60 Minutes reported:

"60 Minutes has learned Chinese company BGI Group, the largest biotech firm in the world, offered to build COVID labs in at least six states, and U.S. intelligence officials issued warnings not to share health data with BGI. 

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Why are certain 5G cell tower components labeled "COV-19?"

Reports are coming out to show that some of the electrical components being used in 5G tower installations bear the marking of "COV-19," which just so happens to be almost identical to COVID-19, the name used for the infection supposedly caused by the Wuhan coronavirus. The "Patriot Street Fighter" account on Telegram is one of the latest to share video footage of the components, which can clearly be seen with the marking of COV-19 on their chipsets. 5G component installers all around the world have reported similar markings on the equipment going into their towers, which shows that the phenomenon is strangely widespread and clearly not coincidental. As you may recall from early on in the plandemic, reports emerged about how Wuhan, China, where it all originated, had just turned on its 5G towers at almost the exact same time that area residents started to get sick. Some of them got so sick that they dropped dead in the streets, or so we were told. Donald Trump fast-tracked the rollout of 5G here in the United States not long after that, and here we are a year later with many who are sick and dying, purportedly from the "virus." What is really going on here? We will leave it up to our readers to decide if there is a connection between 5G and the symptoms and sickness associated with the Chinese virus. Be sure to watch the following video from, which shows yet another COV-19 chipset component being used in 5G installations (WARNING: LANGUAGE):

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The Truth About COVID-19

In the interview above, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interviews me about my new book, "The Truth About COVID-19 - Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal," co-written with founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, Ronnie Cummins.

Kennedy wrote a piercingly insightful foreword1 to it. The book is being released today. If you preordered, thank you! If you didn't, you can now pick it up without delay.

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We are nearing a big Cascadia rupture as a swarm of strong earthquakes hits the subducting Juan de Fuca Plate!

A cluster of earthquakes has been ongoing off the coast of Oregon early this morning, with the major ones being a M5.5 event, a M5.4, and a M5.3, in that order.

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Deagel Is Gone Now, Wiped Off The Internet - What Happened? Their Warning About The Culling Of The Western World By 2025 Was Too Close For Comfort To The Globalists

'Slow Genocide' Continues To Forced Be Upon Us

While we'd reported just days ago that the mysterious website had 'gone dark' by removing all mentions of their 2025 'forecast' for America and the world, a 'forecast' that darkly predicted America would be wiped out by then, losing well over 200 million people while being transformed into a 3rd world nation, we were not prepared for what has happened since then. 

Deagel is no longer online. At all as of this moment. And their website has been down since at least the evening of Monday, April 26th, when we first learned it had been totally removed from the internet after getting an email from ANP reader 'Carrie' who told us she had visited their website to look for any new updates and was surprised to see them no longer around at all. 

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4 early morning earthquakes shake off Oregon coast

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) - Multiple earthquakes struck less than 200 miles off of the Oregon coast early Thursday.

According to the United States Geological Service, four earthquakes shook about 180 miles to the west of the Coos Bay area - all within about 40 minutes. The earthquakes ranged from 4.3 to 5.4 in magnitude and were all over six miles in depth.

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The apocalyptic hail was so big in Texas yesterday that it went through roofs, destroyed windows and broke cars (videos and pictures)

Hail as large as softballs rained down Wednesday evening as severe thunderstorms struck parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

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Biden's Climate Goals Are Clear, Concise and to the P...Wait...What?

Currently, there's a lot of confusion about the Biden Administration's "Climate Goals." MSM outlets are not clear in their reporting on what Biden said vs. what Biden will do versus what Malthusian anti-progress activists want him to do.

We assure you that MSM is not telling you the truth, but we are!

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Treasure hunters plan to dig up 48 crates of Hitler's gold worth half a billion hidden under Polish palace ‘brothel'

TREASURE hunters are hoping to dig up 48 crates of Hitler's hidden gold worth nearly half a billion pounds at a Polish palace used by his SS henchmen as a brothel.

The team will begin the archeological excavation at the 18th-century palace in the village of Minkowskie in southern Poland next week and hope to unearth 10 tonnes of gold and other riches.

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Christian Pastor Arrested in UK for Saying Marriage Is Between Man & Woman - Video

According to the report, police said they received information that the man was making "allegedly homophobic comments," and they arrested him under the Public Order Act, which can be used when anyone uses "abusive or insulting words" that cause "harm" to another person. Later, he was released without charge.

A 71-year-old Christian pastor who was arrested after preaching from the Bible on Tuesday described his treatment as "shameful," as he was accused of making homophobic remarks by defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman outside Uxbridge Station in west London, and led away in handcuffs, questioned in a police station, and held overnight.

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Globalist next move in the Marxist playbook: Ostracize the unvaccinated like Hitler ostracized the Jews

(Natural News) According to the Marxist playbook, it's time to begin disarming the unvaccinated in America and moving them all to the Covid ghettos, like lepers. No vaccine passport? No traveling for you. No job. No groceries. Time to starve to death or get the jabs. Your choice. The globalist agenda is to turn all of the vaccinated American sheeple against the unvaccinated. Treat them like they're diseased and spreading leprosy. Blame them for all the plight of the country. They are the blight. They ruin the economy. Right?

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US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House

Washington (CNN)Federal agencies are investigating at least two possible incidents on US soil, including one near the White House in November of last year, that appear similar to mysterious, invisible attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel abroad.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN that while the Pentagon and other agencies probing the matter have reached no clear conclusions on what happened, the fact that such an attack might have taken place so close to the White House is particularly alarming.

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Companies sound alarm over commodity price hikes

Toilet paper, baby care products, soft drinks and many other everyday products are about to get more expensive.

Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark and Coca-Cola have all warned that they'll raise prices on many of their products as raw material costs rise. Plastic, paper, sugar, grain and other commodities are all getting more expensive as demand outpaces supply. Companies are also paying more for shipping as fuel costs rise and ports experience longer delays because of congestion.

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"Liberal institutions straightway cease being liberal the moment they are soundly established: Once this is attained, no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (2007). "Twilight of the Idols with the Antichrist and Ecce Homo", p.71, Wordsworth Editions

What we face today, and what is coming in the near future is pure, unadulterated, totalitarian madness, and so long as the people of this country remain indifferent to this tyranny, it will worsen and escalate every single day until nothing of value remains.

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Reprehensible Cruelty Towards Mentally Ill Gay Man Leads To 'Death Threats' And 'Thoughts Of Self Harm' - We Are Rapidly Becoming A Nation Of Cruelty

This was not going to be the direction I was headed with an article today, but after seeing the video and hearing that there was more to it than from when the filming began,  I did some research and I am left wondering how people have become so utterly cruel to each other.

Granted, we can attest to the fact that there are some very wonderful people in this country and around the globe, but the levels of cruelty being seen these days is reprehensible.

The very short video below is incredibly hard to watch, but it offers clues as to what the larger story truly is, as we see the young Holiday Inn Express worker have what we can only term as a mental meltdown after a customer starts harassing him.

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Red States Are Fighting Back Against The Reset - What Does This Mean For The Future?

The past year I have been writing extensively about what I call the "great conservative migration"; a shift in US demographics not seen since the Great Depression. Approximately 8.9 million Americans have relocated since the beginning of the covid lockdowns according to the US Postal service, and a large portion of these people are leaving left-leaning blue states for conservative red states in the west and the south. States like California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey were at the top of the list of states people wanted to escape.

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Canada introduces bill to police all internet speech

(Natural News) Desperate to transform his country into a clone of communist China, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced new legislation that would censor the Canadian internet and make everything on it politically correct.

Citing the threat of "hate speech" and "hurtful" language, particularly against politicians like himself, Trudeau wants to force all social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to start immediately removing all content that someone on the left might feel is "offensive."

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THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION-PART 2: Vatican Officials "Warming Up" Laity For ET Disclosure

If ET life is something Vatican officials have privately considered for some time, why speak of it so openly in recent years, in what some perceive as a careful, doctrinal unveiling toward a mysterious goal? Is this a deliberate effort by church officials to "warm up" the laity to ET disclosure? Are official church publications on the subject an attempt to soften the blow before disclosure arrives, in order to help the faithful retain their orthodoxy in light of unprecedented forthcoming knowledge?

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FACEBOOK's smart glasses could be used to "teleport" people to their office or to see their friends. This is according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg who said the glasses could make you feel like you're in the same room as someone even if you're far apart. The billionaire made the comments to The Information. He told the publication: "Rather than calling someone or having a video chat, you just kind of snap your fingers and teleport, and you're sitting there and they're on their couch and it feels like you're there together." Zuckerberg thinks this tech could help reduce some of the negative impacts of travel such as reducing CO2 emissions. Facebook Reality Labs revealed more details about the plans for its smart glasses in a recent blogpost... (READ MORE)



Are we Headed into Another Ice Age?

Our model has projected we are entering another "grand-minimum," which will overtake the sun beginning in 2020 and will last through the 2050s, resulting in diminished magnetism, infrequent sunspot production, and less ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth. This all means we are facing a global cooling period in the planet that may span 31 to 43 years. The last grand-minimum event produced the mini-Ice Age in the mid-17th century. Known as the Maunder Minimum, it occurred between 1645 and 1715, during a longer span of time when parts of the world became so cold that the period was called the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850.

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One Bank Warns Soaring Food Prices Will Lead To Social Unrest

Yesterday we explained why with prices already soaring, global inflation was about to go into overdrive as the leading food price indicator that is the Bloomberg Agri spot index hit the highest level in six years.

In a nutshell, this is a problem since food is a large component of CPI baskets in Asia, and "this large inflationary impulse in the region that houses more than half the world's population should result in higher wage costs in the factory base of the world. As CPI and PPI rise in Asia, it will feed through globally in the months ahead."

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Ten Things You Need to Know about the Experimental COVID mRNA Vaccines

Experimental COVID Vaccines are coming to town, being rolled out worldwide as the transhumanistic New World Order (NWO) agenda dictates. This next phase of the COVID scamdemic is an incredibly dangerous one - the phase where authorities take their sovereignty-violating ways a step further by actually penetrating the body with poison disguised as medicine. These new COVID vaccines are even worse than your plain old regular toxic, carcinogenic and mutogenic vaccines, because some of them (the mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna) are a dangerously new exotic creature: tools that actively hijack your genes and reprogram them. Here's 10 things you need to know about the COVID vax, plus a list at the end of the article of just some of the horrendous injuries and deaths it has caused thus far.

Experimental COVID Vaccines: Never-Before-Used Tools to Modify and Program Your Genetics

The COVID vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna are called mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines - a completely new type of vaccine that has never been licensed or used on humans before. We have absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine, nor no way to know if it will be effective or safe. Traditional vaccines introduce pieces of a weakened virus to stimulate an immune response. mRNA vaccines inject molecules of synthetic genetic material from non-humans sources into your cells, thus hijacking your genes and permanently reprogramming them to produce antibodies to kill the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID (although, as regular readers of The Freedom Articles know, the virus has never been isolated, purified or proven 100% to exist). These newly created proteins are not regulated by your DNA and are thus completely foreign to your body.

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'The Big One': How Cascadia Tsunami Would Impact Puget Sound

An earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone would cause a tsunami to hit Puget Sound in just 2 to 4 hours, according to a new DNR study.

OLYMPIA, WA - It may be this decade, or it could be hundreds of years from now, but at some point the Cascadia subduction zone will give way, causing a massive earthquake centered right off the coast of Washington.

For years, local leaders have been studying the subduction zone to predict, and hopefully mitigate, some of the extensive damage that quake is likely to cause.

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College instructor discusses blowing up and gassing whites in coming race war

'The detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked'

(THE COLLEGE FIX) -- A Barnard College English instructor was featured on a Canadian radio show earlier Monday in which he discussed blowing up and gassing white people in an imagined race war.

According to The Post Millennial, on the CBC show "q," Ben Philippe was asked about a segment in his book "Sure, I'll be your Black Friend" which describes "detonating" white people while nearby air vents spew out noxious gas.

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The Great Reset Dangles Before Us: The Davos Revolution And The Re-Making Of Civilization

The Great Reset dangles before us: a global public-private partnership that follows the mystic path of social feelings, the holy writ of consensus politics, and the self-anointed prophets of international finance... all watched over by the priests of digital technology. It's the operating system of the collective New Age, an algorithmic-technocratic revolution - maximum efficiency for managed harmony - and of course, it's all for the "greater good."

"A crisis is a productive event." - Guy Parmelin, President of the Swiss Confederation.

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I recently interviewed Steve Quayle about the current status of America. Steve's has been ahead of the curve in noting where America is at. And where America is at, is what happens eventually to all empires. America has fallen and whatever looks normal to you is an illusion created by past momentum. The church has failed America. Many of the politiicans, both Democrat and Republican, have betrayed their oath of office and should be considered nothing but traitors to the people they purport to serve. According to Steve, America has 2 broad options: (1) adapt; and, (2) find Jesus. America is headed for extinction! 

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The Final Straw: What Is America's Tipping Point and What are You Prepared to Do When it comes?

Have you ever wondered what makes a person snap? What causes a normal, quiet, everyday citizen, loving mother, or doting father to lose it all and fight like a caged animal? What can cause a small village to rise up and rebel against an oppressive police force and start killing them? What is the switch that gets flipped that causes a city to pour two million people into the streets, chanting and demanding to be heard by their government?

Lately it feels more and more as though we are on standing on the edge of some yawning precipice peering over the crest into darkness. What is more troubling to me is that we have been down this path before. The sense of unease is almost palpable to me sometimes; it is more evident if you are paying attention. If you are able to eliminate the white noise of the world for a minute; hit the pause button on the playlist of daily life for a while and look around, listen, you may start to recognize that you too are caught up in events that will soon change all our lives.

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"Read my lips: No New Taxes" Bush Sr said in his acceptance speech for his nomination in 1988 when he promised no tax rises. As most politicians, he didn't keep his word. In the 1992 campaign Clinton made a devastating attack on Bush's pledge and the rest is history.

The simple rule is: Don't listen to WHAT people say, but HOW they say it. Already 50 years ago the Mehrabian model concluded that words only convey 7% of a message, body language accounts for 55% and tone of voice delivers 38%. That is why you should never focus on the words of a speaker since they are the least important.

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Population Crisis

I am not sure what the Deagel population decline report is referring to or how they arrived at that conclusion. Yes, I have said there remains the risk of a 50% decline in population as the Sixth Wave of the Economic Confidence Model concludes. This is historically standard. It is a combination of disease and global cooling - not warming. Germany has also had the coldest winter in 104 years and France lost 80% of its wine crop during to cold. Naturally, these people are claiming the extreme cold is also because of CO2. But they just make up this stuff. There is never any accounting with respect to history.

Our models on sunspot warn of a prolonged solar minimum which will not bottom until around 2050. As the climate cools, there will be a rise in disease due to malnutrition. This is not CAUSED by Gates, it is a natural cycle. But his interference is likely to increase the climate crisis and lead to far more deaths than would otherwise take place.

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Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code?...

Mandatory masks

continue to be the standard operating procedure for many counties, regions, districts, states and nations worldwide, as the COVID cult agenda progresses. In many places, while COVID vaccines are not yet mandatory, authorities are rushing to prepare to make them so, by setting up schemes like immunity passportsvaccine certificates and mandatory tracking databases which log who has taken the shot and who has not. Meanwhile, inherent sovereign human rights are being limited to those who acquiesce to tkae the shot. The insanity and absurdity of the COVID cult is all the more apparent when you realize that its mandatory or quasi-mandatory rules stand in contradiction to a very important set of principles decided upon in 1947. I refer to the Nuremburg Code, the set of 10 points that arose from the infamous Nuremburg Trials conducted in the aftermath of World War II. I am not passing judgement on how impartial those trials were, because I know they were mainly run by the US and the Allies (as the victors), who for obvious reasons did not press charges against American generals such as Eisenhower (who later became US President) for his POW camps inside of Germany and carpet-bombing of Dresden. Nonetheless, the trials produced the Nuremburg Code which enshrined the principle of informed consent - a principle which, in the advent of the COVID scamdemic, is now highly relevant and is continually being put to the test. This article will look briefly at each of the 10 points in the light of COVID restrictions and rules.

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We Are At The Point Where the United Nations is Ready to Fire God Over Climate Change, Should Be interesting...

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that it is important to tackle climate change with "much greater ambition."

It is interesting to note how the phrase "climate change" is replacing "global warming" as the catch phrase of environmentalism. Some scientists/climatologists are certain that human activity, primarily greenhouse gas emissions, is impacting the environment. What they are not certain about is precisely what the impact will be. A couple of decades ago, "global cooling" was the fear, with warnings of a new ice age being the primary scare tactic. While most scientists/climatologists today believe that global warming is the primary risk, uncertainty has led to "climate change" being used as a less specific warning. Essentially, the climate change message is this: greenhouse gas emissions are damaging the environment, and, while we are not certain what the effect will be, we know it will be bad.

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Newscaster Slips Up On Live TV: 'They're Running Out Of People Who Want To Get Euthanized' - More Doctors Warn Of 'Demonic Depopulation' And 'Vaccine Bioweapons' 

With any talk of Covid-19 or the mRNA 'vaccines' being bioweapons immediately labeled as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory by the mainstream media, despite their refusal to even discuss the subject nationally, according to this new story over at the Daily Mail, it's now been confirmed that scientists at the Wuhan, China laboratory at the center of the outbreak of Covid had assisted the Chinese army in a secret project to discover new animal viruses to 'weaponize'

Specifically focusing on bats among other mammals, that story reported a leading Chinese 'state body' had launched a program 9 years ago with the aim of 'finding new viruses and detecting 'dark matter' of biology involved in spreading disease'.

And as this PJ Media story reporting on those findings pointed out, the U.S. State Department had previously raised concerns about the "gain of function" work done at the lab. Basically, gain of function "places positive selective pressure on the microorganisms to effect mutations that would increase their pathogenicity, transmissibility, and antigenicity." In other words, gain of function takes a bad bug and turns it into a very, very bad bug."

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Almost Half of Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Have Been Dismissed

In a corrupt, left-wing dictatorship, only political opposition face prosecution. Violence and lawlessness in the cause of totalitarianism is richly rewarded.

Almost Half of Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Have Been Dismissed

Many charged in connection with violence surrounding last year's racial-justice protests have completed community service and won't be tried

Tear gas filled the air at a Black Lives Matter protest at a courthouse in Portland, Ore., last summer.

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COVID nurse explains becoming a whistleblower: ‘I recorded them murdering patients'

We remember this nurse's social media testimony as to the treatment of patients in her NY hospital back in 2020 as one of the most compelling accounts of the criminality of the medical system.

It seems pretty clear that the alleged covid situation in New York was being thoroughly cooked to paint an artificially dramatic picture of the virus and infection/death rates. Which also placed financial gain far above human life. Note the difference in how ‘covid' patients were being treated in Florida vs. New York.

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The New "Triple Mutant" COVID Strain Threatens To Become A Catastrophic Plague Of Epic Proportions In India

People are dropping dead in the streets, deeply sick individuals are committing suicide by jumping off buildings, and dead bodies are being burned in the open air because crematoriums have run out of space.  What we are witnessing in India right now is nothing short of a horror show.  We are being told that someone is dying every four minutes in New Delhi, but everyone pretty much agrees that the official numbers are not capturing the full extent of this plague.  Some models are suggesting that "as many as 15,000 people are dying every day" in India, and hospitals all over the country are overflowing with patients that are at death's door.  India's "double mutant" strain has been widely blamed for this catastrophe, but now a "triple mutant" strain has emerged which appears to be even more dangerous.

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Next on the List of American Catastrophes? A Western Megadrought

I've written many articles for The Organic Prepper about the coming food shortages. Not just in the United States but all across the world. Food isn't the only thing that is soon going to be in short supply.

Fresh, clean water appears to be one of the prime shortages facing humanity today. And this problem is only going to get worse in the future. The American West is facing a water crisis not seen since the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days. Ironic, since we're also seeing a lot of similarities to the Great Depression, too.

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NY's Full Term Abortion Law and Pelosi's ‘Equality Act' Have One Goal in Common: DEPOPULATION

Years ago, I wrote an article about a strange rock formation called the Georgia Guide Stones.  Upon those rocks are engraved the globalist's "ten commandments." I actually referred to these commandments as belonging to Antichrist.

I want the reader to understand that laws like the one we saw passed in NY just days ago; which allows doctors to abort unborn children right up to the day of delivery - and now  a bill in Congress from Pelosi and the Dems which will classify children with so-called "Gender Dysphoria" as a group in need of protection; have one main goal in common:  DEPOPULATION.

That protection will manifest in the removal of these children from homes in which the parents do not wish to enable their children to become transgenders.

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The Pentagon Adopts New ‘Winning Isn't Everything Motto'

After decades of wars in which decisive victory and a coherent purpose were often elusive, the Department of Defense announced it has adopted a new motto: "Winning Isn't Everything."

"Moving forward, it's important for us to try and enjoy the process, rather than focus on the outcome of international conflict," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said at a Pentagon press conference. "You win some, you lose some. At the end of the day, we can go home with our heads held high knowing that at least we tried."

Military leaders from every branch of service were quick to announce their support for the motto.

"Sometimes when you're cruisin' down that highway that is war, you just gotta lean back, feel the wind in your high and tight, and try to enjoy the ride," said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley. "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey, man. That's what this new motto means to me."

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Pfizer's COVID injections trigger "mysterious" side effects

(NaturalHealth365) According to the latest statistics, just under 30 percent of the United States population (or about 94.8 million people) have now received their full doses of the experimental COVID injections, including the Pfizer COVID shot.  Yet as mainstream media, social media influencers, and even private companies continue to try to get people to line up for the jab, concerning reports of post-shot paralysis and other health problems continue to trickle into the headlines.

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Leftist professors propose stripping Christians of their rights for refusing to get vaccinated for Covid-19

(Natural News) USA Today published an article the other day citing three professors, two of whom are doctors, from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio who believe that getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) should be mandatory for everyone with no allowance for any religious exemptions.

According to Drs. Michael Lederman and Stuart Youngner, along with Maxwell J. Mehlman, the only way to "defeat" the Chinese virus is to require "vaccination for all" - even though the jabs, according to the official narrative, do not prevent infection or spread.

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"It's About To Get Much Worse": Supply Chains Implode As "Price Doesn't Even Matter Anymore"

The number of container ships stuck at anchor off Los Angeles and Long Beach is down to around 20 per day, from 30 a few months ago. Does this mean the capacity crunch in the trans-Pacific market is finally easing? Absolutely not, warned Nerijus Poskus, vice president of global ocean at freight forwarder Flexport. "It's not getting better. It's getting worse," he told American Shipper in an interview on Monday.

"What I'm seeing is unprecedented. We are seeing a tsunami of freight," he reported.

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Advancing AI With a Supercomputer: A Blueprint for an Optoelectronic ‘Brain'

Building a computer that can support artificial intelligence at the scale and complexity of the human brain will be a colossal engineering effort. Now researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have outlined how they think we'll get there.

How, when, and whether we'll ever create machines that can match our cognitive capabilities is a topic of heated debate among both computer scientists and philosophers. One of the most contentious questions is the extent to which the solution needs to mirror our best example of intelligence so far: the human brain.

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Ukraine Member of Parliament Suggests Missile Attack Against Russia Nuclear Power Plants

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (uni-cameral Parliament-type governing body) deputy Roman Kostenko suggested aiming Ukrainian missiles at Russian nuclear power plants.

"Moscow should know that they have nuclear power plants, such as we had in Chernobyl , and that our missiles will simply fly there."

It gets worse.   The same guy also said:

"we need missiles with a range of up to a thousand kilometers, which should be in service with us, and threaten Moscow preemptively."

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The American people have no idea that their assets are now the property of the Biden administration. Any dissent, disagreement or protest against Biden policies will be interpreted as being pro-Russian-friendly activities, thus making the private entity subject to property confiscation for being a Russian ally.

Section 1 of the EO enumerates prohibited activities and defines guilty persons, who are really Trump supporters as those "determined" by the Secretary of Treasury and/or Secretary of State in consultation with the United States Attorney General to be:

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URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

Ever since reports have surfaced in recent days that people who have chosen NOT to receive the experimental COVID-19 shots but have been exposed to those who have received them, and have suffered what appear to be infections coming from these fully "vaccinated" people, affecting mainly women who have reported menstruation difficulties, heavy bleeding, miscarriages, and reduction of breast milk, I have been watching my newsfeed to see if any of the dissenting doctors and scientists we feature regularly here at Health Impact News would address these issues.

Fortunately, a team of 5 doctors in the U.S., all of whom we have featured in the past here at Health Impact News and are highly qualified to address this topic, just held a round-table discussion a couple of days ago to address these issues.

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'Maximum Suppression' And 'Full Spectrum Dominance Of Humanity' Health Policies Are Hallmarks Of Totalitarian Governments That Excel At Locking Down Societies

While the name 'Professor Susan Michie' is definitely NOT a 'household name' recognized by nearly anyone outside of the UK, as this new Daily Mail story reports, few government scientists helping to shape that nation's Covid strategy have been as influential and ubiquitous as her. 

A HUGE proponent of Covid emergency measures being extended UNTIL the Covid pandemic has been completely eradicated, even if that means years of never-ending lockdowns, masks and 'vaccines' ahead, as that Daily Mail story also pointed out, Michie is a proponent of 'maximum suppression', meaning, if Michie gets her way, no family in the UK will be allowed to have contact with any other family outside of their household, for any reason. 

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Artificial intelligence and war without humans

US Army General John 'Mike' Murray wades into the ethical debate of autonomous weapons in future conflicts

It's a simple fact, says General John "Mike" Murray, we're going to have to learn to trust artificial intelligence in the battlefield.

And that means, the rules governing human control over artificial intelligence might need to be relaxed.

Speaking from Austin, Texas, at The Future Character of War and the Law of Armed Conflict online event, Murray provided a future battle scenario involving the rapid advance of artificial intelligence in the US military and the ethical challenges it presents.

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Biden picks an ill-conceived fight with Russia

Russia's military build-up on the Ukrainian border threatens a war that will be hard to stop once it starts

What does Russia want from Ukraine? This is one of the vital questions surrounding Russia's growing buildup of military hardware and troops, both facing eastern Ukraine and from Crimea.

No one seems to be asking Putin any questions, but rather are just demanding that he pull his troops back and relieve the military pressure. Nor is it clear if anyone is in a position to ask that question.

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'I Just Felt Like Punching Someone' - From Randomly Punching Strangers To Outright Brawls Show A Nation On Edge And Full Of Deliberately Incited Hate

A number of stories and videos have come to my attention which shows how America is turning into a  nation of hate, with multiple different groups hating on each other and it has gotten to the point where seeing public brawls has become almost an everyday occurrence.

We have detailed, many times, the hate of groups like Antifa and BLM, but those are just two examples out of many.

We see hate between political parties, against blacks, whites, Asians, the rich, the poor, Christians, masculinity, Jewish people, hate against men just for being born with a penis, and hate against the police and law enforcement collectively.

Not just individuals of those groups, but the hate is aimed at them collectively.

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Big Pharma is America's new mafia whose chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all the world wars and acts of terrorism combined. While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions. It makes you wonder if Pharmageddon is upon us with the next set of mandatory vaccinations planned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the profit of drug companies.

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DHS Begins Internal Investigation to Identify Dangerous Employees with Patriotic Perspectives, aka "Domestic Extremists"

The internal investigation by JoeBama's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) serves two purposes.  [Memo Link Here]  First, it will identify anyone with nationalist outlooks and/or ‘America First' ideology; in essence it will identify JoeBama's political enemies (those that didn't vote for Biden).

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Some Right-Wing Troops Find Themselves Targeted by Their Own War Machine

"Would I consider myself fair game? The honest answer would be yeah, I guess I would."

In the wake of the riot at the U.S. Capitol in January, a former CIA official named Robert Grenier published an article in the New York Times titled "How to Defeat America's Homegrown Insurgency." His recommendations were mild when it came down to the specifics: finding and prosecuting those who carry out violence, engaging in a national dialogue, and holding Donald Trump accountable politically. Grenier, though, had once run the CIA's counterterrorism center and played key roles in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. His article invoked those conflicts. Before the riot, he wrote, "it would have been unthinkable that the United States might be a candidate for a comprehensive counterinsurgency program. But this is where we are."

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LED Flash Photography | Are Wireless Feed Toilets Watching Us?

Can you imagine the day where a QR code/chip/phone or Mark is used to gain access to the toilet amenities? And Big Dogs prowl the sterile streets and outer limits disposing of street urchins and open-air relievers? Mark the day, the future is aggressively catching up with the past!]

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Company Weaponizes Soldiers' Smartphone Data To Expose US Military Secrets

As pressure mounts on Big Tech firms to curb their invasive data-harvesting practices first implemented to cultivate valuable personal data that can be packaged and sold to advertisers for a premium (indeed, this is how the "free Internet" was built), WSJ has just published a shocking story about how one firm (a defense contractor called "PlanetRisk") discovered it could track sensitive movements of American troops in Syria via data generated by apps on their smartphones.

After making the discovery, the firm used the data to build a surveillance tool that could monitor the travel of refugees from Syria to Europe and the US. The goal was to sell the finished product to the counter-terrorism and intelligence communities.

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Bill Gates Doubles Down On Opposition To "Open Vaccine" Movement

Roughly one year after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seized control of the global response to COVID-19 with the goal of providing "equitable access" to a vaccine, Bill Gates & Co. have accomplished the opposite:  The Covid-19 ACT-Accelerator mechanism, backed by the Gates Foundation, has a stated policy of respecting the exclusive intellectual property rights of western drugmakers. At the same time, the WHO-backed alternative solution, known as Covid-19 Technology Access Pool, or C-TAP, which was supposed to foster an open-source pool of vaccine and drug technology, has mostly faltered.

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Civil War is Coming - GLOBALLY

I have been in political meetings over the weekend. I cannot stress strongly enough that there are cracks appearing in this Great Reset Agenda. While Klaus Schwab's evil dreams of redesigning the world may be spearheaded by corruption, bribes, and influence, the end goal is really not that distant from the Communist Revolutions and those of Adolf Hitler. Schwab may not command armies, but he has infiltrated just about every government to varying degrees. His little video shows his disregard for human life and everything to him is the environment with the fewer humans to muck-it-up the better.

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RACING TOWARD THE MARK: The Unvaccinated Will Have No Place In The ‘New Normal' Society

So, the New Normals are discussing the Unvaccinated Question. What is to be done with us? There is no place for us in New Normal society. The New Normals know this and so do we. To them, we are a suspicious, alien tribe of people. We do not share their ideological beliefs. We do not perform their loyalty rituals, or we do so only grudgingly, because they force us to do so. We traffic in arcane "conspiracy theories," like "pre-March-2020 science," "natural herd immunity," "population-adjusted death rates," "Sweden," "Florida," and other heresies. So they are discussing the need to segregate us, how to segregate us, when to segregate us, in order to protect society from us. In their eyes, we are no more than criminals, or, worse, a plague, an infestation. In the USA, we are being banned by universities. Our children are being banned from public schools. In New York, the new "Excelsior Pass" will allow New Normals to attend cultural and sports events (and patronize bars and restaurants, eventually) secure in the knowledge that the Unvaccinated have been prevented from entering or segregated in an "Unvaccinated Only" section... (READ MORE)



Archbishop Vigano Rips Petrus Romanus As False Prophet And Servant Of The ZEITGEIST 2025 "New World Order And Masonic Globalism In An Antichristic Counter-Magisterium"

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said an upcoming global health conference at the Vatican - with guests such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, Deepak Chopra and Chelsea Clinton - constitutes "the umpteenth scandalous confirmation" of Pope Francis leading the Catholic Church astray. A new op-ed by the Catholic Church's former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S. blasts the pope and his allies within the Church for betraying the faithful by cozying up to "representatives of Big Tech ... a whole slew of abortionists, Malthusians, and globalists known to the general public." "The Holy See has deliberately renounced the supernatural mission of the Church, making itself the servant of the New World Order and Masonic globalism in an antichristic counter-magisterium," the archbishop wrote Tuesday for LifeSite... (READ MORE)




"A new instrument with an evil-sounding name is helping scientists see how stars are born. L.U.C.I.F.E.R., which stands for ‘Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research,' is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. And yes, it's named for the Devil, whose name itself means ‘morning star' [and which] happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson." ­-Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science magazine

If you've been paying attention, you are probably aware that UFO sightings have increased worldwide, that some of them could pose a threat to National Security, and that the Pentagon is set to release a major report on the phenomenon June 1st.

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Retired Generals in FRANCE Call for "Military Rule" to Oust President Macron and protect the nation

Twenty retired French generals call for MILITARY RULE in the country if President Macron cannot halt society's 'disintegration' caused by Islamists - sparking political uproar ahead of elections.

Twenty retired French generals have called for military rule if Emmanuel Macron fails to halt the 'disintegration' of the country 'at the hands of Islamists', in an open letter published ahead of next year's presidential election.

The open letter, published in Valeurs Actuelles, a news magazine, claims a military coup might be necessary to stop a 'civil war' in France.

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IBM, which provided punch card computing systems to power the Holocaust, now in charge of "vaccine passports"

(Natural News) By now, you have probably heard all about the deep state's maniacal "vaccine passport" scheme, which will eventually be used to enslave the entire world under medical tyranny. Well, we now know that IBM is heading up the creation and implementation of vaccine passports throughout much of the developed world - IBM being the same company that helped organize the Holocaust, by the way.

Long before developing the computers we all know and use today, IBM came up with a sophisticated punch card system that allowed Nazi Germany to create a two-tiered society: the "desirables" and the "undesirables." This punch card system would later be used to round up the undesirables for rehoming in concentration camps, which never would have been possible were it not for IBM.

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Nashville woman PARALYZED after taking Pfizer's experimental covid vaccine

(Natural News) A young woman from Nashville, Tennessee received a second dose of Pfizer's experimental covid shot on April 16. Brandy McFadden immediately felt unwell after the shot and began to experience serious health problems the following afternoon. This story of vaccine-induced pain and sickness has been true for tens of thousands of people, who have either reported their vaccine injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), or have been told by medical authorities that there is nothing they can do. Most people have been convinced that the issues with these experimental vaccines are normal and are the result of their immune system going to work. Many people have been told that their vaccine-induced headaches, inflammation, fatigue and fever are just something they must accept.

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Canada's Bullying Of Christians Is Turning It Into A Tyranny

Churches in Canada have been subjected to aggressive policing of Covid-19 restrictions, despite the fact that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the rights of religion and assembly.

Why are Christians being targeted?

It's been over a year since the Covid-19 crisis began. In that time, vaccines have been developed and are being distributed all over the world, in the hope that everyone can return to normal life. 

However, one group of people that has encountered problem after problem with the restrictions put in place by governments during the pandemic has been Christians. And, in the frosty land of Canada, tensions are beginning to rise due to the apparent targeting of Christians who simply want to go back to church.

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Fauci Flip Flops, Again: Now Masks Aren't Needed Outdoors - The Truth Is They Don't Work

Back in August of 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who regularly flip flops and moves the goalposts, said that masks should be worn outdoors.  Now, magically, face masks don't need to be worn outdoors.

Even though Fauci changed his mind again, it is likely you'll still see a jogger alone wearing a mask as if they will fall over dead without it. "When you are indoors, make sure you have a mask. When you're outdoors, keep the mask on," Fauci said back in August, though he acknowledged that being outdoors was significantly safer than being indoors.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree calling for military duty of Russians in reserve.

The document was posted on the official Internet portal of legal information. It comes into force from the date of publication.

In accordance with the decree, the government and regional authorities must ensure the implementation of activities related to the collection of such people.

This action is IN ADDITION TO the normal spring conscription for military service which  also began in Russia on April 1. The military plans to recruit 134 thousand people for the Spring conscription.

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'Smart toilet' recognizes users' backsides, analyzes poop

April 7 (UPI) -- A team of Stanford University scientists announced they have designed a "smart toilet" that identifies the user by the shape of their backside and monitors the health of their waste.

Lead researcher Sanjiv Gambhir said he and his team developed the Precision Health smart toilet to recognize users and use algorithms to analyze the health of their urination and bowel movements.

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More Evidence The Diabolical Depopulation Agenda Is Fully Underway With Many Getting Sick And Dying Following 'The Shot'

'Super Mutations' Render 'Vaccines' Useless, Except As A Weapon Against Humanity

While according to this story over at WebMd, 'anti-vaxxers' are a threat to the health of the entire world per the World Health Organization, both that WebMD story and the WHO refuse to report on the many emerging stories of people getting very sick and even dying following their Covid shots.

With this April 8th story over at the Daily Mail a perfect example of what we speak of, with that story reporting a 'pop-up mass vaccination clinic' in Colorado has been shut down after the 'Vaccines For All' event left 11 people who got Johnson & Johnson's shot suffering from nausea and dizziness, leaving two people hospitalized, those people may get off lucky if none of them dies, with numerous and growing reports of people dying inexplicably within weeks after getting 'the vaccine'

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Health Ranger posts new microscopy photos of covid swabs, covid masks and mysterious red and blue fibers

(Natural News) What follows is a series of microscopy photos of covid swabs (a synthetic swab, then a cotton swab), a covid mask and some zoomed-in photos of mysterious red and blue fibers found in the masks.

The magnification range for these photos is 50X to 200X. Most were taken with white light, but several (as indicated) were taken with UV light.

The images shown here are 600 pixels wide. We have higher resolution images available to researchers and indy media journalists; contact us for those hi-res images.

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TWO lucky escapes for mankind! SpaceX crew were told to buckle up and brace for 'collision' with 'unknown object' just hours after this video captured narrow miss as capsule separated from Falcon 9 rocket

Four astronauts aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule had two close encounters with space debris Friday while traveling to the International Space Station.

When Crew Dragons separated from the Falcon 9 rocket's second stage 12 minutes into the missions, a piece of debris from the front of the capsule broke off, shot to the right and then flew back around - missing the craft by mere seconds.   

Then at 1:43pm ET, just about six and a half hours later, the crew was preparing to sleep when they were alerted to an 'unknown' object soaring their way.  

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It's Official: No Tourists to EU Without Vaccine Passport

After more than a year of shutdown for the pandemic, all European Union countries will open to American tourists for summer 2021 - with one caveat: You'll need a vaccine passport to get in. EU president Ursula von der Leyen broke the news to The New York Times, saying, "All 27 member states will accept, unconditionally, all those who are vaccinated with vaccines that are approved by the EMA (European Medicines Agency)."

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REPORT: California National Guard Put Fighter Jet on Alert For ‘Possible Domestic Mission' to Terrify and Disperse Anti-Lockdown Protesters

The Los Angeles Times reported that according to four sources, in March 2020, the California National Guard was told to put an F-15C fighter jet on alert status - fueled up and ready to go - to frighten citizens protesting Governor Newsom's Covid lockdown orders.

"It would have been a completely illegal order that disgraced the military," one source told the Los Angeles Times. "It could look like we're threatening civilians."

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Massive Sticker Shock And More Shortages On The Way As Expert Warns 'Hardship Is Still Ahead' - Prices Will Continue To Rise For The Foreseeable Future

The past few years has been devastating on the food supply chain with flooding, early freezes, and then COVID pandemic lockdowns causing food shortages as farmers and ranchers were forced to destroy their own crops and euthanize their livestock....and that all is just here in the U.S.

There are many of the same issues globally, bringing us to a point where simply, everyday household items, such as soda, breads, pizza dough, meats, soybeans, wheat, corn and much more have already seen massive price hikes in comparison to last year, and are expected to continue to rise dramatically.

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Life After Doomsday: An Accurate Expectation Of What Is To Come...

In this article, we are going to examine life after doomsday with logical prediction.  Instead of cherry-picking from the ether, we're going to use our history to accurately project what life after doomsday may look like. Throughout survival and preparedness communities there's been a massive amount of biased conjecture fueled by a lack of narrative and fantastical imaginations seeded by dusty concepts published by beatniks in ivory towers. 

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The Plandemic Will Be the Demonic Highway

to the Antichrist, ‘No Religious Exemptions' New Push for Mandatory COVID Vaccinations...

Our Politicians Along With the Other Super Pukes the New World Order Enthusiast Have Completely Turned on the American People and the Global Community Tribulation in Warp Speed.

Three university professors, two of whom are physicians, are calling for COVID-19 vaccinations to be mandatory, with no allowance for religious objections.

The Case Western Reserve University scholars, writing in USA Today, advised that "disincentives" be imposed to ensure compliance, Christian News reported.

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 It hit me like a box of rocks. I am contemplating why the government would destroy the Seth Rich murder investigation evidence. After all, cold case files are preserved forever. Why would this be different? And then it came to me. Some states are actually investigating the alleged voting fraud by voting machines. Arizona could be the first domino to fall. California has its own court cases which could potentially result in the tossing out of the state's 55 electoral votes. Pennsylvania is looking into this as well and death threats are appearing. Now I know why....Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked emails to Assange on the Hillary Clinton theft of the 2016 Democratic Party Primary. Rich had to be dealt with. With all the voter fraud beginning to go on, the evidence associated with Rich's murder had to disappear because it would prove that voter fraud is real and is a mainstay of the Democratic Party.   

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The signs of an epic bubble of historic proportions are everywhere. The stock market is a bubble, with valuations exceeding 2001. Margin debt is at all-time highs. The bond market is a bubble, with the Fed artificially suppressing rates and pumping trillions of QE into Wall Street. Housing is experiencing another bubble, with prices now far exceeding the 2005 peak. Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto-currencies are a bubble, being driven by the excess liquidity sloshing around the system. A joke crypto currency like Dogecoin soars into the stratosphere because money has no meaning anymore.

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What the world is experiencing in 2021 and going forward is a manmade EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT via an ongoing series of bioterrorists acts perpetrated by a genocidal conspiracy of state actors, corporate entities, NGOs, secret societies[1] and terrorist organizations such as NATO (aka North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

What these Covid Plandemic perpetrators have set in motion is an irreversible Extinction Level Event (ELE) that will eventually wend its way throughout the entire planetary civilization.

Because of the countless vectors of dissemination of the COVID-19 bioweapon, as well as the numerous methods of Covid propagation, controlling this wholly manufactured pandemic is a function of shutting down the military-grade bioweapon labs.  Similarly, the various means of proliferation of this ‘coronavirus' within national healthcare systems the world over must be stopped post-haste in order to halt this rapidly unfolding ELE.

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Third COVID Wave Will Kill Or Hospitalize 60 To 70% People Who Took Both The Vaccine Doses Says Official UK Govt Model

According to projections by UK's top modelling agency the thrid wave of COVID-19 spike will hospitalize and kill 60 to 70% of those people who took both the vaccine doses. The paper suggests that the resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths will dominated by those who have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively.

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44-Year-Old Pastor DEAD after Moderna COVID Shot - Wanted Other Pastors and African Americans to Follow her Example and Take the Shot

Dr. Kimberly Credit was the first female pastor at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Boonton Township, New Jersey. She had a master's degree in divinity and a doctorate in ministry, and she was the founder of The Preaching Lab Podcast.

On February 10th, she was injected with the first experimental Moderna mRNA injection at a public event where she was interviewed by the New York Times and a local TV news outlet.

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Guardsmen have horrifying theory on order to ready warplane for domestic mission

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is a marvel of American military technology.

Developed in the late-1960s, the F-15 was faster and more maneuverable than it otherwise would have been because the United States thought the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25, its direct competition, was a far more advanced plane than it actually was. It's been in service for almost a half-century now and is still being produced by Boeing, which absorbed McDonnell Douglas in the 1990s. It'll be in service with the U.S. Air Force until at least the 2030s.

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Pope hangs image of nude Jesus caressing Judas behind his desk

'One of the most blasphemous and ungodly images'

A report by the Vatican's own newspaper reveals Pope Francis recently hung an image behind his desk depicting a naked Jesus Christ caressing his dead apostle Judas Iscariot.

In an article titled "Judas and the Scandal of Mercy," L'Osservatore Romano dedicated the first three pages of its edition the day before Good Friday to a makeover of the disciple who betrayed the Son of God at the Passover.

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Covid-19 Gives The Global Eugenicists A Crisis And Pre-Planned Solution To Kill Billions Quickly And Efficiently With mRNA Injections To Bring Calamity To The Future Microbiologist Warns

Joe Biden Threatens America With More Lockdowns If Not Enough People Take The 'Kill Shot'

n this incredibly sad  story over at the Daily Mail, we learn that Bernice Gibb Rhoades, the 56-year-old niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, has died of a heart attack soon after taking the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Found unconscious in her bed with her dog by her side, her mother Lesley didn't hold back in her anger with those rushing the vaccine. 

Beri's mother Lesley Evans, 76, told MailOnline: ‘I don't even know what to say - I am so angry that this has happened to my beloved girl. 

'She was fit, healthy and happy, but now we face the future without her. These past few days have felt how I did when we lost Andy. I was so numb and I used to pretend he was still on tour to cope with the pain.' 

'Covid-19 has turned all of our lives upside down in a way that we never imagined, and now it's safe to say that we won't even be able to say goodbye to our daughter. 

‘I am just so furious that they keep pushing this vaccine out there when people are at risk due to unknown underlying conditions. Beri was healthy and living a life full of love and adventure.'

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Rules For 'White People In Particular' Sign Shows Liberal Double Standard - Just Imagine The Outrage If A 'Rules For Black People' Sign Was Posted Anywhere In America

As we see the monotonous claims that blacks cannot be racist, we also note the examples proving that claim as a bald-faced lie.

Professors and college students blatantly speaking about how they "hate white people,"  as reported by College Fix, while watching constant attacks against whites, Christians and especially white male Christians.

At every turn we see the demonization of white people, most of which have done nothing but be born with white skin and live their lives minding their own business.

Progressive/liberals/Democrats/media all claim to speak for black communities, acting as if they are incapable of speaking for themselves.

Below we will see that they are more than capable of speaking for themselves against anti-white activists, and they do..... the media simply refuses to amplify their voices as loudly as they amplify the anti-white racist voices.

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Google Drive blocks access to document that compiled news coverage of COVID vaccine side effects

Google expands its crackdown on document sharing.

Google is blocking access to a PDF document that has compiled 106 pages of screenshots of mainstream media reports about people who have allegedly experienced negative side effects or died after taking a COVID-19 vaccine and social media testimony from those who have alleged adverse vaccine reactions.

The document is titled "Informed Consent Matters" and states that "it is everyone's right to review the first-hand testimonies of the COVID vaccine adverse reactions without censorship." It adds that by giving people access to this data, they can perform their own risk benefit analysis.

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BREAKING: Canadian Police Return With SWAT to Local Church Run by Artur Pawlowski

Having been turned away there first time by Pawlowski, local Canadian Police return with SWAT and a court order

National File spoke to Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski concerning the second attempt to disrupt church services in order to carry out what Pawlowski refers to as "tyrannical interference."

Pawlowski has refused to discontinue services or aid to local  homeless throughout the entire duration of these COVID19 lockdowns, and has accumulated nearly 30 tickets for these violations.

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MATH IS RACIST: Virginia schools to dump AP classes because of PRIVILEGE and OPPRESSION

To some people that sounds like the kind of headline that is just made up bull right? Libs on social media roll their eyes when they see. Because they don't care or they don't believe you or both.

But it ain't. Y'all know that. This is what our country is like at every level. Math is racist.

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Election Panic Coming in 2022 - Martin Armstrong

According to a recent poll, 51% of Americans think Joe Biden cheated to get into the White House.  The breakdown is 74% Republicans and an astounding 30% Democrats think cheating played at least a part of the 2020 Election outcome.  In Arizona, the 2020 Election ballots are finally being audited as court battles to stop it continue.  Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting an election "panic in 2022."  Armstrong explains, "It means extremely high volatility.  Despite whatever they want to say, there is a large proportion of the population that do not believe the election.  Polls are saying it's at 51%, but it's probably close to 60% or 70%.  You are also seeing that 60% of Americans want a third party, and you are talking about Democrats and Republicans. . . . I think because we have such a high number of people who do not trust the election results, I don't think they are going to be able to get away with rigging the elections again.  It's going to turn into violence.  There is no question about that."

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Montana governor signs law prohibiting enforcement of federal gun bans in the state to 'protect the Second Amendment' amid Biden push for reform

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed a new law which will prohibit state and local police from enforcing federal bans on guns, ammunition and magazines. 

Republican Gianforte has been an outspoken advocate of Second Amendment protections.  

Announcing the signing on Friday, he tweeted: 'Today, I proudly signed Rep. [Jedediah] Hinkle's law prohibiting federal overreach into our Second Amendment-protected rights, including any federal ban on firearms. I will always protect our #2A right to keep and bear arms.'  

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We Were Warned NOT To Let The 'Genie' Out Of The Bottle And Now It's Too Late! As 'Human Genome Ending' Technologies Are Unveiled Before Our Eyes, Scientists Warn: 'The Devil Is In The Details'

(ANP: UPDATED BELOW) In the only video at the bottom of this story titled "Don't Let the 'Gene' Out of the Bottle", the Institute for Responsible Technology powerfully conveys to Americans the threat to both the human and environmental microbiomes, as well as the permanent corruption of nature's gene pool, from lab-enhanced GMO's being released into the atmosphere.

And as they warn us within that video, modern gene-altering technology has the capacity to cause utter catastrophe for human beings and the plant and animal world around us. 

Also warning within the video that what they refer to as 'GMO 2.0' even threaten global weather patterns or creating enhanced viruses far more dangerous and deadly than COVID-19, as we'll explore within this story, we're now witnessing "the rise of never-before-seen genetically modified organisms with CRISPR technology".

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UPDATED! Iran Gets GREEN LIGHT to Return Fire from Syria, against Israel

Moscow informs Tel Aviv that Damascus has become fed up with the air attacks on its territory and that it has given the green light to the Iranians to respond from within its territory.

Most importantly, Tehran has informed Moscow that the Iranian "Marches" are on their way to enter the confrontation with Tel Aviv, with the approval of Damascus.

Updates to follow as info becomes available . . . 

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American theocracy? Montana adopts law that allows people to challenge regulations that interfere with their religious beliefs

Montana has been accused of undermining America's secular values after the state passed a bill that will allow people to object to government regulations on religious grounds.

Signed into law by Republican Governor Greg Gianforte on Thursday, the Montana Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires the state government to have a compelling reason to override a person's constitutional right to freedom of religion, and mandates that any perceived violation of that right be done in the least restrictive way possible. Similar legislation has been adopted by 21 other states. 

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Gates Unhinged: Dystopian Vision for the Future of Food

We are currently seeing an acceleration of the corporate consolidation of the entire global agrifood chain. The high-tech/data conglomerates, including Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, have joined traditional agribusiness giants, such as Corteva, Bayer, Cargill and Syngenta, in a quest to impose a certain type of agriculture and food production on the world.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also involved (documented in the recent report ‘Gates to a Global Empire‘ by Navdanya International), whether through buying up huge tracts of farmland, promoting a much-heralded (but failed) ‘green revolution' for Africa, pushing biosynthetic food and new genetic engineering technologies or more generally facilitating the aims of the mega agrifood corporations.

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A Horror Story From The Distant Past, About How The Worst Famine In The US History Killed 3 Out Of 4 People That Contains A Lot Of Lessons For Preppers

For as long as there have been people, there's been famine. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors developed agriculture because, although most people's diets actually got worse when they started farming, it was easier to build up the stores needed to survive a future shortage. Famines still happened, though; bad weather, disease, or pests could destroy the crops, and that usually meant starvation would follow. Famines are described in the Bible and the works of Greek and Roman historians. They regularly devastated Europe through the Middle Ages and as late as the 1840s, when blight ravaged the whole continent's potato crop (not just Ireland's) and killed over a million people.

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"Pathetic Appeal To Hysterical Media, Frightened Voters" - Aussie TV Anchor Unloads On "Loopy-Left Era Of Joe Biden"

Sky News host Chris Kenny says "welcome to the loopy-left era of Joe Biden, where climate policy is about existential alarmism" after the US had a Mexican-American teenager address world leaders during an online climate summit.

"Last night we saw yet another climate summit. Another global gathering of world leaders parading their virtue, making grand promises, playing to the green left media zeitgeist, and never being accountable for any of their promises or actions," he said.

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Biden Becomes Laughing Stock as Only World Leader on Conference Call with a Mask On (If it the virtual gathering of globalist masterminds wasn't bad enough, Biden embarrassed the country with a ridiculous show of weakness.)

On Friday, President Biden joined a conference call with world leaders to discuss global action to stop the climate from changing.

If it the virtual gathering of globalist masterminds wasn't bad enough, Biden embarrassed the country with a ridiculous show of weakness.

He was the only on the conference call still wearing a mask. The president has no idea how this bizarre addiction to mask-wearing is making the country look like an international laughingstock.

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St. George Floyd and Biden's Anti-White Regime-Enabled By Ethnomasochism

It's St. George's Day, April 23. This has actually been St. George's week; not the chap who slew the dragon, but St. George Floyd of Minneapolis, who was slain himself last year by something much more fearsome than any dragon-by systemic racism!

So the Narrative tells us, and so a jury ruled on Tuesday.

Why did they rule that way, and how did we get stuck with such a crazy Narrative? Let's explore.

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Patient Zero of the Bubble Pandemic: Alan Greenspan

Below, we consider two well-known names in modern markets, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, and current value investing legend, Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of GMO Investment Strategies.

Years ago, I sat down with Jeremy Grantham in an office overlooking Boston Harbor to not only consider an investment in his fund, but to absorb the insights of a blunt-spoken observer of market risk.

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Aliens are probably lurking under the surface of Mars, scientists reveal

FORGET scanning the skies for alien life - they are probably lurking underground on Mars, researchers say.

Rocks beneath the Red Planet's wind-swept crust have a perfect chemical balance to support life when combined with water.

Researcher Jesse Tarnas, of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab, said: "We don't know whether life ever got started beneath the surface of Mars but, if it did, we think there would be ample energy there to sustain it right up to today.

"The big implication for subsurface exploration is that wherever you have groundwater on Mars, there's a good chance you have enough chemical energy to support life."

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Palm Scanning Payment Coming To Whole Foods

You were warned. The rulers of the globe want everyone tracked, traced, vaccinated, surveilled, and enslaved. If they can't do it with a microchip, they will use your unique biometric data. And that dystopian future is right around the corner.

This probably only the first to the chip.  Amazon's One (a palm scanning payment system) is expanding to its biggest area yet: the company is now testing its palm-scanning payment technology in Whole Foods, starting with a single store in Amazon's home city of Seattle.

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Biden's Climate Requirements: Cut 90% of Red Meat From Diet; Americans Can Only Eat One Burger Per Month

Joe Biden on Friday pledged to cut the US's carbon emissions at least 50% by 2030.

Some of the climate requirements are going to mean big changes for Americans.

Biden's ambitious plan could mean Americans will be forced to cut 90% of red meat from their diets which equates to about one average-sized hamburger per month.

Americans may also be forced to purchase a $55,000 electric vehicle under Biden's Marxist climate plan.

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Secret 'Internet Covert Operations Program' (iCOP) Exposed:  Postal Service  Reporting 'Inflammatory' Social Media Posts To Federal Agencies As Tyranny Shreds Yet Another Portion Of The Constitution

A previously unreported and secret program being run by the law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service, called Internet Covert Operations Program (ICOP) has been monitoring Americans social media posts for "inflammatory" language in order to report said accounts and comments to other federal agencies.

The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans' social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.

The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as "inflammatory" postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.

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April 22nd: Prostitution to be LEGAL in NYC, but speaking the truth is a CRIME everywhere

(Natural News) It's stunning that we are seeing such an aggressive effort to decriminalize prostitution and marijuana across America while at the same time anyone who speaks the truth - about vaccines, election rigging, censorship, etc. - is treated like a criminal.

Thanks to new laws and rules, if you are caught having sex with a prostitute in New York City while not wearing a mask, you will be fined for not wearing the mask.

Truth-tellers are the new "criminals" and Democrat U.S. Senators are even directing the techno-fascist platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) to de-platform anyone who tells the truth about vaccine safety problems or vaccine injuries. No one is allowed to point out that people are dying immediately after taking covid vaccines. To do so is a "crime" in America today.

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Dems Rush to Pass D.C. Statehood in Power Grab that Will Threaten 2A

U.S.A. --( Capitol Hill Democrats are rushing to give the District of Columbia statehood, a crusade that has been going on for at least three decades and which critics insist is nothing more than a raw power grab.

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New Gun Control Bill Expected To Pass Requires Background Checks to Purchase Ammo

South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Connecticut US Senator Richard Blumenthal were given massive coverage in the media this week to push their new tyrannical gun control law. "The Ammunition Background Check Act of 2021," would require all citizens who wish to purchase ammo for their already-legal firearms to undergo background checks first.

The law is also called "Jamie's Law," named in honor of Jaime Guttenberg, one of 17 victims in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018.

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Russian Plans Reveal the Intention to Invade Alaska and Encircle the CHICOMS

Americans have a right to know why they are going to die.  Our country is is on a collision course with Russia because Biden is determined to fulfill his singular mission of starting a war with Russia.

In past articles, I have covered how the Russians are moving into Ukraine as son as the fields dry and we have discussed why. Russia has been using its natural gas to negate NATO's combined power being used to intimidate Russia.

Also, as indicated in past articles, the Bidens', on behalf of Ukraine were handsomely paid by Burisma to disrupt Russian natural gas shipments as a pass-through the Ukraine. The globalists have known the sure-fire way to start war with Russia would before America to interfere in Russian natural gas shipments.

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The Pandemic That Wasn't-"When the people fear the government, you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people, you have liberty."

Many have argued since its inception that COVID-19 was not the pandemic that governments and medical establishments and the media have led us to believe.    The COVID-19 outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in early March-still the best controlled COVID-19 data-was the first telling sign:  over 3000 passengers tested, 712 found COVID virus-positive, 13 died.   The case-fatality rate of 1.8% was higher than for influenza but lower than for SARS or MERS.  

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Dr. Michael Yeadon on Vaccine Passports: We Will be Standing at the "Gates of Hell" if Implemented, and They Will Push Us In

We are providing another short video clip of the interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon in the Perspectives on the Pandemic published on their YouTube channel.

In this video clip, Dr. Yeadon explains how universal vaccine passports do not benefit either the COVID vaccinated or unvaccinated, but only the totalitarian controllers who implement it, and that if they succeed, "we'll not only be standing at the gates of Hell, we'll just be given a little push and in we'll go."

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Playing Russian Roulette With Our Bodies And Lives - Surge In Vaccine Adverse Reactions Give All Americans A Reason Not To Take 'The Kill Shot' As MSM And Dr. Fauci Mislead Public

No, I have not been vaccinated for COVID and I will not be! I am 86 years old with a lung problem. Any bad cold, flu, or other respiratory problem could kill me rather quickly. One of my loved ones asked last week if Ellen and I had been vaccinated for the China coronavirus and was disappointed when told we had not. Some of my readers have emailed me from Africa, Europe, and the U.S. with the same question; here are my reasons. 

In no particular order, I refuse to be vaccinated because: 

The CDC admitted last week that the COVID deaths have been inflated, as CDC Director Robert Redfield said could happen back in August of 2020. We now know that health officials have identified on death certificates anyone dying with COVID symptoms listed as dying from COVID. This current CDC report says, "For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate." 

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IBM organised the holocaust, now creating ‘vaccine' passports

The shot is not about simply getting a vaccine into your arm. Ultimately, it's about getting you tied into the digital system being launched in the form of vaccine passports. As explained by former Clinton adviser and author Naomi Wolf (whom I will be interviewing shortly) in a March 28, 2021, interview with Fox News' Steve Hilton:21,22

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BREAKING BIG: AZ Democrats File Last Minute Suit in Maricopa County - Attempt to Stop Senate Audit of 2020 Election Results Again


This really is no surprise.  The Democrats and the RINOs on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) have done all they could to stop the audit of the 2020 Election results of Maricopa County.  Tonight it is reported that the Democrat member on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Steve Gallardo is suing to stop the audit. is reporting:

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Checkmate: For Twenty-Two Years You Were Warned

Nearly two years ago The Washington Post published a piece on "Putin's dangerous campaign to rehabilitate Stalin." It pointed out that Stalin and Putin both murdered political opponents. Of course, Putin's political killings have not been as numerous as Stalin's; but why would Putin rehabilitate a communist mass murderer like Stalin? Perhaps because Stalin was Russia's "great" leader during World War II. Perhaps Putin aspires to be such a leader himself. Essayist Simona Pipko, who met Stalin many years ago, once observed that Putin imitates Stalin's mannerisms. And now, having studied Putin's State of the Nation Address (which was delivered three years ago last month), it seems that Putin has Stalin's flare for instilling fear (and perhaps his taste for killing on a grander scale; please see "How Many People Did Joseph Stalin Kill?")

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Astronauts who die during Mars mission could be buried on the Red Planet, sent into eternal orbit around its atmosphere - or EATEN by other crew members

Approximately 21 lives have been lost since the first man climbed into a rocket and jetted off into space 60 years ago, but as space agencies prepare for the first human mission to Mars many are sure the death toll is sure to rise.

Astronauts heading to the Red Planet will spent at least seven months inside a capsule on a path never taken by humans and if they survive the journey to the Red Planet, they will then endure the harsh environment the Martian world.

When a crew member dies, it would take months or years before the body is returned to Earth, raising one question: what happens to a person's body who dies in space?

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Volcanic eruptions deep in our oceans unleash powerful blasts of energy at a rate high enough to power an entire CONTINENT, study finds

Underwater volcanoes produce so much energy they would be able to power an entire continent, a study has found. 

Submarine volcanoes litter the world's seabeds, but the eruptions were thought to be less exciting than the terrestrial explosions with slow-moving lava and no ash clouds. 

However, new research found underwater eruptions do produce ash clouds which in turn drives megaplumes of hot water that spread upwards and then outwards. 

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US grounds ENTIRE fleet of B1-B bombers after a 'massive hole' is found in the fuel system and swing-wing jets will only return to service when each one is deemed safe

The U.S. Air Force has grounded its entire fleet of B1-B bombers after finding a problem with the plane's fuel system. 

That takes out a third of the Air Force's entire fleet of bombers.

General Tim Ryan, commander of the Global Strike Command, said that he 'ordered a safety stand-down' on Tuesday.

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Ukraine rules out direct talks on Donbas with Russian proxies - TCG delegation spox

Ukraine has no intention to hold talks with Russian puppet authorities of the non-recognized self-styled "LPR-DPR" entities in eastern Ukraine, even in theory, says a spokesman for the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement, Oleksiy Arestovych.

The statement came as Arestovych commented to Ukraine 24 TV on the relevant proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin who had dismissed Volodymyr Zelensky's invitation to hold a meeting in Donbas, offering that the Ukrainian president discuss the Donbas issues with the local "authorities."

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Russia-led forces in Donbas bring Grad MLR systems beyond storage sites - Ukraine in JCCC

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Donbas continues to record the deployment of heavy weapons by the Russian occupying forces outside their designated storage sites.

In particular, 15 multiple launch rocket systems (BM21 Grad, 122mm) were spotted near Khrustalnyi (formerly Krasnyi Luch, 56km south-west of Luhansk) on April 19, the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of the ceasefire in Donbas reported on the Joint Forces Operation's Facebook page with reference to the OSCE SMM's daily report 90/2021 of April 20, 2021.

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DOJ files civil case against Vitamin D and Zinc product promoted by Steve Bannon...

The Department of Justice has filed a civil complaint against the makers of an alleged treatment for Covid-19 promoted by Steve Bannon on his website. Donald Trump's former adviser appears in ads on his website for "The War Room Defense Pack", which pairs vitamin D3 and zinc pills under the slogans: "You can't fight if you're sick!" and "The ultimate defense against sickness."

Read and watch here:



Montana Senate advances bill banning vaccine requirements

HELENA, Mont. (AP) - The Montana Senate voted Thursday to advance a measure banning the use of vaccine passports and prohibiting workplaces from requiring vaccinations as a condition for employment.

Dozens of supporters of the measure, mostly unmasked, packed the Senate gallery. They erupted into cheers and applause when the Senate voted to advance the measure 30-19, largely along party lines with Republicans in favor.

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Digital vaccine passports: How to fight back and win!

Private corporations are working hand in glove with state and local governments to quietly implement digital vaccine passports, forcing Americans to show their papers before they can attend universities, board airlines, or enter libraries, hotels, cruise ships, sports arenas and eventually almost every type of business that deals with the public.

Rutgers University, Boston University and Notre Dame are among the institutions of higher learning that have already announced they will require students to show proof of vaccination against COVID before they can return to school in the fall.

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Low rainfall leaves Mexico City residents delivering water by donkey

April 22 (Reuters) - Unusually low rainfall around Mexico City has left aquifers and reservoirs depleted, leaving some residents without tap water and reverting to older ways of distributing water - transporting containers on donkeys' backs.

The Mexican capital, situated in a high-altitude valley, relies mostly on water pumped from its underground aquifers and reservoirs dozens of miles away to meet water demand in the wider metropolitan area, home to more than 20 million people.

But reservoirs in the Cutzamala System, which provide one-quarter of the capital's water, are at 49% capacity this year, well below average, according to the water regulator.

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The Reasons Why Leftists Will Never Successfully Disarm Americans

Gun confiscation has always been the Holy Grail of totalitarian regimes. Without disarmament, fully centralized control of a population is not possible. And though it is true that not every evil regime seeks to disarm every single citizen (at least not right away), they always disarm the people they specifically intend to hurt the most.

For example, gun control advocates today like to point out that the Third Reich in Germany did not disarm the entire German population. This is a rather bizarre position for leftists as they continually wail and scream about Nazis around every corner and behind every tree, but they will STILL defend their gun grabbing policies by arguing that the Nazis were not as bad as conservatives assume. Of course, what they rarely mention is that the Nazis DID disarm millions of people; most of them Jews and political opponents under 1938 German gun laws.

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Deagel Goes Dark - Deep State Sourced Website 'Ghosts' Its 2025 Warning About The Culling Of America As Putin And Russia Warn Of 'Rapid And Harsh Response' Should West 'Cross Red Line' 

Going back many years now, ANP has reported many times upon a mysterious website that has kept meticulous track of military equipment numbers across the planet, using groups such as the CIA, US State Department, US Department of Defense and others as their 'sources', and their absolutely bizarre forecasts of a greatly 'depopulated' Western world by the year 2025.

With one of their most recent 'forecasts' foretelling a fall of America's population from 330 million to less than 100 million by the year 2025, a 'forecast' which they've been regularly adjusting downwards for the past 5 years+, we were caught by surprise upon opening an email from ANP reader 'Jack' this morning informing us that Deagel has completely removed all of their 'forecasts' for 2025, going with a strictly 'military' feel. 

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Is The U.S. Postal Service Preparing To Censor Our Mail?

The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans' social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.

The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as "inflammatory" postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.

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Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 means that a person will become a GMO zombie, of sorts, with no opportunity to go back to his old self. It sounds a whole lot like the mark of the beast from the book of Revelation, would you not agree?

If you are even just considering getting vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a message for you: don't do it!

The nephew of former president John F. Kennedy recently issued a public statement urging people everywhere to avoid the COVID-19 jab at all costs because it contains an untested new technology known as mRNA, the long-term side effects of which are completely unknown.

mRNA directly alters the genetic material of those who receive it, much like what happens when "scientists" genetically engineer (GMO) food crops like soybeans or corn to make them resistant to bugs or drought.

"This intervention can be compared to genetically modified foods, which are also very controversial," Kennedy says.

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FORBES: NASA Scientists Want To Look For Ancient Alien Technology On The Moon, Mars And Mercury

From UFO crash sites on other planets and aliens "lurking" on asteroids to a permanent radio telescope on the far side of the Moon, a new NASA-funded study into the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life (SETI) details how future NASA missions could purposefully look for the "technosignatures" of advanced alien civilizations. Described as evidence for the use of technology or industrial activity in other parts of the Universe, the search for technosignatures has barely begun, but could unearth something surprising without much additional spend, says the study. Published in the specialized journal Acta Astronautica, the study includes a list of what's NASA missions could detect as observational "proof of extraterrestrial life" beyond Earth. Perhaps most intriguingly, the paper suggests that interstellar probes might have been sent into the Solar System... (READ MORE)



CONSERVATIVE WOMEN ORG: In God's Name, Why Is Pope Petrus Romanus Inviting Abortion-Backers And Friends Of The Church Of Satan To His Vatican ‘Health' Talks?

I've received confirmation of the next big Vatican ‘public' event - the International Health Conference: Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul. How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health. To take place from May 6 to May 8, the conference is being funded by donations, notably from Moderna, Sanford Health, Akkad Holdings, the John Templeton Foundation, and bizarrely, the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - the Mormons. None of the ten goals listed for the conference refer either to God or the Catholic Church. Topics include ‘Human Enhancement, Living Healthily to 120 and Beyond, and Sustainable Health Care: Protecting Our Environment.' Proceedings will be opened by Dr Anthony Fauci, an advocate of Big Pharma who led the US response to Covid, extolling mask wearing, social distancing - including church closures, lockdowns, and mass vaccination. He recently assured the World Health Organisation of the Biden administration's commitment to funding abortion. Another sparkling headliner is the abortion-promoting, Church of Satan conversing former First Daughter, now ‘vice-chair' of the Clinton Foundation and ‘world health expert', Chelsea Clinton... (READ MORE)



How Much Ruin Do We Have Left?

Any nation's well-being-as Americans know from their own illustrious history-hinges on only a few factors. Its prosperity, freedom, and stability depend on its constitutional and political stability.

A secure currency and financial order are also essential, as is a strong military.

Perhaps most important, however, is a first-rate, inductive educational system. Of course, nothing is possible without general social calm, often dependent on a reverence for the past, along with present secure borders. 

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This Is Why World War 3 Will Look Different Than Any Other War We've Ever Seen - Entire Cities Forced Into Blackout Conditions Will Unleash Pandemonium And Bedlam For 330 Million People

Ventriloquizing for the Kremlin, the director of Russia's state-run international media giants, RT and Sputnik, Margarita Simonyan, in a recent TV interview declared: 

"Russia will invade Ukraine, sparking a conflict with the U.S. that will force entire cities into blackouts...All-out cyber warfare, nation-wide forced blackouts...she describes as a fated war-to-come against the U.S." reports journalist Julia Davis (Daily Beast 13 April 2021). "War is inevitable," according to Russia's Simonyan, "I do not believe that this will be a large-scale hot war, like World War II, and I do not believe there will be a long Cold War. It will be a war of the third type: the cyber war." 

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Thousands of Reports of Menstrual Irregularities, Reproductive Dysfunction Following CV Vaccines

The first article below deals with women who have been vaccinated and are suffering from subsequent menstrual and related problems. Wolf, however, is referencing something else: the possibility of experiencing these types of symptoms when simply being in the company of a vaccinated person while you yourself remain UNVACCINATED. We are publishing a second piece below that mentions this phenomenon. 

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The Society of Catholic Scientists To Hold ‘Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human' Non-human Intelligence Conference In Washington

The conference is titled "Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human" and will take place at the Hilton Hotel from June 4-6. The event will also be live-streamed. Conference discussions will provide scientific and theological insights on the subjects of real and hypothetical intelligences, especially extraterrestrial and artificial intelligences. "There'll be 13 talks. Half of the talks are going to be about extraterrestrial life, and there's going to be talks by some big experts on that subject," Dr. Stephen Barr, president of the Society of Catholic Scientists, told CNA. Four of the invited speakers will discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life from their respective fields of study - astrophysics, astrochemistry, evolutionary biology, and Catholic theology.

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The Chauvin Verdict Proved Riots and Intimidation WORK. Expect More of It.

The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial prompted the writing of this article. No matter what you think of the officer's actions, this has been a catalytic action in the insurgency or riots and intimidation that we are witnessing now.

Make no mistake, we are in the opening salvos of the latest generation of an insurgency to overturn the basic fabric of our society. When an enemy gives you information, it is wise to listen to it. Maybe that is why it is called Intelligence.

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Syrian Missile Comes Close To Striking Israeli Nuclear Reactor, Israel Retaliates In Huge Escalation

Overnight Israel's military was put on high alert after alarms went off near Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor site in the southern part of the country. 

Reuters is reporting that "A Syrian surface-to-air missile exploded in southern Israel on Thursday, the Israeli military said, in an incident that triggered warning sirens in an area near the secretive Dimona nuclear reactor."

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8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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COVID Shots to "Decimate World Population," Warns Dr. Bhakdi

In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine's Senior Editor Alex Newman, world-renown German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies and that the COVID "vaccines" are set to cause a global catastrophe and a decimation of the human population. Starting off, he explains that the PCR test has been abused to produce fear in a way that is unscientific. Next, he explains what the mRNA vaccines are going to do to the human body in terms and using analogies that anyone can understand. Among other concerns, he expects massive deadly clotting as well as immune system responses that will destroy the human body. Finally, Bhakdi, who warned of impending "doom" during a Fox News interview that went viral, calls for criminal prosecutions of the people responsible and an immediate halt to this global experiment.

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Reprogramming Females: Sterilization of most US girls and women is the next phase for mRNA vaccine "technology"

(Natural News) We've seen HPV vaccines cause spontaneous abortions, still births and miscarriages. Somehow, mothers still let their girls as young as nine get the deadly, maiming HPV jab. We've watched the vaccine industry insert human abortion cells into vaccines to conjure up severe immune reactions that are extremely dangerous, including to the reproductive system of women. Those human fetal tissue cells are being used right now in the AstraZeneca and J&J Covid-19 vaccines, and still Americans are confused as to why people are dying from the vaccine itself, or they just don't know, yet. So, it's time to wake up.

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USPS Running "Covert Operation Program" To Spy On Americans' Social Media Posts

The United States Postal Service is running a "covert operation program" to monitor the social media activity of American citizens without their knowledge or consent, according to official documents.

The documents, obtained by Yahoo News, reveal a program called Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) which hasn't previously been made public, that's meant to monitor the activity of conservatives and "right-wing" Americans.

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Why Does China Collect Americans' DNA?

As a Technocracy, China's Technocrat scientists believe that the future of mankind lies in the engineering of its collective DNA. Nevertheless, China's agressive collection of American DNA should be doubly-alarming because it can only spell one ultimate outcome: bio-warfare. That is, genetically engineering viruses or other diseases that will be selectively harmful to U.S. populations.

It has been relatively easy for China to acquire American DNA, and what it could not get through semi-legal means, it simply stole.

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Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor, interception fails

SA-5 flies from Syria all the way to Negev in longest-range attack by Syria. Patriot missile activated in response.

Israel and Syria exchanged missile attacks early Thursday morning after Damascus launched an advanced surface-to-air missile that landed all the way in the Negev Desert. 

Alarms sounded in Abu Qrenat near Dimona in the South. Syria fired the missile in response to what it claims was an Israeli Air Force bombing near Damascus. Israel frequently strikes Syria to prevent Iranian entrenchment in the country as well as weapons shipments to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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As Media Pushes More Riots Over Another Justified Shooting, Black Portland Community Leaders Write Open Letter To Antifa & BLM About Destroying Their Neighborhoods

Sometimes one just has to simply shake their heads in wonder over some of the current reports, and when seen in conjunction with other related pieces of news, it becomes apparent that much of America has simply gone crazy.

BLM and Antifa are offending not just non-violent citizen observers, but they are also offending the actual black communities they are destroying!

Example, Portland, Oregon, where Antifa groups have spent years rioting, taking over the streets right in front of law enforcement, who are under orders to stand down, destroying businesses and generally terrorizing the entire city.

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US and Russia Won't Have Ambassadors in Each Other's Capitals as Tensions Simmer

The US ambassador to Russia said he is returning to Washington, Moscow recalled its ambassador after Biden called Putin a 'killer' Dave DeCamp Posted on April 20, 2021Categories NewsTags Russia

Due to the hostile policies of the Biden administration, tensions between the US and Russia are soaring. Now, amid the souring relations, the two countries won't have ambassadors in each other's capitals, making diplomatic communications even more difficult.

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Scientists Are Mixing Human Body Parts With Robots And Monkeys. We Don't Want To See What's Next

It's been a big month for sci-fi primates. On Apr. 8, Elon Musk's start-up Neuralink announced they created a cyborg monkey who can play MindPong using a brain chip. The following week, scientists at the Salk Institute in California revealed they successfully grew human-macaque embryos in test tubes. These hybrid babies were aborted at 20 days.

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People Today Believe Anything But Reality And That Will Catch Up To Them All Very Soon In A Very Painful Way

The plain truth can often be so obvious as to be invisible.

There are so many obstacles to change on the scale we so desperately need.

We are fast reaching a point that no humans can or will be able to understand the world we live in.

We pass this way just once.

Artificial algorithms are taking over.

Yuval Noah Harari in his latest book ( 21 lessons for the 21st Century) puts his finger on the problem.

" In the coming century biotech and infotech will give us the power to manipulate the world inside us and reshape ourselves, but because we don't understand our own minds, the changes we will make might upset our mental system to such an extent that it too might brake down.

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Just A Quick Thought On Yesterday's Events.

This really isn't a black vs. white issue, any more than it's a Democrat vs. Republican issue.

This is spiritual warfare. What happened to Chauvin is EVIL, and we're all emasculated by being forced to watch it happen. Yet the "Derek Chauvin" police force will unquestioningly serve tyrants and arrest mothers because their toddlers won't wear a face diaper. Cops should be quitting in droves, but they're not.

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The silver price is today half of the January 1980 level. That was the peak at $50 which silver reached again 31 years later in 2011. But alas, the bullion banks, aided by the BIS (Bank for International Settlement) and central banks have again managed to push it down again and today silver is only $26.10.

The current silver price has nothing to do with supply and demand. In a real market the Price of Silver would be substantially higher. In a fake market, the manipulators have no problem to suppress the price by selling virtually unlimited fake paper silver.

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The Price Of Plywood Is Absolutely Ridiculous - But It Is Also A Sign Of The Times...

Would you pay $100 for a sheet of plywood?  I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but we are almost there.  The price of plywood has been soaring into the stratosphere in recent weeks, and analysts are telling us that it will remain high for the foreseeable future.  Memes about plywood have started to pop up all over social media, but this is no joking matter.  These extraordinarily high prices are causing a lot of pain in the homebuilding industry, and many Americans have had to postpone construction plans indefinitely.  Unfortunately, our national leaders continue to flood the system with even more new money, and that is going to cause even more extreme inflation in the months and years to come.

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Doug Woodward: Is America the Final Babylon?

One question on the minds of prophecy students is where America fits into Bible prophecy. Are we the daughter of Babylon? Are we doomed to nuclear destruction by an unknown enemy? Doug Woodward's book, The Final Babylon, makes a strong case for America as the wealthy nation that sits upon many waters, a nation facing God's judgment. At this point in time, no other nation on Earth fits the biblical parameters of Revelation 18.

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Putin warns against crossing Russia's ‘red lines,' talks up military advancement

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual State of the Nation speech, warned on Wednesday against provoking his country, promising a swift retaliation against anyone who crossed "red lines."

Moscow will respond "harshly," "quickly" and "asymmetrically" to foreign provocations, Putin told an audience of Russia's top officials and lawmakers, adding that he "hoped" no foreign actor would cross Russia's "red lines," according to a Reuters translation.

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They Convicted an Innocent Man - Paul Craig Roberts

Tuesday afternoon, a jury convicted former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin of three counts of murder and manslaughter of George Floyd.  Former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says, "This was a show trial essentially. . . .  Chauvin did not have a fair trial. . . . The media convicted an innocent man, and the jury was too fearful to stand on the evidence, and that was the story of the trial."

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Russia fires cruise missiles in Black Sea & moves dozens of fighter jets to border as Putin ‘strangles' Ukraine

A NEW video shows Russian frigate Admiral Essen launching multiple cruise missiles in the Black Sea as Vladimir Putin defies Western demands to ease tensions with Ukraine.

It comes as new satellite images show Russia's expanding military line-up near Ukraine, with Su-30 fighters lined up on a runway in Crimea which were not there last month.

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India's health system is collapsing as Covid variant sweeps country: Gravediggers burn piles of victims to keep up and crematorium furnaces MELT due to round-the-clock use

India's health system is collapsing under the fastest spreading coronavirus surge since the pandemic started, with gravediggers burning piles of bodies and crematorium furnaces melting from round-the-clock use.

Another 259,170 cases were recorded on Tuesday, the world's highest daily rate, and 1,761 deaths, the country's highest ever daily toll, after a new variant of Covid emerged which scientists fear could partly evade vaccines.  

Britain added India to its 'red list' on Monday but was accused of acting weeks too late as more than 100 people in the UK have now tested positive for this Indian variant since the end of March, most traced to foreign travel.

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Something Big Is Brewing..... We Should Be Collectively Preparing For Long-Term Civil Unrest As Race-Baiters All Rush To Minneapolis To Kick Off The Expected Riots 

As most already know Mad Maxine Waters, known for her race-baiting, recently made comments about violent rioters needing to be more "confrontational" if Derek Chauvin isn't convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd.

The comments were so grossly egregious the Judge presiding over the Chauvin trial, in denying the defense motion for mistrial, told the defense that Waters "may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned."

If Water's antics weren't enough, now another infamous race-baiter, Al Sharpton is heading to Minneapolis to stoke the fires even more.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, has also offered the defense yet more to use on appeal should the jury convict Chauvin, by stating publicly, "Regardless of the decision made by the jury, there is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of police."

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This is the reality that many people will face in the future and they have no idea how bad it can get. They refuse to contemplate the harsh reality they will be living in and take steps to mitigate the effects

Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification have created a nation of whining, self absorbed, entitlement minded people with no moral or mental toughness.

I believe we are headed for what he calls a super depression created by the ending of a debt super cycle. The bigger the debt cycle the bigger the depression that follows. That's how reality works and most people are not prepared for reality.

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US must prepare for nuclear war: Strategic Command warns today's unpredictable conflicts could escalate 'rapidly' where countries consider nuclear use as 'their least bad option'

US Strategic Command will warn in its annual posture statement that the 'spectrum of conflict today' could rapidly lead to nuclear war.

Commander Charles Richard will give testimony to the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Committee on Armed Services this week.

The posture review informs Congress on the state of Strategic Command and what it intends to do with its 2022 budget request.

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Nuclear War Possible Within Days as Russia-Ukraine situation escalates out of control

United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) has issued a Posture Review pointing out that an adversary may choose to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS first rather than wait until they are losing a war.

Their precise language "Posture Statement Preview: The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option."

#USSTRATCOM Posture Statement Preview: The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.

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Nat'l Guard deploying in DC for ‘potential first amendment demonstrations' over Chauvin verdict

The District of Columbia National Guard (DCNG) is sending around 250 troops into the nation's capital to assist with the local law enforcement response to anticipated "First Amendment demonstrations" following the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of murdering George Floyd during his arrest last year, according to a DCNG press release Monday.

"On behalf of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, Dr. Christopher Rodriguez, Director of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, has requested D.C. Guardsmen to assist police with street closures at multiple intersections in order to provide safety in and around pedestrian areas," the release stated.

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With All Hell About To Break Loose In America, Prepare To Get Out Of The Cities And Into The 'Red Zones' In The Event Of A Worst Case Scenario

Reports Of Martial Law In The Cities Are Another Reason To Avoid Them Like The Plague

While thinking over this past weekend about the huge difference between the left and the right on how the two groups think about Covid-19, lockdowns, vaccinations and everything else now unfolding in America, (with reports of martial law already now coming out as we'll explore more below), I came across a 2008 medical study which helped put things into proper perspective.

With 45% of Republicans in 2021 saying they won't get 'the shot' while only 7% of Democrats say the same, even leftist comedian Bill Maher recently destroyed the left on their insane reaction to Covid as this 'Tyler Durden' story over at Zero Hedge points out (we also hear from Maher in the must-watch 1st at the bottom of this story). So it's easier to understand why the left thinks we all need to get vaccinated when we understand the situation many on the left have put themselves into. 

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Is A Covid-Based "Medical Dictatorship" Preparing Canada For An End To Democracy?

The idea that Canada is undergoing a transformation toward the end of democratic governance is fundamental to the beliefs of Cultural Action Party.

One reason for our vehemence is found in the fact that mainstream media never allude to this theory. Therefore, if it has validity, it is up to "alternate" media to deliver the hypothesis.

Certain concepts, however, reach beyond the theoretical. Based upon the pandemic debacle, political decision-making has undergone a giant transformation.

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In my years covering the attempted takedown of the United States, I have never seen such simultaneous high-drama as we are seeing now. Amazingly, Biden still does not have access to the nuclear codes. 

On April 19, 2021, my day started at 3AM.  My phone began ringing off the hook. As I reported yesterday, I received multiple reports that this past Friday, Biden was denied entry into the Pentagon. Biden was allegedly told that that the order came directly from Gen. David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and a ranking member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and that General Milley was no longer in charge.

I clearly stated on Paul Preston's show, later that same morning that there was clearly smoke to this fire regarding the Marine Corps and Biden. However, I was not entirely confident in the details of the report. I am now!

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Genetic Vaccines: Are They the New Thalidomide?

Many Americans have heard the news account of Dr. Gregory Michael, a 56-year-old Florida physician who, after receiving his first dose of a Pfizer COVID vaccine on December 18 of last year, was hospitalized three days later. He had a total loss of his platelets - the little blood cells that stop bleeding. In spite of being treated by a team of physicians, he died two weeks later from a brain hemorrhage, and was reported to have had zero platelets. By February 10, 2021, 36 other similar cases were reported in the mainstream media. Pfizer, which along with its partner BioNTech made the vaccine the doctor received, said in a statement that it was aware of the death. Typically, they concluded, "We are actively investigating this case, but we don't believe at this time that there is any direct connection to the vaccine."

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Communist Revolution Overthrowing Constitution in Once-Free Nation

In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman talks with John Birch Society coordinator Leah Southwell explains what she witnessed in Chile as Deep State-backed Communist revolutionaries waged a successful war to overthrow that nation's liberty-minded Constitution that protected liberty there for decades. Perhaps more alarming, Southwell explains that the same tactics and objectives are now being seen on the streets of the United States. In this interview, the two also discuss the fascinating history of how Chile became one of the shining stars of Latin America after successfully resisting an attempted Communist takeover decades earlier. The lessons for America are clear.

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Hot zone in the heartland?

As the United States struggles with the coronavirus pandemic, a years-long debate over the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility-to be located smack in the middle of Kansas cattle country-raises worrying questions about the safety of American biodefense labs.

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Farmers Warn Megadrought In Western US Threatens Devastating Crop Failures In 2021

Throughout U.S. history, there have always been droughts in the western half of the country from time to time, but what we are dealing with now is truly alarming.  Scientists tell us that a multi-year "megadrought" has developed in the southwestern portion of the country, and this is the worst year of that "megadrought" so far by a wide margin.  If conditions do not radically improve soon, we are going to have a major agricultural disaster on our hands.  Some farmers have already decided not to plant crops at all this year, but many others have decided to plant anyway knowing that if enough rain doesn't come their crops will certainly fail.

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Still Believe Digital Vaccine Passports Are Something Made Up By Conspiracy Theorists?

In my past articles I wrote about Digital Vaccine Passport pilot programs in New York, global announcements and along the same lines, health passports and vaccine passport apps in which a traveler (or event goer, employee, or shopper) uploads their COVID-19 test results or vaccination status. 

Unless the EU Parliament suddenly became enamored with conspiracy theorists, that is exactly what is going to happen.

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The Guns of April

For anyone who needs an update on how World War I began, just read the headlines of today and change the names slightly. No one country actually started that war. The rulers of all of them did stupid things, one after another and all of a sudden the world was in flames. The same silly shit is happening today.

For those who wonder just how the American Empire is going to end, in a whimper or with a bang, we are about to find out. My money says it's going to be with a giant bang. But the empire is going to end post haste. How do I know? Let me count the ways. We have passed peak stupidity across the entire spectrum.

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‘Getting along with Putin is a good thing': US should be friendly to Russia & not drive it towards China, ex-President Trump says

Former US President Donald Trump believes that maintaining a good relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin is in America's national interests. He warned that the alternative will see Moscow becoming closer to China.

Speaking to Fox News on Monday, Trump claimed that "nobody was tougher on Russia" than him, while also stating that he and Putin had a "very strong" personal relationship.

"Frankly, getting along with Vladimir Putin is a good thing, and I got along with him very well," Trump said.

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People trust algorithms more than other human beings, study finds. Who do they think programs those computers?

No matter how many algorithmic ‘glitches' and backdoors we find in our electronics, we can't seem to put them down. Most of us would argue we need technology, but a growing subset trust it more than people. Why?

In an era where humans are hamstrung by fear of bias, it's easier to delegate certain tasks to computers, especially if the task is particularly trying or difficult. Certainly it's hard to believe a seemingly-impartial silicon chip could be anything other than immune to the social pressures of human interaction in all its forms. But someone has to program the algorithms that make these devices work, and chances are that "someone" has their own set of prejudices and preconceived notions that they don't check at the door when they arrive at work every day.

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Japan-Based USAF F-16s Flew South China Sea Mission Fully Loaded With Live Air-To-Air Missiles

Flying far from their home in Japan, the four F-16s, each armed with six missiles, executed operations in one of the tensest areas of the planet.

he four U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets that recently flew a mission over the highly contested South China Sea were photographed landing at Yokota Air Base in Japan, en route to their home base at Misawa. The images confirm that these jets were armed for counter-air operations with a heavy load of live air-to-air missiles. The jets' appearance in the South China Sea last week coincided with the biggest presence of People's Liberation Army aircraft in Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in recent times: 25 aircraft in all.

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Satellite images reveal new Russian military base in Crimea filled with thousands of tanks and troops as Putin masses 150,000 troops on border with Ukraine

The camp, located next to Kachyk Lake on the south coast of Crimea, appeared over the course of a month to house Russian soldiers and vehicles that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been ferrying to the region on the back of trains and trucks.

Images taken by PlanetLabs satellites on April 13 show at least 1,000 vehicles on site, lined up in fenced-off areas opposite infantry tents. Only a fraction of that force was visible in another image taken a month earlier on March 15.

A secondary sub-camp is also visible around a mile to the west of the main camp, on the shores of Kachyk Lake. That camp primarily consists of vehicles in fenced-off pens, with a handful of infantry tents visible.

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Bari Weiss slams her former employer The New York Times and The Washington Post for 'ignoring the ideological takeover of schools' because they too have been 'transformed' by woke culture

Former New York Times editor Bari Weiss has accused her previous employer of being too 'woke' to cover the growing row about New York City's private schools, after a teacher and a parent objected to the curriculum in two of the city's most elite academic institutions.

Paul Rossi, a math teacher, was told on Sunday that he had been 'relieved of his teaching duties' by Grace Church School in the East Village of Manhattan following his April 13 essay published on Weiss' site.

Andrew Gutmann, whose daughter attended The Brearley School, an all-girls private school in New York City, located on the Upper East Side, wrote a letter, also on April 13, to other parents complaining about efforts to 'brainwash' students with 'woke' philosophies rather than teaching them how to think on their own.

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U.S. ambassador to Russia John Sullivan 'is refusing to leave' after he was advised by the Kremlin to return to D.C. in row over Biden's sanctions

The US ambassador to Russia is reportedly refusing to leave the country after he was told to return home just days after President Joe Biden's new sanctions on the Kremlin for interfering in the 2020 US presidential election.  

Sources told Axios that John Sullivan, the US Ambassador, met with top foreign policy official, Yuri Ushakov, who advised that he go back to Washington, DC

But Sullivan has reportedly refused the recommendation. According to the sources, Sullivan said if Russian President Vladimir Putin wants him to leave, then he'll have to force him out. 

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CNN Declares Open Season On 'White' Kids: Genocidal Chris *Fredo* Cuomo Says When 'White People's Kids Start Getting Killed' There Will Be Gun Reform

Chris *Fredo* Cuomo took to the airwaves of CNN, where he is a host, and claimed that gun reform would only happened if "Your kids start getting killed. White people's kids start getting killed." 

We have seen Cuomo and other CNN hosts justify and defend Antifa/BLM violence. We have seen Cuomo himself on camera, seemingly drunk, threatening to throw a man down the stairs because he called him "Fredo." 

A nickname meant to imply the younger stupid brother in the Godfather movie.

We have seen CNN hosts call all conservatives Trump supporters "Nazis" and including them in groups like "Klan" members.

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War and a big potential false flag are on the agenda today.

In this article, I am going to throw up some dots and see what connects. I just engaged in this activity with Paul Preston, the President of the California 51st State movement, as I appeared on his radio show, Agenda 21 Radio. We compared dots and have a lot in common on his morning show.

America has been waiting for the other shoe to drop and it appears that several shoes are dropping.

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Cities in Ukraine and in Russia have begun testing the NUCLEAR BLAST DOORS installed in their public subway systems which are some (not all) of the BOMB SHELTERS for their population.  The USA, has NONE.

The situation between Ukraine and Russia is now so dire, that cities within both countries are TESTING BLAST DOORS they installed in their underground subway stations.  The video below shows such doors being tested EARLIER TODAY in Ukraine.

It is important to point out that while many European countries and, of course, Russia, have vast Civil Defense networks and bomb shelters for THEIR populations, the United States of America has . . .  NONE.

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Whatever is Coming, is Coming VERY soon: State TV Crews Ordered to Donetsk

Film crews of Russian federal channels are going to Donetsk, Ukraine. Why? They themselves do not know!

Several reporters from such outlets are saying they were "ordered to move forward and wait." 

That means the Russian government knows something is coming because THEY are going to do it, and they want TV crews there to see it, video record it, and report it.

Whatever's coming in Ukraine, is coming very, VERY soon.

Once "it" begins, the real issue is what the other side - Ukraine and/or NATO - will do?  And it is that reaction/response which will determine what comes next, including full scale war.

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Russian Jet Intercepts US, Norwegian Patrol Aircraft In 2nd Major Incident In A Week

A major intercept incident between Russia and US-NATO allied aircraft has occurred over the far northern Barents Sea on Monday.

"A Russian fighter jet on Monday reportedly intercepted and escorted US and Norwegian patrol aircraft," The Hill reports. "The Russian Defense Ministry said the incident over the body of water near Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia involved a MiG-31 fighter jet," it continued, based on initial reporting by Russia's state-run RIA news agency.

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RUSSIA ANNOUNCES NO-FLY ZONES IN BLACK SEA NEAR CRIMEA -- "Conga Line" of U.S. F-16's in the air now to Europe

The Russian government has issued Notice to Airmen and Mariners (NOTAM) declaring a very large area of air space around Crimea to be a "danger" zone for aircraft due to newly announced military "drills."   This no-fly area encompasses where US and British Intel Aircraft and Drones have been flying every day.

The NOTAM keeps this air space, and certain sea lanes, CLOSED until the end of April.

Of course, this is only for military "drills" and not some planned invasion of Ukraine (ahem).

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'Dark Picture Of World's Future' In New Threat Assessment Warns Of Cascading Risks And 'Long-Term Fallout' - The Latest Signs The Destruction Of The Human Race Has Been Kicked Into High Gear 

With the destruction of the human race being kicked into high gear in 2021 as Steve Quayle and his distinguished guests will warn the world in the upcoming 'Extinction Protocols' Conference in June, as we'd reported on Sunday in this story titled "Blood Will Spill On American Soil As The 'Lunatic Fringe' Explodes In Pandemonium This Coming Week While All Of The Pieces On The World Stage Have Been Cast Into Motion," the 'the Days Of God's Judgement are falling upon America'. And we'll be taking a look within this story at an April 13th story by Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream which proved there are at least 10 major signs happening right now suggesting 'major end times events' are in motion in 2021.  

With things on both the national and global stages looking like they'll continue to deteriorate in the coming months, as Snyder warns us within his story, largely because of false hopes surrounding the vaccine, lots of people seem to think that we will soon see a 'return to normal' and that 'good times are just around the corner'

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Antifa "Panicking" About Police Informant Inside Network: Andy Ngo

Members of the infamous Antifa cell in Portland are anxious after an informant in their midst gave information to police, leading to arson charges, Antifa expert Andy Ngo says.

"They're panicking because this may possibly mean that somebody has infiltrated high... and there's a lot at risk, because this is a criminal cartel," Ngo said Saturday on NTD's "The Nation Speaks."

"And if there's somebody in there and they don't know who it is who's informing on them, it could bring down the entire cell," Ngo added.

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NY Times targets "White Evangelicals" who refuse vaccines for prolonging pandemic

ETH - A recent piece from the NY Times is placing the blame on "White Evangelicals" who refuse to take the COVID vaccine for prolonging the pandemic.

According to the article, Deeply held spiritual convictions of white evangelicals across America are what they say are the reasons for are refusing to be vaccinated and their ideology has spread just as quickly as the virus itself. The article goes further to highlight a rooted mix of religious faith and a long-standing wariness of mainstream science, as well as being fueled by online conspiracy theories.

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China Launches New App Allowing Citizens to Report Others For Expressing "Mistaken Opinions"

China's Communist government has launched a new app that encourages citizens to report dissidents for expressing "mistaken opinions" on the Internet.

The new platform will target anyone who criticizes the dictatorship's ruling CCP, disputes the official version of the country's history or engages in "misinformation."

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Canadian gov't won't show evidence for lockdowns in trial of pastor charged with breaking regulations

Government lawyers told the Court that the Alberta Government could not produce any scientific evidence in support of the lockdown orders in time for the May 3 trial.

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, April 19, 2021 (JCCF) - The Justice Centre announced last week that the trial of Pastor James Coates, of Grace Life Church, will proceed on May 3, 2021 at Provincial Court in Stony Plain, however the Court granted the Government's request that Pastor Coates not be permitted to challenge the constitutional validity of Dr. Deena Hinshaw's orders at the trial. The government will not be required to produce scientific evidence in support of Dr. Hinshaw's orders. Government lawyers told the Court that the Alberta Government could not produce any scientific evidence in support of Dr. Hinshaw's orders in time for the May 3 trial.

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Australia: Minister Refuses to Rule Out Electronic Ankle Bracelets to Enforce Home Quarantine

Australians being forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets, even if they are fully vaccinated, to make sure they are complying with home quarantine orders.

The astounding suggestion was made by journalist David Speers during an interview with Employment Minister Stuart Robert about how authorities would ensure returning travelers stayed at home.

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Michael Savage Warns of Civil War - ‘You Should Be Very Frightened'

Discussing everything from culture and immigration to race and violence, foreign policy and the media, as well as the economy and privacy concerns, conservative radio legend Michael Savage on Friday warned of a civil war which awaits the U.S. if the left continues to launch assaults on all that Americans hold dear.

On his latest weekly podcast, Savage discussed a broad range of issues he sees as breeding grounds for an impending civil war.

"What we are seeing is a civil war," Savage said, before questioning if it can be stopped.

Savage then described the "assault" as emanating from all sides and the wars "raging right here at home," including the "war against the middle class, the suburbs, and white men."

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Vast Stretches Of America Have Now Descended Into A State Of Deep Economic Depression

Even though the stock market has been booming and the corporate media is full of talk about "recovery", there are many communities in the United States where a permanent atmosphere of despair seems to hang in the air.  The federal government gives us doctored numbers that show that the national unemployment rate is low, but in small towns all across the country it seems like almost everyone is either unemployed or working extremely low paying jobs.  Earlier this month, one such town was profiled by USA Today.  Even before the COVID pandemic came along, the little town of Ogdensburg, New York was deeply struggling, but now economic conditions have become extremely dire...

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US Money Supply: More Lies from On High

Upton Sinclair famously observed that, "it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

After decades navigating among Wall Street sell-siders or reading the pablum that passes for financial journalism in the retail space, I discovered it was always an open secret in the big banks that if you wanted to move up the ladder, don't rock the boat.

In short: Keep the message bullish, as bears get fired and bulls stay hired.

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Navy Labs To Reopen The Once Taboo Case On Nuclear Cold Fusion

Federal labs are reexamining the DOD's research into cold fusion and low-energy nuclear reactions, potentially leading to revolutionary technologies.

Researchers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division have reopened the case on low-energy nuclear reactions, or LENRs, largely unexplained phenomena that are at the core of theories about "cold fusion." Five different government-funded laboratories under the control of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and National Institutes of Standards and Technology will conduct experiments in an attempt to once and for all settle the debate over this little-understood and highly controversial topic. Despite the controversy and stigma associated with LENR, many experts across the U.S. military believe that the science behind them is sound, and if working technologies can someday be developed, it could transform military operations to an extent not seen in over a century.

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Drug Cartel Now Assassinates Its Enemies With Bomb-Toting Drones

The tactic has become widespread on battlefields overseas and now appears to be proliferating to organized crime.

Mexico's drug cartels are notoriously well armed and equipped, with some possessing very heavy weaponry, including armored gun trucks sporting heavy machine guns. Now at least one of these groups appears to be increasingly making use of small quadcopter-type drones carrying small explosive devices to attack its enemies. This is just the latest example of a trend that has been growing worldwide in recent years, including among non-state actors, such as terrorists and criminals, which underscores the potential threats commercially-available unmanned systems pose on and off the battlefield.

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New Army Training Doc Outlines Ways To Give Soldiers Superhuman-Like Sensory Perception

The Advanced Situational Awareness concept aims to give soldiers an unconscious "human edge" through various techniques.

The U.S. Army has published a new training circular that contains a section on how soldiers can train their senses to new levels of awareness, enabling them to almost unconsciously perceive small details about their surroundings in a near-superhuman manner. Other sections of the circular describe how cultural anthropology, the study of world religions, and even Gestalt psychology, can be leveraged in U.S. Army training in order to make soldiers into what some might call "warrior monks" with near-preternatural deductive reasoning ability. 

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After Assassination Disrupted, Belarus to Merge With Russia! Doubles Border area with NATO; Exposes ALL of Ukraine to Invasion

Intelligence circuits are buzzing Sunday with news that the foiled assassination plot against Belarus President Lukashenko has convinced him that his country should MERGE with Russia for protection.

The alleged plot, which was reportedly foiled yesterday, was said to have been approved by the US C.I.A. because Lukashenko allowed Russian Army units to "share" Belarus military bases, as the troubles in Ukraine get worse. 

This sharing agreement means that Ukraine is almost completely surrounded by Russia, or Russia-favorable countries, and if a fight erupts between Ukraine and Russia, it is now likely Ukraine will be "disintegrated" - won't exist as a country anymore!

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London Admits Silver Squeeze Freakout, Chinese Gold Bid is Back

Big news broke last Friday morning by Reuter's Peter Hobson and others writing an exclusive report on revamping Chinese gold demand this April and May 2021.

Headlines read, "China renews appetite for gold with US$8.5 billion set to arrive as central bank relaxes quotas."

China's appetite for gold jewelry, bars, and coins has recovered as the economy rebounded in recent months.

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Greyerz: The Perth Mint Is In Trouble - Where Is Their Clients' Physical Gold & Silver?

Egon von Greyerz at Matterhorn Asset Management (based in Switzerland):  The silver price today is half of the January 1980 level. That was the peak (at $50) which silver reached again 31 years later in 2011. But alas, the bullion banks, aided by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) and central banks have again managed to push it down again and today silver is only $25.90. 

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Blood Will Spill On American Soil As The 'Lunatic Fringe' Explodes In Pandemonium This Coming Week While All Of The Pieces On The World Stage Have Been Cast Into Motion

The Days Of God's Judgement Are Falling Upon America: 'This Is Not A Drill' 

With the left pushing their anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-sanity agenda full tilt, and what's happening in Portland, Oregon, where 'Antifa Communist Revolutionaries' just burned down an Apple store while firing guns randomly from their car windows; and Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, where California Representative Maxine Waters just told BLM protestors to 'get more confrontational' with law enforcement, are all evidence of the left's intentions for America, we warned just days ago that Americans should be fully prepared for turmoil in the days ahead on all fronts, both domestic and abroad.

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The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media... Now The CIA Is The Media

Back in the good old days, when things were more innocent and simple, the psychopathic Central Intelligence Agency had to covertly infiltrate the news media to manipulate the information Americans were consuming about their nation and the world. Nowadays, there is no meaningful separation between the news media and the CIA at all.

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In Yesterday's article, I painstakingly detailed one of the biggest betrayals of the American people with the unconstitutional signing of the Kigali Principles which allowed for the UN, based on their own say-so, could forcefully enter with foreign troops any country that the UN determined was in distress. The signing was initiated by John Kerry, on behalf of Obama in December of 2016. Hillary had already lost the election and Obama was seemingly unable to pass on the torch of treason. However, the Kigali Principles were the failsafe to the lost election and subsequent coronation for Hillary. Obama was quite confident that Trump would not serve a second term and he set the stage to hand off the country to the United Nations in whomever would take Trump's place.

Not only will the United Nations be entering our country in the near future, but their CHICOM-blue-helmeted allies be entering the US as well.

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The Genetic Sabotage Of Humanity

The elite seek total control over the human genome, and therefore the evolutionary destiny of mankind.

While the social engineers of the United Nations slowly force Agenda 2030 through the manufactured totalitarian Covid lockdown scheme, a decades-old secret human cloning and hybrid operation is testing the water of public scrutiny.

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Dr. Lee Merritt: In Animal Studies, After Being Injected With MRNA Technology, All Animals Died Upon Reinfection

In the following interview, Dr. Lee Merritt explains that mRNA technology is not a vaccine, mirroring what Dr. David Martin also stated recently.

In animal studies, after mRNA injections have been administered to cats, when the virus arrived once again into the body, it arrived like a Trojan Horse, undetected by the cats' own immune system. The virus multiplied unchallenged and all animals involved in the experiment died from various causes.

According to Dr. Lee Merritt,

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US West prepares for possible 1st water shortage declaration

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - The man-made lakes that store water supplying millions of people in the U.S. West and Mexico are projected to shrink to historic lows in the coming months, dropping to levels that could trigger the federal government's first-ever official shortage declaration and prompt cuts in Arizona and Nevada.

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SCIENTISTS & ECONOMISTS AGREE: Next ‘Great Depression' Coming As US Enters Worst Mega Drought In 1200 Years Accompanied By Stock Market Crash

Recently global financial experts including economist and bestselling author Harry Dent, who has called the past few economic crashes eerily accurately is "now predicting a major ‘super-bubble' crash will happen by June" (WATCH).

On the other end of the spectrum scientists are warning that the US is also headed for one of the worst megadroughts in history.

What do national financial collapse and drought have in common? Only one of the most important lessons  handed down to me from one of the wisest sages I ever knew, a third-grade dropout and my Grandfather "Mac" McLaughlin. What I learned from him resonates important lessons for all of us today... and what will be tomorrow.

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Why The Naive Average Person Should NOT Expect To Be Protected When The Next Financial Crisis Hits

The transnational capitalist class is pouring billions of dollars into the rapid digitalization of global capitalism as the latest outlet for its surplus accumulated capital and hedging its bets on new investment opportunities in a global police state. But will these ballooning sectors of the global economy allow the world capitalist system to avoid another catastrophic crisis? Reports from international agencies and international economic data indicate a resounding "no."

The greatest wealth transfer in history has already begun and the next crisis will only accelerate the process. As the printing presses continue cranking out more and more money, looking forward to a time when the markets pause or another economic crisis consumes the world is an issue we all should think about.

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Minnesota National Guard, Police Team Targeted In Drive-By Shooting Hours After Maxine Waters Incites BLM Protesters

Hours after Sen. Maxine Waters (D-CA) urged protesters to 'get more confrontational,' a Minnesota National Guard and Minneapolis police team were targeted in a Saturday morning drive-by shooting, according to a press release by the National Guard.

The incident happened at approximately 4:19 a.m. local time when a light colored SUV drove by and unloaded. Fortunately for the officers, only minor injuries were sustained - with two National Guardsmen suffering minor cuts from shattered glass. They were taken to a local hospital. A third Guardsman had "only superficial injuries" according to the statement.

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Why Are China and Russia Buying So Much Gold? Just Don't Make The Mistake Of Thinking This Is All Routine

A larger global currency shift is underway...

And it may be happening much more quickly than anyone has realized.

Things are definitely in motion. Call it a game of musical chairs, or an exercise in rearranging chairs on the Titanic, or just that a tilting balance of power. Just don't make the mistake of thinking this is all routine.

The People's Bank of China has added about 100 tons of gold to its reserves since December. Russia has bought 106 tons of the precious metal last year.

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6-week stay-at-home order, strict new measures needed to control 3rd COVID-19 wave in Ontario, experts say

Ontario needs at least a six-week stay-at-home order with an average of 100,000 vaccinations per day to get the third wave of COVID-19 now gripping the province under control, a panel of experts said Friday.

"Without stronger system-level measures and immediate support for essential workers and high-risk communities, high case rates will persist through the summer," Ontario's COVID-19 science advisory table said in its latest update, echoing recommendations it has been making for months.

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Experiment creates "Planet of the Apes" embryos, Rabbi calls it the sexual sin of the Nephilim

It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth-when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown. Genesis 6:4 (The Israel BibleTM)

Researchers are injecting human stem cells into monkey embryos and even scientists are disturbed by the ethical implications. For the Biblically minded, the implications are clear.

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Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History - Catherine Austin Fitts

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts contends CV19 and the vaccines to cure it are more about control than depopulation.  Fitts explains, "I think the bankers are trying to chip us.  Moderna describes their injection, gene therapy as an ‘operating system.'  I agree with them.  I think they are trying to download an operating system into our bodies.  I don't think it was an accident . . . the man President Trump appointed as head of ‘Operation Warp Speed' was an expert at Brain-Machine interface. . . . Just like Bill Gates downloaded an operating system into your computer and made you update it regularly because of the threat of another virus, I think they are trying to play the same game with human bodies.  It's hard for people to fathom if they have not been following the advancements in biotech and to fathom how much money the bankers can make if they can achieve this.  We just saw the Chairman of the Federal Reserve talking about the economy was getting better because the vaccination rate was going up.  I think that's code for the bank stocks are going up because we are downloading operating systems in more and more people, and our stock reflects that.  We get a pop on our stock for every person we can remotely control with our operating system. . . . If you look at the deaths and adverse events, and the failure to provide true informed consent, we are talking about the greatest violations of the Nuremberg Code in history-now."

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Slide To War Continues; Diplomats EXPELLED by Multiple Countries; Coup Plot Foiled in Belarus (US INVOLVEMENT) - US & Turkish Troops Now In Ukraine!

The slide to WAR is accelerating. Diplomats are being EXPELLED from countries. US Embassy CONFIRMS US Troops are now in Ukraine and Russian Intelligence shows Turkish Troops arrived too.

On Thursday, a group of military "instructors" from the United States arrived at the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) located in the Donbass, said the official representative of the defense department of the Luhansk People's Republic. 

Those "instructors" were twelve US Special Forces operators.   The US may be calling them "instructors" but typically, men like these go into a region to "soften-up" targets before the main US body of forces arrives and engages.

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Bankers are beginning to send notices to cash account customers informing them they may have to WAIT 95 DAYS to withdraw money from their cash account!

You may wish to take a very close look at what YOUR bank is doing to see if they are changing their terms to affect YOUR withdrawals.

Words to the wise! You may want to ask yourself if they are doing this because a banking collapse is coming?

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Tucker Carlson: ‘We Are Moving Toward Some Kind of Larger Confrontation with Russia - Why Are We Doing That?'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke down the recent revelation that the New York Times story claiming the Russian government offered bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan was false.

On his Friday monologue of "Tucker Carlson Tonight", Carlson explained how that fake news, coupled with incendiary rhetoric from the Biden administration, could be a sign of a coming contrived war with Russia.

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Biden's Plot to Put Blue-Helmetted CHICOM Soldiers On the Streets of America (Pt 1)

The United States previously announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts. Previously, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting  focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was "proud" and "humbled" to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

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Argentinian pro-abortion leader dies during abortion procedure

Spanish language media reported last Sunday that radical pro-abortion supporter Maria de Valle Gonzalez Lopez died during what she labeled her "dream" abortion operation. She was 23 years old and was the leader of the Radical Youth in the La Paz municipality in the province of Mendoza. Her death has sparked a fierce debate about abortion in Argentina and led for calls for women to know that the procedure can sometimes carry serious risks.

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Diplomats confirm detention of Ukraine's consul in St. Petersburg

Ukrainian diplomats have confirmed the detention of Ukraine's consul in St. Petersburg, Oleksandr Sosoniuk, by Russia's FSB Federal Security Service for allegedly receiving classified information.

Sosoniuk spent the night in the FSB investigative department in St. Petersburg, an UNIAN source said on April 17, adding that the investigation is underway, and he cannot comment on the adequacy of the charges against the council.

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BLM Leaves 'No More White Babies' Graffiti As Activists Claim Anti-white Racism Doesn't Exist, While Movement Leader Accused Of Scamming BLM Supporters

There are never-ending examples of the media, liberals, Democrats and Black Lives Matter (BLM) members claiming all they want is for people to understand that "Black Lives Matter," as they scream racism at anyone that points out, yes they do, as does every other life."

Behind the entire movement is an ugly truth that is being hidden by the media from huge swathes of Americans, with social media actually censoring private messages and emails to prevent their users from seeing the very damning reports about the movements leaders.

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Pope Francis Goes Full Communist, Says Sharing Property is Not Communism But "Pure Christianity"

Only a few days after Pope Francis pushed for "the regeneration of existing institutions "and "global governance" because we are "in debt to nature itself, as well as the people and countries affected by human-induced ecological degradation and biodiversity loss."

Here we go again with more leftist propaganda for the Great anti-Christian Reset by the Jesuit Pope. 

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Russian warplanes launch missiles and drop bombs over the Black Sea in major military exercise - as US 'warns commercial pilots against overflying hot zone amid fears another MH17'

Russia is conducting major aerial exercises including missile launches and bombings over the Black Sea amid warnings from the US of 'another MH17'.

New videos indicate Moscow is continuing to mass its military might close to the Ukrainian frontier.

One video showed a detachment of warships moved by the Russian navy from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, the first such switch since Soviet times, according to reports.

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China Outraged At Joint US-Japan Statement Which Invokes 'Nuclear Defense'

During their late Friday press conference President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga - who is the first foreign leader to visit the White House of the new administration - issued a joint statement lashing out a China for actions that "are inconsistent with the international rules-based order" and impact "peace and prosperity" in the region. Thus it appears the lengthy pressure campaign by the administration to get Suga to agree to sign off on a muscular joint statement aimed at China, particularly at a moment of soaring tensions over Taiwan, paid off.

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The Coming Panic Into Gold & Silver Will Be One For The History Books

Eric King:  "We talk about the 1970's and what it meant for people who lived through it. There is a giant group of people that lived through that inflation and they remember it very well. When that army of people, and they're beginning to emerge now because they're seeing the same things they saw in the 1970s, when that army emerges and begins to panic in to gold, silver and the mining stocks, I think the tape is going to get pretty internetty."

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Russians rebuilding pagan Arch of Palmyra: Preparation for Messiah?

After six years of laying in ruin, the Russians have begun reconstructing the Triumphal Arch of Palmyra in Syria that served as a gateway to a major pagan temple to Ba'al. Rebuilding the arch is predicted in the Talmud as preceding the Messiah.

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Biden-Harris Administration to Ramp Up Experiments Using Aborted Baby Body Parts

The Biden-Harris administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it is reversing the Trump administration's decision to end taxpayer funding for experimental research that uses fetal tissue derived from aborted babies.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency under the authority of HHS, announced Friday an "Update on Changes to NIH Requirements Regarding Proposed Human Fetal Tissue Research":

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Deadly Serious DHS List: You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If...

An 18-year veteran in law enforcement warned to beware of Homeland Security training that is being pushed to local law enforcement. "You might be a Domestic Terrorist If" you believe in civil liberties, or if you actually believe in your Constitutional rights. Sadly, this is NOT a joke.

We've all heard the "You might be a Redneck If" jokes, but in this series "You might be a Domestic Terrorist If" you believe in civil liberties, or if you actually believe in your Constitutional rights. Sadly, this is not a joke. You might also be a terrorist if you have ever expressed concerns about Big Brother. Are you a Christian who has ever discussed the anti-Christ, the apocalypse, or even mentioned the book of Revelation? Guess what, according to DHS then you too qualify as a potential domestic terrorist.

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Mastercard Releases Carbon Footprint Calculator For Banks

There will come a time when your bank will discriminate against you for exceeding your allotted carbon footprint. Mastercard's new footprint calculator app states,

"A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by our actions. Greenhouse gasses, like carbon dioxide, are harmful to the planet. "

Mastercard doesn't bother to mention that if there was no CO2 in the atmosphere that all living plants on the earth would die. Given that you exhale CO2 some 20,000 times per day, Mastercard is suggesting that you are the biggest threat to the future of humanity.

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Beware 'Covid-Camps' And A Gargantuan Communist Power Grab In The Coming Days As Globalists Fully Roll Out Their Propaganda Machine To Convince Conservatives To Get 'The Shot' 

- The Globalists Preferred Vax Narrative Ripped To Shreds By The CDC's Own Numbers

With the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, claiming the world is now approaching its highest Covid-19 infection rate with the number of diagnosed cases per week doubling across the world in the past two months, we're not surprised that another huge push is being made to get Americans 'vaccinated', with Pfizer now claiming a 3rd dose will be likely needed within a year. 

Also perfectly seen in this story over at The Hill (saved at archive), which reports there is a growing concern among Democrats about the reluctance of many Republicans to take 'the shot', thereby potentially hampering the possibility of what they hope for, 'herd immunity', a quick look at many of the comments on that story show what's really on the left's mind, with many commenters calling for those who don't get 'the shot' to be completely banned from participating in 'life'

And with that term 'herd' itself conjuring up visions of 'the sheep being herded to the slaughter', many commenters on that story actually had the nerve to suggest that those who don't want to get the shot 'owe it' to the rest of the 'community', to help 'keep them safe'

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One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment's Orchestrated "Covid Pandemic"?

Americans have few sources of reliable information except for a handful of websites that few know anything about.  Americans are unaware that the low-grade morons currently ruling and disinforming them from Washington have given an American military guarantee to the neo-nazis installed in Ukraine with Washington's "Maidan Revolution." The Ukraine government, if that is what it is, has, in effect, declared war on Russia, vowing to retake Crimea and the Donbass Republics.

I never thought any government would prove to be as stupid as the British government that in 1939 gave a military guarantee to Poland that caused the Polish military dictatorship to break off discussions with Germany about returning German territory and people stolen by the Versailles Treaty.  This British guarantee was the cause of World War II.

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Russia Shuts Ukraine's Military Access To Black Sea

It was announced Thursday that Russia will close off the Kerch Strait to all foreign warships for six months amid rising Ukraine tensions, and after the US threatened to send additional warships to the area. The Kerch Strait is the vital, narrow waterway connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and which importantly connects southern Russia to "annexed" Crimea.

"Putin will close the Kerch Strait beginning next week until October, blocking foreign warships that are conducting military exercises, including the US, the Ukraine foreign ministry said Thursday," The New York Post reported. 

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The Ugly Truth About COVID

Nick Hudson, an actuary and private equity investor, co-founded Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics (PANDA) in response to the many threats to civil rights and freedoms that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic response. While media and public health institutions have engaged in a campaign of smoke and mirrors - one that is perpetuating paralyzing fear, needlessly, to this day - data and facts don't lie.

Hudson and his team at PANDA, which include a data analyst, economist, medical doctors, big data analyst and public health experts, are using live data1 and open science to empower the public to exercise freedom of choice and preserve free societies.2

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Differences Between Hydrogen and Atomic Bombs

A hydrogen bomb and an atomic bomb are both types of nuclear weapons, but the two devices are very different from each other. In a nutshell, an atomic bomb is a fission device, while a hydrogen bomb uses fission to power a fusion reaction. In other words, an atomic bomb can be used as a trigger for a hydrogen bomb.

Take a look at the definition of each type of bomb and understand the distinction between them.

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Ukraine President Makes NUCLEAR THREAT Against Russian Crimea: "Will be an Exclusion Zone like Chernobyl; a Dead Area, WORSE than Chernobyl"

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine made an explicit nuclear threat against Russian Crimea today, during an interview with LeFigaro Magazine.

Asked by the interviewer what he thought the future would be for the two breakaway oblasts (states) of Luhansk and Donetsk   (collectively referred to as "The Donbas") and of Crimea, Zelensky said: "Donbass and Crimea would face a future comparable to the "exclusion zone in Chernobyl." "It will be a dead territory. It will be worse than Chernobyl" 

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Merkel and Macron tell Putin to pull his forces back as Ukrainian navy threatens to SHOOT Russian FSB boats harassing ships near the Kerch Strait

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have told Vladimir Putin to pull his forces back after the Ukrainian navy threatened to shoot Russian FSB boats harassing ships near the Kerch Strait. 

The European leaders' demands came as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for a summit with his Russian counterpart and a new ceasefire.

French President Macron hosted Zelensky for talks in Paris - later joined by German Chancellor Merkel by video conference - in a show of support for his pro-Western government in the face of Moscow's assertive stance.

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Are you invading, or just lost? Russian navy threatens to ram US warship ‘John McCain' after it crosses border near Vladivostok

A notorious US naval destroyer sparked a diplomatic incident on Tuesday morning after Russia claimed that it had launched an incursion into its territorial waters.

The USS John S McCain, a specialist combat ship designed to hunt submarines, was operating in the Sea of Japan (also called the East Sea), off the coast of the Russian Far Eastern capital, Vladivostok. Authorities say it was more than two kilometers inside Russia's internationally recognized maritime border.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense in Moscow said that the vessel had "violated" Russian waters and was "warned of the unacceptability of its actions" by the Udaloy-class destroyer Admiral Vinogradov, which had been tailing it. The communiqué added that sailors had told the American ship of the "potential of resorting to ramming to force the trespasser out of the territory." 

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Russian MiG-31 fighter jet races to escort American spy plane in skies over Pacific Ocean, amid growing tensions with Washington

A US Air Force reconnaissance plane flying in international airspace has been shadowed through the skies by a Russian fighter pilot off the country's Pacific coast, Ministry of Defense officials in Moscow confirmed on Friday.

A spokesperson for the department revealed that the Russian MiG-31 jet "took off from an airfield in Kamchatka to identify [the American plane] and accompany it. The fighter pilot identified the target as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135."

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Russia, retaliating against Washington, asks 10 U.S. diplomats to leave

Russia on Friday asked 10 U.S. diplomats to leave the country in retaliation for Washington's expulsion of the same number of Russian diplomats over alleged malign activity and suggested the U.S. ambassador return home for consultations.

The measures, part of a broader retaliatory package, were approved by President Vladimir Putin, as a response to an array of U.S. government sanctions imposed on Moscow a day earlier, including curbs to its sovereign debt market. read more

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Extreme evil is coming, and hell is coming with it: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND ITS MILITARY HAVE DECLARED WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

"Although tyranny...may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people."

In order for tyrants to claim and retain total power, the people must become ignorant of their own history and roots, and must through propaganda and fear be so terrified as to abandon all logic and responsibility in order to seek a false safety. In this country today, history and tradition are being destroyed, while the ruling class and government have stoked immense fear based on a propaganda campaign that was used to create a make-believe threat called Covid-19. Every element is now in place to transfer all power to the state, and in order for that coup to be successful for the tyrants, all dissent and disobedience to totalitarian mandates must be squelched. The key element to accomplish this lies in the ability for the government to instill division and distrust among the people themselves; so much so, that the masses turn on each other to assure compliance to order to have a false sense of security. This leads to voluntary servitude, which is vital to the evil governing system, because once force is the only option for the state, chaos, revolution, or violent civil unrest will replace tyranny.

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We Have Entered the Era of Major False Flag Attacks- Federal LEO and Dave Hodges

The Great Reset needs another reset. In other words, there is a need for an all-encompassing false flag that will so debilitate the country, the America will be ripe for the pickings.

By my count, there are at least a couple of dozen of ways that the Deep State is using the Biden administration to destroy America. In this article, I am going to employ on narrow approach. 

This information is shocking and has greatly upset Federal LEO's who have an idea of what is coming.

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Expert: Neuralink Could Sell Your Private Thoughts to the "Highest Bidder"

"I worry about the widespread use of brain chips in the future."

Last week, Elon Musk's neural implant company Neuralink released a video of a primate, who'd been implanted with its technology, playing the game "Pong" with its thoughts.

The technologically flashy but otherwise disappointing demo - neuroscientists first developed and demonstrated mind-control tech in primates decades ago - represented Neuralink's growing prominence in the public sphere, and raised important questions about privacy, data ownership, and biomedical ethics.

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Lawsuit Exposes COVID Jabs As Unsafe Transhumanist Gene Therapies

New discoveries filed in the U.S. District Court of Middle Florida against COVID-19 vaccine makers, advertisers, and distributors by a Harvard-trained public health expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, reveal an enterprise secreting critical information about the actual activities of Harvard's indicted nano-chemistry professor, Charles Lieber, his connections to the alleged "plandemic," and the "conspiracy theory" embraced by a consensus of best-informed most-honorable scientists.

Among this growing consensus is the former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, who affirmed COVID's lab origin on CNN. Redfield joined Nobel Prize virologist Luc Montagnier, who confirmed the same conclusion reached by IBM'S chief genetic analyst, Prashant Pradham et al. Gene sequencing showed the "novel" SARS-coronavirus pathogen most-likely emerged from a lab.

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Update: Looming War - Ukraine-Russia

Seems everybody needs an update on what actually happened yesterday.

We in the USA sanctioned the hell out of Russia over issues the Democrats themselves created to smear Trump. The Democrats started believing there own bullshit. Two things happened afterwards:

1: Russia announced they were closing the Kerch Straight starting next week and lasting through October. They did not stop commercial traffic, just military movements including from Ukraine themselves. It doesn't seem too bad until you realize that if they had stopped commercial ships they would be shooting themselves in the foot with the new sanctions.

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The Chip Shortage Is Bad. Taiwan's Drought Threatens to Make It Worse.

Island's worst dry spell in half a century has added to the challenges facing a center of semiconductor manufacturing

TAIPEI-The worst drought in half a century is hitting Taiwan, adding strain to an island that is home to two-thirds of the world semiconductor manufacturing capacity during the worst global chip shortage in recent memory.

The drought's impact on semiconductor producers, which require voluminous quantities of water to churn out chips, is so far modest as the government creates exceptions for these manufacturers. But companies are starting to make adjustments, and officials have warned that the water shortage could worsen without adequate rainfall.

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Does Putin really need another army? Russia's defence minister wants to CLONE 3,000-year-old ancient warriors from remains found in Siberia (and their horses to boot)

Russia's defence minister has taken time out from massing troops on Ukraine's borders to unveil a 'Dolly the Sheep' cloning dream involving ancient royal warriors and their prize horses using DNA preserved in permafrost.

Sergei Shoigu - one of Vladimir Putin's closest allies - spoke about the potential of the extraordinary 3,000-year-old Scythian burials in Tuva, his mountainous native republic in Siberia.

The ancient Tunnug burial site of nomadic warriors - often laid to rest with their horses - is in an area known as the Valley of the Kings in Tuva.

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Proof That This Is A Mad, Mad World We Live In, As We Document A Whole Lot Of Crazy - A Race War Isn't Coming, It Is Here: These People Will Not Be Happy Until All Of America Is Burning

A number of stories and videos I found today offers undeniable proof that the world we now live in is quite mad.

From social justice warrior freakouts to armed BLM thugs verbally attacking people just trying to eat out, to random, white social media users lecturing folks on how to "call out" their "racist relatives" after months of not being able to attend family gatherings. 

That and much more, seen first thing in the morning, truly could make one want to go back to sleep and hope it was all a nightmare.

We'll go through a few things that point to utter insanity the likes of which makes me very happy we live on top of a mountain and do not have to deal with strangers unless we want to.

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April 14th: Vaccine DEATH WAVE now unstoppable... 122 million Americans now at risk from dangerous medical experiment that can't be undone

(Natural News) According to the CDC Covid Data Tracker page, over 122 million Americans have already received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. That's about 37% of the population, and it's increasing by nearly 2 million people per day in the United States.

Notably, as Americans are being killed by vaccines, globalists are replacing the American electorate by bringing in massive waves of illegal aliens, many of whom are pregnant women ready to give birth to anchor babies. The criminal Marxists who stole the 2020 election are continuing their plan to mass murder real Americans (with vaccines and bioweapons) and replace them with compliant, low-skilled illegals who will vote for socialist handouts and freedom-killing Democrat policies.

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Nunes: Democrats Will Further Weaponize Intel Community Against ‘Domestic Extremists'

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) said Republicans expect Democrats to further weaponize the intelligence community against "domestic extremists," much as how they used it to further the Russia collusion hoax against former President Donald Trump.

Nunes said in his opening statement at Thursday's committee hearing on worldwide threats:

The Democrats see political benefits in characterizing wide swathes of American citizens, particularly Republicans and conservatives, as politically suspect, potentially violent, and deserving of government surveillance. However, I will remind those assembled here today that our Intelligence Community exists solely to counteract foreign threats.

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Credit Suisse is hours from collapse and the consequences could be a systemic failure of the financial system.

Disappointingly, my dream last night stopped there. So unfortunately I didn't experience what actually happened.

As I warned in last week's article on Archegos and Credit Suisse, investment banks have created a timebomb with the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives monster.

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BLM Protesters Tell ‘White Ally': "You're White, You Don't Belong!"

White protester had tried to stop agitators throwing objects at police.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were caught on camera telling a white liberal ally, "You're white! You don't belong!" before demanding that he leave the area because he asked that other protesters stop throwing objects at the police.

The incident occurred during more protests that took place last night outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

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The Consequences of Mental Fatigue in a Slow-Burning Crisis

In this article, I'll introduce you to one effect of mental fatigue known by my Nan as the P.L.O.M.S. In some situations, this can have serious consequences. Taking action and making decisions is key in keeping your group or family unit safe and secure. Fatigue management is one of the most neglected preps.

Mental fatigue is especially present in a slow-burning crisis like the one we're dealing with right now. The isolation, increased financial problems, and stress of this pandemic and the response to it have caused quite a lot of people to struggle with their mental health and well-being.

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DAYS OF NOAH: Hybrid monkey-human embryos created in lab for first time...Some warn Pandora's box has opened

(OPINION) ETH - For the first time in history, researchers now have embryos that are reportedly a hybrid of human and monkey cells and the announcement has sounded the alarm for those who raise ethical questions for such a move.

According to the report, a professor named Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte in the Gene Expression Laboratories at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, claims that research could one day cut waiting lists of organ transplants.

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April 15th, 2021: Vaccines KILL Americans while illegal aliens REPLACE them

Natural News) If you want to know the real plan for mandatory vaccines and open borders, it's not that difficult to figure out, really: Vaccines are designed to kill off Americans while open borders are designed to allow a flood of obedient third world illegals to replace them.

Democrats love illegals to flood in from socialist-leaning third world nations because those illegals are poorly educated and easy to manipulate through false authority. And because many of those illegals grew up under socialist welfare states, that's all they know, and their loyalty to Democrats can be purchased with nothing more than a few handouts.

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Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails

It might sound like "US exceptionalism" to point this out (...and how very dare I), but even if the globalist Reset is successful in every other nation on Earth, the globalists are still failures if they can't secure and subjugate the American people. As I've noted many times in the past, most of the world has been sufficiently disarmed, and even though we are seeing resistance in multiple European nations against forced vaccination legislation and medical tyranny, it is unlikely that they will have the ability to actually repel a full on march into totalitarianism. Most of Asia, India and Australia are already well under control. Africa is almost an afterthought , considering Africa is where many suspect vaccines are tested.

America represents the only significant obstacle to the agenda.

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White House Studying How To Cause All, Both Small And Great (Christians) To Submit To Injections

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the Biden administration was looking for ways to conduct outreach to "white conservative communities" where coronavirus vaccine hesitancy runs high. Nearly half of white evangelicals have said they do not want the coronavirus vaccine, and about half of Republican men feel the same way. That presents the Biden administration with an acute challenge, since conservative whites tended to support President Donald Trump in last year's presidential election and have remained suspicious of President Biden... (READ MORE)



SPECIAL REPORT: "This is a Well Planned, Well Funded, Industrial Level Invasion"

At about 9:00 PM ET Tuesday night, April 13, 2021, approximately 150 unaccompanied minor children who entered the U.S. illegally via the U.S.-Mexican border arrived at the Erie International Airport (via El Paso, TX) and were transferred into busses at the privately owned North Coast Air.  They were transported by three coach busses to a facility known as the Pennsylvania International Academy, 8155 Oliver Road, Summit Township, PA.

"This is just the start. It's about 150 ‘children' right now, but more are coming. The amount of money being spent for this mass infusion of illegal aliens into our community is staggering. In my opinion, this is not a humanitarian effort, but a deliberate invasion. The people of Erie County have no idea what's in store for them." -Source who wants to remain anonymous, April 15, 2021

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China uses free eggs and ice-cream, and blacklists to boost lagging vaccine rollout

In some parts of China, the COVID-19 vaccine comes with a side of eggs.

It's part of the country's push to reach an ambitious target of immunising 40 per cent of its population of 1.4 billion by June.

Some Weibo users in Beijing have circulated a poster, which says residents over the age of 60 who are vaccinated "can get two cartons of fresh eggs for free".

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LBMA Acknowledges "Buying Frenzy" In Silver Market And Silver Shortage Fears

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has just published a new report titled "Silver Investment 2021: Report" which looks at recent developments in the investment silver sector.

While it's not clear who actually wrote the report, as no author is specified, the LBMA states that it "acknowledges Metals Focus' contribution to this report" so we can assume Metals Focus actually wrote it or was heavily involved. Metals Focus is a precious metals consultancy based in London, which also at times, writes the Silver Institute's annual World Silver Survey.

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'Incalculable Consequences' Await America As Zero Hour Closes In - FLASHBACK To This 2014 Story Reporting The USS Donald Cook Was Completely Disabled By Russia's Electronic Weapons

In the latest sign of big war troubles ahead, the Daily Mail reports in this Wednesday story that Russia is participating in 'live fire drills' in the Black Sea, with Kremlin insiders now warning 'war is inevitable' over rising political tensions in the Ukraine that threaten to bring what the top voted comment on that story warned: "All the peace enjoyed under Trump is about to be undone".

With the globalists long pushing for war with Russia dating back to Barack Obama and with Hillary Clinton herself stoking major tensions with Russia in the run-up to the 2016 election, it's concerning that these drills are happening at the same time as two US warships arriving in the Black Sea, the entrance of the USS Donald Cook and USS Roosevelt into that region.

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BREAKING NEWS 9:54 AM EST -- The United States Congress has just been informed by the President of the United States that he's "declaring a national emergency

with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy" of the United States, posed by specified harmful foreign activities of Russia."

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Lessons from the Roman Empire about the danger of luxury

Are we enslaved by the finer things in life?

The Roman army was one of the most militarily effective and successful forces the world has ever known. On open land, their legions were pretty much unbeatable. But the Roman Empire was not built on the back of military genius and short, stabbing swords alone. The legions might have beaten a people, but they did not subdue them. It was the love of luxury and easy living that did that.

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One dead, three neurologically disabled, ‘numerous' reactions from vaccine in tiny Indigenous village

A doctor asked the British Columbia provincial health officer, ‘Is this normal?'

LYTTON, British Columbia, April 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - One patient died, two suffered anaphylactic reactions, three have ongoing disabling dizziness, muscle weakness, and chronic pain, and "numerous" patients developed allergic reactions after they received a first dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine given to 900 mostly Indigenous people, according to a local doctor who works in the tiny Fraser Valley village of Lytton, British Columbia.

"I have been quite alarmed at the high rate of serious side effects from this novel treatment," family doctor Charles Hoffe wrote in an April 5 letter to British Columbia Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry.

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Final Hour - Nuclear War, First Responders Will Have To Wait For The Deadly Fallout To Decay Before They Enter A Hot Zone So The More You Prepare, The Better Your Odds Of Surviving A Nuclear Crisis

No one wants to think about a nuclear crisis - and hopefully it will never happen - but we all must accept the fact nuclear tensions are rising globally with Russia and China (and others are seeking nukes) so we should prepare ourselves and our loved ones in the event the unthinkable strikes our soil.

For decades, movies and some in the media have portrayed a nuclear attack as a "doomsday" event implying most people would be killed on impact ... and survivors would want to die once they come out of their shelters.

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Brain fog: how trauma, uncertainty and isolation have affected our minds and memory

After a year of lockdown, many of us are finding it hard to think clearly, or remember what happened when. Neuroscientists and behavioural experts explain why

Before the pandemic, psychoanalyst Josh Cohen's patients might come into his consulting room, lie down on the couch and talk about the traffic or the weather, or the rude person on the tube. Now they appear on his computer screen and tell him about brain fog. They talk with urgency of feeling unable to concentrate in meetings, to read, to follow intricately plotted television programmes. "There's this sense of debilitation, of losing ordinary facility with everyday life; a forgetfulness and a kind of deskilling," says Cohen, author of the self-help book How to Live. What to Do. Although restrictions are now easing across the UK, with greater freedom to circulate and socialise, he says lockdown for many of us has been "a contraction of life, and an almost parallel contraction of mental capacity".

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Dems introduce bill to expand Supreme Court to 13 justices

Democrats in Congress introduced legislation Thursday expanding the size of the Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices, according to a press release from Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler.

Led by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Representative Nadler (D-NY), Hank Johnson (D-GA) and Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY), the Judiciary Act of 2021 seeks to add four seats to the high court for the first time in over 150 years.

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US expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Biden administration announced Thursday the U.S. is expelling 10 Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions against several dozen people and companies, holding the Kremlin accountable for interference in last year's presidential election and the hacking of federal agencies.

The sweeping measures are meant to punish Russia for actions that U.S. officials say cut to the core of American democracy and to deter future acts by imposing economic costs on Moscow, including by targeting its ability to borrow money. The sanctions are certain to exacerbate tensions with Russia, which promised a response, even as President Joe Biden said the administration could have taken even more punitive measures but chose not to in the interests of maintaining stability.

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One Image Says It All - Get Woke, Get Broken.....Into? Lesson To Learn: Appeasing Rioting Thugs Won't Stop Them From Attacking And Destroying Everything In Their Path

We'll start with the image above because it says so very much and offers the opportunity to learn a very important lesson about appeasement: It never works because those you are trying to appease will attack you just as fast as they will attack anyone else.

The image above was seen in a recent Twitchy publication, which they call the "biggest woke signage/pandering fail by a business maybe EVER.

Australian journalist Rita Panahi shared the image with the message "Woke signage won't save you from the woke mob."

This is not the first time we have seen rioters attack local businesses that are supportive of their message, or those trying to appease them by showing how "woke" they are as a businesses in the hopes that their businesses would left alone by the rioting thugs too busy lighting fires, looting, and breaking in to storefronts, to bother to even read the damn signs.

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Masks Are Nothing but Dress Code Loyalty Oaths to Governments

"It's government rule-making for the sake of rule-making whose chief purpose is to demonstrate that it is the government's job to command and each citizen's duty to readily obey."

The Centers for Disease Control released another study showing no statistically significant decrease in "daily case" or "death growth" rates from COVID-19 in areas with mask mandates.  This comes after a similar CDC study in October indicated that mask mandates do not appear to have slowed or stopped the spread of the coronavirus at all.  Still, the CDC continues to recommend that all Americans wear masks, except in certain private settings when individuals are fully vaccinated, unless the goalpost-shifting Dr. Fauci gets his way.

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Prof rejects calls to resign after rebuking his 'woke' university

'Would you please stop reducing my personhood to a racial category?'

A video in which a University of Vermont professor calmly explains his concern about "social justice" teaching on campus that reduces people to a "racial category" has prompted calls for his resignation.

But education professor Aaron Kindsvatter, in a follow-up YouTube video, says he won't resign, reported Campus Reform.

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Beware the Government-Corporate Complex

Most white guys will not write about race because the media has successfully silenced our voices for fear of being called the R word.  Well, I am not one of them.  As Yogi would say, "I call them like I see them" and no amount of intolerance from the tolerance crowd is going to silence my voice.

I am sick of the double-standard and I am sick of watching black America being co-opted by Communists.  The Communist Left lay in hiding waiting for the next "injustice" to rear its ugly head so that they can fill the streets to permanently fracture an already divided nation.

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Russian Gunboats Head To The Black Sea To Join Military Buildup Near Ukraine

The deployment of additional naval assets to the Black Sea comes as other signs, including a spike in GPS jamming, point to a new looming crisis.

The Russian Navy is sending 10 vessels, a mixture of landing craft and small gunboats, from its Caspian Sea Flotilla to the Black Sea. The deployment is ostensibly part of a larger series of readiness drills, but comes amid a continuing and worrisome Russian military buildup near the country's borders with Ukraine. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, or OSCE, has also said there has been a spike in GPS jamming in the region, which has impacted its ability to monitor the situation as part of an existing agreement between Russia and Ukraine. All of this only further fuels concerns that a significant escalation in the conflict between these two countries may be imminent.

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Raven Rock Author Tells Us How Our Government Plans For Its Own Annihilation 

We chat all about how the government secretly prepares for the end of the world as we know it and the fortresses and technologies that will protect the chosen few. 

The War Zone had a long discussion with Garrett Graff, the author of the fascinating new book, Raven Rock: The U.S. Government's Secret Plan To Save Itself While The Rest Of Us Die. We talked about everything from secret bunkers to how nukes spawned that development of modern communications, and of course all about government after America as we know it has been turned to ashes. It was a lively, eye opening, and bizarre discussion to say the least-just as one should expect when discussing the fine details of America's shadowy continuity of government plans. 

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'Russia is threatening us with destruction': Ukraine warns Putin he will 'bear very painful consequences' if soldiers cross the border after President Biden CANCELS deployment of US warships despite Moscow's military build-up

Ukraine has warned Russia that it will bear 'very painful' consequences if it invades as Vladimir Putin continues to mass his forces in eastern Europe. 

Dmytro Kuleba, the country's foreign minister, said today that Moscow is 'openly' threatening Ukraine with 'destruction' by stationing 80,000 troops along its border - with more arriving every day - calling on western allies to provide more practical support and warning that 'words are not enough'.

He spoke following a meeting with the foreign ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - NATO allies in the region - saying 'the four of us condemn the exacerbation of the situation by Russia.' 

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Vladimir Putin is ready to roll: Secret Ukrainian government report says Russia will deploy ANOTHER 30,000 troops and will amass more than 7,000 tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery guns for 'invasion'

Ukraine fears more than 100,000 Russian troops will be in place on its borders, ready to invade, by the end of the month.

A Ukrainian government report, obtained by the Daily Mail, estimates the Kremlin will deploy up to 30,000 extra soldiers, accompanied by more tanks and rocket systems, in support of 80,000 Russian troops already awaiting orders to advance.

The figures are based on intelligence intercepts and satellite photographs as troops and equipment travel hundreds of miles across Russia to amass around its neighbour.

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U.S. And Chinese Carrier Groups Mass In The South China Sea

The northern reaches of the South China Sea have become very busy as of late with two U.S. carrier groups and one Chinese carrier group in the region.

Tensions between China and its regional neighbors in the South China and Philippine Seas increased markedly this week. Naval exercises by both the United States and China have massed an unusual number of warships in the South China Sea at a time of renewed diplomatic friction as concerns over China's territorial ambitions grow.

The uptick began late last week. The War Zone reported that China's Liaoning Carrier Strike Group (CSG) maneuvered through the strategic Miyako Strait on Sunday, just southwest of Okinawa. Since then, a separate point of tension between China and the Philippines over a mass of fishing vessels identified as part of China's People's Armed Forces Maritime Militia (PAFMM) led to a series of heated diplomatic exchanges between Manila and Beijing. 

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Russian atomic mortars spotted moving toward border with Ukraine

Russian Armed Forces are deploying its massive atomic mortars to the border with Ukraine, according to videos posted on social media.

Earlier last week, video footage had emerged on social media of the Russian 2S4 Tyulpan self-propelled mortars moving toward the border with Ukraine. The heavy artillery systems were spotted at the railway station in Kropotkin, Krasnodar region.

The 2S4 Tyulpan, also known at West as the M-1975, is a Soviet design 240-mm self-propelled mortar.

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Russia deploys Iskander systems with extended-range missiles to Ukrainian border

Russian Armed Force is reportedly deploying its Iskander (NATO Reporting name: SS-26 Stone) missile systems with R-500 extended-range ground-launched cruise missiles in areas near Voronezh, which's 250 kilometers away from the border with Ukraine's Kharkiv and Luhansk regions.

Open-source intelligence specialist at Janes Thomas Bullock identified Russian Iskander missile systems that have moved or are moving to the Ukrainian area of operations since late March through open-source intelligence.

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This documentary uncovers the extreme danger of "Democratic Socialists of America" (DSA) who are actually communists pretending to be Democrats. These individuals seek the complete destruction of the United States of America, hoping to overrun it with hoards of illegal aliens. DSA activists seek the complete dismantling of border patrol and immigration protections, the shutting down of U.S. prisons (releasing all violent criminals into the streets) and the total destruction of the free market system, with centralized government taking over the entire economy.

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5,365 DEAD 238,949 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 "Vaccines"

The European database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 "vaccines."

This website was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to provide public access to reports of suspected side effects (also known as suspected adverse drug reactions). These reports are submitted electronically to EudraVigilance by national medicines regulatory authorities and by pharmaceutical companies that hold marketing authorisations (licences) for the medicines.

EudraVigilance is a system designed for collecting reports of suspected side effects. These reports are used for evaluating the benefits and risks of medicines during their development and monitoring their safety following their authorisation in the European Economic Area (EEA). EudraVigilance has been in use since December 2001.

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Putin's robot army to be deployed at Ukraine border with 85,000 troops ‘ready for conflict' as war tensions mount

VLADIMIR Putin's robot army will be deployed at Ukraine's border with 85,000 troops "ready for conflict" as war tensions mount.

The new unmanned firepower was inspected by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu this week, at the 766th Production and Technological Enterprise in Nakhabino near Moscow.

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Turkey Confirms 2 US Warships To Enter Black Sea As Ukraine Posturing Grows

Turkey's foreign ministry on Friday confirmed that it's granted permission for US warships to use the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits to enter the Black Sea at a moment tensions with Russia over Ukraine are spiraling higher with tit-for-tat threats. Given it revealed the initial notification was two weeks ago, a pair of American warships are expected imminently to enter the Black Sea.

The foreign ministry said in a statement while referencing the treaty that regulates passage through the straits: "A notice was sent to us 15 days ago via diplomatic channels that two U.S. warships would pass to the Black Sea in line with the Montreux Convention. The ships will remain in the Black Sea until May 4."

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"COVID-19 jab is not a vaccine; it's a cellular modification technology that causes a self-creating auto-immune disease similar to AIDS" (Video)

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This Is How the Deadliest Pathogen Will Be Brought to America and We Are Not Talking Covid

Just as the American southern border is under attack, so it in Australia. The Chinese invasion is threatening the Australian culture, education system and is moving into the political arena. The resulting chaos has largely been ignored by the government, until recently. This is happening in New Zealand, Canada and the United States, but let's start with Australia.

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U.S. Spy Agencies Warn of Threats From Digital Currency to AI

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. intelligence community predicts an increasingly leaderless and unstable world in the coming decades as trends such as artificial intelligence, digital currencies and climate change reshape the global arena, according to the National Intelligence Council.

The coming decades will be characterized by a mismatch between global challenges and "the ability of institutions and system to respond," according to "Global Trends 2040: A More Contested World." The result will be "greater contestation at every level" -- especially between the U.S. and China.

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With Some Of The Most Sinister Weapons Of Dictatorship Now Being Used On Americans, History Proves To Us Gulags And Death Camps Always Follow Behind

While 'big tech censorship' is nothing new in this day and age we live in, we've personally witnessed a massive uptick of that in the last few days alone against ANP readers who simply posted links to other stories in our comment sections.

With links posted by ANP readers in comments to stories from the NY Post, the Gateway Pundit, Sgt Report, 'Vaccine Impact' and numerous other stories, as well as to Reddit's 'Conspiracy Theory community', going straight into spam for containing 'restricted words', those comments were immediately approved by ANP upon learning of them.

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China Is Creating a New Master Race

Bing Su, a Chinese geneticist at the state-run Kunming Institute of Zoology, recently inserted the human MCPH1 gene, which develops the brain, into a monkey. The insertion could make that animal's intelligence more human than that of lower primates. Su's next experiment is inserting into monkeys the SRGAP2C gene, related to human intelligence, and the FOXP2 gene, connected to language skills.

Has nobody in China seen Planet of the Apes?

Or maybe they have. "Biotechnology development in China is heading in a truly macabre direction," writes Brandon Weichert of The Weichert Report in an article posted on the American Greatness website.

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We Are Living In A Time Where Satan Doesn't Even Hide Anymore, AND THE WORLD STILL CAN'T SEE HIM

Yes, the world is increasingly under the influence of an invisible and increasingly powerful force that steers it straight into chaos. Nobody seems to see this because nobody believes such a thing is possible.

Each and every one of us has the potential to be the devil or a devil opposed to anything divine or godly. And in a world that is increasingly denying any divine presence, left to their own devices, guess where is the devil? Right among us, unseen yet ever so powerful, like a mysterious force moving masses as it wills, creating mayhem, destruction, confusion, and hate.

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Biden Nominee To Head ATF Was Involved In Waco Massacre, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge and Fast & Furious

Time and time again, the federal government rewards the most corrupt individuals

Joe Biden's anti-Second Amendment nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has a background ripe with controversy.

Currently serving as a senior policy advisor at former representative Gabriel Giffords' anti-gun lobbying group "Giffords," David Chipman used to carry a semi-automatic rifle while raking in a taxpayer-funded paycheck.

The Biden nominee's government career places him on location or being directly involved in some of America's most infamous events over the last few decades.

Daily Mail reports that Chipman was "at the Ruby Ridge standoff," in 1992 near Naples, Idaho.

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Eminent doc: Media censored COVID-19 early treatment options that could have reduced fatalities by 85%

Dr. Peter McCullough also explained that given an 80% level of herd immunity, broad vaccination has ‘no scientific, clinical or safety rationale.'

AUSTIN, Texas, April 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - An exceedingly well-qualified physician, who was censored by YouTube last year, addressed the Texas State Senate Health and Human Service Committee last month providing thorough information on successful treatments of COVID-19, the present high-level of herd immunity from the disease, the very limited potential of "vaccines," and the data that shows early treatment could have saved up to 85 percent of the "over 500,000 deaths in the United States."

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This Is How It Is Done! Officials Chased Out of Restaurant By Patrons Chanting 'Get Out, Get Out, Get Out' - When A Community Unites Against Tyranny We All Win

Examples from the U.S. and Canada show how sick and tired businesses owners and patrons of those establishments are with the arbitrary lockdowns and limitations on their businesses, which in many cases have cost said owners their livelihoods.

From gym owners to churches to restaurants, we are seeing the way forward to fight against the tyrannical leaders that seem to think they have the right to determine who and what is "essential," while destroying their economies by using fear as a motivator to force compliance.

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'Gun control is about who controls America': Tucker Carlson slams Joe Biden's new executive orders restricting firearms as a targeted attack on Trump voters

Tucker Carlson railed against Joe Biden's new executive actions on gun control by telling viewers who own firearms that the president is trying to turn them into criminals in a targeted attack on Republican voters. 

The Fox News host opened his show on Thursday with an impassioned rant hours after Biden announced the orders, which will crack down on so-called 'ghost guns', tighten requirements for pistol braces and issue reports on gun trafficking.

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53% Of Canadians On Brink Of Insolvency

53% of Canadians are on the verge of insolvency and are $200 or less away from not being able to pay their monthly bills and obligations, while 25% took on more debt during the pandemic, according to a new survey by MNP.

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The Corona Jab Serum & It's Effects On Human DNA & Brain Hacking! Are You Ready To Blow Your Mind?

Professor Charles Morgan gives a lecture at West Point to US soldiers in the Visual Information Division on the latest technology in the field of Bio-Warfare, DNA reprogramming and human cell exploitation.. I have been saying in previous videos that...

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BLM Co-Founder Buys $1.4 Million Home In Virtually All-White Area. Black Commentators Slam Her.

After reports that a $1.4 million home in a secluded area of Los Angeles whose population is reputedly less than 2% black was sold to one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, some black conservative commentators took her to task.

On Wednesday, reported, "A secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.'s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon was recently sold for a tad more than $1.4 million to a corporate entity that public records show is controlled by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37-year-old social justice visionary and co-founder of the galvanizing and, for some, controversial Black Lives Matter movement."

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At the Rate We're Running Out of Semiconductors, We May Not Have to Wait for an EMP to Take Down Almost Everything

The recent warnings of an imminent collapse in the U.S. aren't paranoia or typical doom saying by writers warning of crashes for three decades. These warnings are just common sense. Take a look at the news reports quietly being published in mainstream outlets and see for yourself. 

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"Never Seen Anything Like This" - $1 Display Chip Shortage Causes Chaos In Global Supply Chain

A semiconductor shortage continues to wreak havoc on global supply chains of auto and tech industries. Semiconductor manufacturers produce hundreds of different kinds of chips. Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia manufacture some of the most expensive ones, ranging from $100 to more than $1,000, powering computers and smartphones. But the shortage is not with the most expensive chips. According to Bloomberg, the shortage is among inexpensive display driver chips that cost $1.

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Human-gender-species-planetary-reassignment surgery: We now have a virtual cafeteria of trans-human options 

Some of us found that odd because we believed ourselves to have been part of a broad consensus that has embraced 99.99% of humanity for the better part of all the millennia from cave days to now, so we did not even realize sufficient criteria for determining gender were lacking. It was about as universal as any consensus had ever been throughout human history, and now we are informed suddenly it doesn't even exist.

It seems to those of us who thought there still was a consensus on what is a man and what is woman that only a minuscule component of modern liberal humanity finds this mysterious at all. The broader mystery is why they even think it is possible that people can be born into the "wrong" body or why it doesn't occur to them that it is far easier and more likely that the human software got a bug in it than that the body was hard-wired to be the wrong model.

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Kissinger Warns Washington: Accept New Global System Or Face A Pre-WWI Geopolitical Situation

In a recent Chatham House webinar with former British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, 97-year-old Kissinger called on the U.S. to create a balance with existing global forces, adding

"if you imagine that the world commits itself to an endless competition based on the dominance of whoever is superior at the moment, then a breakdown of the order is inevitable. And the consequences of a breakdown would be catastrophic."

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Biden SECDEF Austin orders military to use new extremism questionnaires and more

On Friday, President Joe Biden's Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the Department of Defense to create a new commission to study extremism within the ranks and ordered all U.S. military branches to update their screening questionnaires to question military recruits about their current or past links to extremist groups.

Austin announced the order in a memorandum provided to American Military News. The memo states, "The secretaries of the Military Departments will update and standardize accession screening questionnaires to solicit specific information about current or previous extremist behavior."

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More Evidence The Diabolical Depopulation Agenda Is Fully Underway With Many Getting Sick And Dying Following 'The Shot'

- 'Super Mutations' Render 'Vaccines' Useless, Except As A Weapon Against Humanity

While according to this story over at WebMd, 'anti-vaxxers' are a threat to the health of the entire world per the World Health Organization, both that WebMD story and the WHO refuse to report on the many emerging stories of people getting very sick and even dying following their Covid shots.

With this April 8th story over at the Daily Mail a perfect example of what we speak of, with that story reporting a 'pop-up mass vaccination clinic' in Colorado has been shut down after the 'Vaccines For All' event left 11 people who got Johnson & Johnson's shot suffering from nausea and dizziness, leaving two people hospitalized, those people may get off lucky if none of them dies, with numerous and growing reports of people dying inexplicably within weeks after getting 'the vaccine'

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SPECIAL REPORT: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann Report (FULL SHOW) 4/8/2021

SPECIAL REPORT: Steve Quayle and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny join Doug Hagmann to discuss the CCP Virus "vaccines," or more correctly described as an experimental genetically modified tool.  This is a "must listen" episode! Please share this episode with your friends and family.

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The Globalists Are Making Their Move! Are Pychotronic Attacks Being Used to Discourage the Revelation of the Gravity of What Is Coming?

Are there psychotronic weapons which can produce psychosomatic effects? The process is called TI for targeted individuals in which people are electronically harassed for what they know or are about to be revealed.

People who have followed me for 15 years will be shocked that I am mentioning this phenomenon in relation to myself. The electronic harassment began during the middle of the night when I was sleeping. As Steve Quayle and my friend Bob can attest to, they received calls from my phone in the middle of the night. However, the phenomenon became two-sided. Steve's phone and other phones began calling me in the middle of the night as I slept. This went on for a week. Then the phenomenon became very personal. As I would load information regarding Ebola to my website, I was not able to complete the task. In addition, I began to experience strong psychosomatic symptoms. When I was writing on a topic related to positing on the website, I would become extremely nauseated and feverish. Additionally, I spoke about a particular topic on the phone, I experienced the same symptoms.

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Dystopian Nightmare as European Court of Human Rights Rules Mandatory Vaccination is Legal

Making children get jabs for common diseases is ‘necessary in democratic society' and is in their best interests, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday in a landmark decision against anti-vaxxers. 

It's the first time the ECHR has ruled on mandatory vaccinations for children against common diseases. While the case dealt with the Czech Republic's laws that require schoolchildren to have jabs against diseases like whooping cough, tetanus and measles, it has implications when it comes to compulsory Covid jabs.

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Charlotte Iserbyt: Reagan, The Soviets & The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Charlotte Iserbyt is a former senior policy advisor to the U.S. Department of Education under Ronald Reagan who blew the whistle on Reagan's sellout of the American education system to the Soviets. She eventually wrote a book titled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A Chronological Paper Trail ( She joins Lynne Taylor and me for this exclusive interview on this subject she discovered nearly 4 decades ago and how it is impacting the education of US children.

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Joe Biden's Border Incompetence Destroying America: Liberal Media Acts SHOCKED To 'Discover' Biden Regime Lying Through Their Teeth About Border 'Crisis' 

With the recent damning numbers regarding the border surge being released, with a handy little chart that shows the extreme and massive rise in numbers from 2020 to 2021 to date, one has to wonder if the Associated Press (AP) will revise their new rules to refuse calling the situation a "crisis," as they had no problem with reporters doing when Trump was in office.

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Thousands on St. Vincent are ordered to evacuate NOW ahead of 'imminent' eruption of La Soufriere volcano - as cruise lines send ships to help people flee the Caribbean island

Thousands of residents of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent have been ordered to evacuate their homes due to the imminent eruption at the La Soufriere volcano.

Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said people living in so-called red zones in the northwest and northeast of the island needed to leave as the volcano pumped out more smoke and steam. 

Roughly 16,000 people live in the red zones and will need to be evacuated, Erouscilla Joseph, director of the University of the West Indies' Seismic Research Center said.

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How Rock Hill killer's rampage unfolded: 911 calls reveal neighbor heard '20 gunshots' when ex-NFL player Phillip Adams stormed into doctor's home, killing him, his wife, two grandchildren and a repairman before turning gun on himself

South Carolina police have released two 911 calls placed moments after former NFL player Phillip Adams shot dead five people and wounded a sixth before taking his own life.  

One of the calls, which were both placed at about 4.45pm on Wednesday, came from a man who said he heard about 20 gunshots at his neighbor's home in Rock Hill.  

'I think we've had some trouble,' the caller said. 'I think there's been a bad shooting. Maybe four people.'

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USPS worker is savagely beaten by two women 'trying to get stimulus checks' outside her badly dented postal van in broad daylight attack in Flint, Michigan

A USPS mailwoman has been savagely beaten by two women who were accused of trying to rob stimulus checks from her van in Flint, Michigan.

Footage shows the two women pounding the postal worker over the back of the head as they wrestle with her in the street, just yards away from a USPS truck which has a badly dented hood. 

'Bruh y'all hit the mailman, they trying to get that stimulus,' the man recording the assault is heard saying. 

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Satanic Prayer on Hating White People Included in New "Prayer Book" Being Sold at Target (Video)

A new prayer book being sold at Target and written by  Sarah Bessey features a prayer from Chanequa Walker-Barnes that begs the Lord to help her "hate white people" and the "nice ones, the Fox News-loving, Trump-supporting voters who ‘don't see color' but who make thinly veiled racist comments about ‘those people..

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April 8th, 2021: mRNA vaccines may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that "eat your brain" like Mad Cow Disease

(Natural News) The spike protein outer shell of the coronavirus contains "prion-like regions" that give the virus very high adhesion to ACE2 receptors in the human body. This has been documented by a study entitled, "SARS-CoV-2 Prion-Like Domains in Spike Proteins Enable Higher Affinity to ACE2," published by the Human Microbiology Institute:

The presence and unique distribution of prion-like domains in the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domains of the spike protein is particularly interesting, since although the SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV S proteins share the same host cell receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), SARS-CoV-2 demonstrates a 10- to 20-fold higher affinity for ACE2

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Russia Sets Up Army FIELD HOSPITAL Near Ukraine; Moves Iskander Missiles and Amphibious Landing Craft from Caspian Sea to Ukraine Coast!

Very serious developments took place Thursday, in the escalating military deployments between Russia and Ukraine signaling a likely INVASION and CONQUEST of Ukraine, by Russia.

We begin with Conflict Intelligence Teams (CIT) who grabbed photos of a new Russian Army Staging Area and FIELD HOSPITAL erected in Voronezh, Russia, about 250km from the Ukraine border.

A CIT grabbed photos on the ground showing the brand new Field Hospital setup:

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Fears Russia-Ukraine war could erupt in DAYS with UK on ‘high alert' as US flies nuke bombers nearby

THE Russia-Ukraine crisis could "erupt into all-out war" within days after the Kremlin threatened to "end" Kiev as military tensions were pushed to breaking point.

The terrifying news comes amid reports US nuclear bombers have been patrolling the skies after Moscow deployed tens of thousands of troops to the flashpoint border.

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Japan: Sorry, but we have to dump this Fukushima radioactive water into the ocean

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says that the government has put off figuring out what to do with all of the contaminated water building up at the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for long enough - and it's time to start dumping it into the ocean.

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Biden's Pick To Run The ATF Is A Fanatical Gun Control Marxists, Touts Odd Deep State Conspiracy Theories & Bans

Biden has nominated David Chipman to run the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Division. Chipman is a former agent of the ATF and is a gun control activists.

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EXCLUSIVE: I've Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What's To Come For All Conservative Americans

For years, Big Tech has used me as Patient Zero in their test case in mass de-platforming by eliminating my ability to reach the public because of my political views.

Being forced to use alternative social media sites, I know I've been a little "offline" since I ran for Congress in President Trump's home district, Florida-21 a few months ago. But I feel compelled to reach out to you to share a shocking story about something that happened to me and is relevant to all of us. It might have seemed implausible a few years ago, but things are rapidly changing here in America, our rights are in danger, and our Republic is in a fragile place.

The new bans on President Trump and Conservative voices around the nation over the last two weeks are what I've been dealing with and actively fighting against for years.

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Taiwan Warns It Will "Fight To Very Last Day" If China Attacks As US Warship Transits Strait 

On Wednesday Taiwan issued new and rare bellicose words signaling its response plans should China attack the democratic island. As speculation abounds over Beijing's increased military pressure which has included ever larger weekly and near daily military flights into Taiwan's defense zones, Taipei officials have tended to downplay the possibility of a Chinese move on the island.

Breaking from this reticent approach which thus far has seen officials avoid direct ratcheting rhetoric with the mainland, Taiwan's foreign minister asserted the island will defend itself "to the very last day" if it comes under attack by China.

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War between Russia and Ukraine would lead to the ‘coming of the Messiah' says 300-year-old Jewish prophecy

A FEARED outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine could herald the coming of the Messiah, scholars claim.

A rabbi says it would fulfil a centuries-old prophecy by his famous ancestor Vilna Gaon, who is hailed as one the most influential Jewish leaders in modern history.

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Biden's New Executive Orders Could Turn a Whole Lot of Gun Owners Into FELONS

Joe Biden promised to do it and he has finally delivered. Today, the cognitively declining President of the United States signed a number of Executive Orders allegedly designed to "curb gun violence" but actually designed to destroy the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.

In the process, Biden has turned many Americans into felons with a stroke of his pen.

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Scientists Call BS On WHO's Wuhan 'Investigation' - Demand Legitimate Probe With Or Without China

After a joint investigation between China and the World Health Organization (WHO) failed to produce a legitimate explanation for the origins of COVID-19, a group of international scientists has cried foul - and is demanding "more rigorous investigations" - with or without Beijing's participation, according to Reuters.

"Their starting point was, let's have as much compromise as is required to get some minimal cooperation from China," said Atlantic Council senior fellow, Jamie Metzl, who drafted the letter - which says that the WHO study's conclusions were based on unpublished Chinese research, while records and biological samples critical to the investigation "remain inaccessible."

According to Metzl, the world might have to "revert to plan B" and conduct an independent investigation "in the most systematic way possible" with or without China's participation.

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Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Federal Control

The concept of infrastructure stimulus has been hyped for decades as a kind of cure-all for economic decline. The propaganda runs parallel to the narrative of the "savior" of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In fact, one cannot examine the presidency of FDR without being bombarded with one sided worship of infrastructure spending and the "New Deal."

The New Deal is often credited in left-leaning literature as being the singular cure for the depression, and FDR by extension has been handed messiah status among leftists. The New Deal is supposedly proof that massive socialized federal and central bank interventions through public works programs is an economic ambrosia. So, it's not surprising that nearly every president since the Great Depression has argued for an unprecedented infrastructure bill when faced with economic collapse. A large portion of the public on both sides of the aisle has been trained to think these programs will save us.

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As We Reach The Tipping Point, The Vaccinated Become Silent Spreaders While Door To Door Vaccines Are Coming - Radical Left Media Pushing Mandatory Covid Vaccinations In Our Futures 

- Tyranny Being Unveiled For Something That Doesn't Work

If we want to get a look at tomorrow by looking at today, several new stories published the last several days provide us with the roadmap we're now on and it's a roadmap towards tyranny. And as we hear in the only video at the bottom of this story from CNBC, part of that tyranny may look like mandatory, aka FORCED, Covid-19 injections for the entire US population if we continue along this road. 

As News Radio WWJ-950 reports in this new story, the city of Detroit will be sending workers door-to-door, urging residents of the city to get out and get the COVID-19 vaccine. The city of Detroit, still struggling with the coronavirus, plans to send workers door-to-door to encourage residents to get the vaccine.

With the Detroit City Council approving a $1.2 million contract to hire over 50 people, those people will work with nonprofit organizations to canvas the entirety of the city, similar to the door-to-door effort they also make to carry out the census.

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Israel launched yet another missile attack against Damascus, Syria tonight, firing missiles from Lebanon, outside Syrian air space.

This time Syria fired back; Not just at the incoming Israeli missiles, but at the fighter jet which fired them!

For the first time, an Israeli fighter jet had to use Chaff and Flares to evade being hit by a Syrian air defense missile!

The missile chased the jet -- IN LEBANON AIR SPACE -- forcing the fighter pilot to use extreme evasive maneuvers and, finally, chaff and flares, to escape being shot down.

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Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski: He's Not Just Running Nazis Out Of His Church!

Just days ago, Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski lit up the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the world in driving out the Canadian Gestapo due to their entering the building where the Church he pastors worships. However, there is much more to this man and what God is doing in Calgary than a two-minute video. He joins me in this episode. Hang on, cause we're gonna have Church today!

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In A Time Of Plenty, It's Impossible To Imagine The Cruel Reality Of True Scarcity-28 Inconvenient Truths As The ‘S' Hit's The Fan

In the early days of the prepping craze, 2009-2014 or so, TEOTWAWKI was on every prepper's mind - The End Of The World As We Know It. Wherever it originated, it struck a chord with Americans, in particular, who looked at the steep decline of their home's value, the loss of their jobs, the devastation to their hopes of retirement and any savings, and wondered if the end of the world as they knew had become a reality.

A new surge in prepping consumes us now as a pandemic and the fear and uncertainty it brings grips our attention. What if the world as we have always known it has ended, or as one of my readers said, "I knew all along that the end of this will be the beginning of something different."

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EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.'

‘Look out the window, and think, "why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?" Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They're going to kill you and your family.'

April 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with "the most senior research position" in his field, spoke with LifeSiteNews. 

He addressed the "demonstrably false" propaganda from governments in response to COVID-19, including the "lie" of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for "vaccine passports," and the strong possibility we are dealing with a "conspiracy" which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th century.

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World Economic Forum Promotes 'Smart Mask' that Sends 'Alerts' if You Don't Wear It

Digital face 'mask of the future' sends alerts when users 'forget to put it on'

The powerful elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are promoting a new "smart mask" that connects to the user's smartphone and sends "alerts" if they "forget to put it on."

WEF is hailing the invention as "the mask of the future."

It is pitching it as a "smart mask that can track your breathing and let you know if you are wearing it wrong or even if you forget to wear it at all."

In a video posted to the WEF's official Twitter account on Wednesday, the globalist group, whose chairman, Klaus Schwab, is the man behind "The Great Reset," boasts that their new "smart face mask" can track every breath its wearer takes.

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Can Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will

The Spanish firm Grifols helped set off a kerfuffle last year when it, along with other firms, offered nearly double the going price for blood donations for a COVID-19 treatment trial. Brigham Young University in Idaho had to threaten some enterprising students with suspension to keep them from intentionally trying to contract COVID-19. The trial failed, however, and now the Barcelona-based firm is hoping to extract something far more valuable from the plasma of young volunteers: a set of microscopic molecules that could reverse the process of aging itself.

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Global Food Costs Keep Climbing in Threat to Consumer Wallets

(Bloomberg) -- The global food-price rally that's stoking inflation worries and hitting consumers around the world shows little sign of slowing.

Even with grain prices taking a breather on good crop prospects, a United Nations gauge of global food costs rose for a 10th month in March to the highest since 2014. Last month's advance was driven by a surge in vegetable oils amid stronger demand and tight inventories, according to Abdolreza Abbassian, a senior economist at the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization.

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The golden age of the Aztecs: British researcher reveals lost civilization's hieroglyphics are among world's most sophisticated and rival ancient literary achievements of Egypt, India, Greece and Rome

The Aztecs' hieroglyphs were among the most sophisticated writing systems which humanity has produced, an expert has claimed.

Little was previously known about the ancient pre-Colombian civilisation's literary achievements because its three main libraries were destroyed by Spanish invaders in 1521.  

This contributed to a belief that the Aztecs' hieroglyphic signs were not a proper writing system to match ones found in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

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Russia Deploys Additional Truck-Launched NUCLEAR MISSILES; U.S. Sends B-1 Lancers on "Virtual" Bombing Mission of Russia!

The situation in Ukraine is growing so bad, so fast, that Russia has now released video showing even MORE truck-launched NUCLEAR MISSILES being put into the field.

The video, released by the Russian Ministry of Defense, makes very clear the intercontinental ballistic missiles inside their country, are now on the move:

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Chinese-produced animated movie introduced American kids to the idea of a fearful virus, masks and life-saving vaccine - back in 2016

We have previously examined the army of "consultants" who have infiltrated our public schools, turning them into centers for indoctrination and hatred against those holding fast to the traditional Christian faith.

But the indoctrination of our youth is not only happening in schools.

Truth is, our children have been targeted for mind-control outside of the classroom as much as inside.

Hollywood is perhaps the biggest culprit.

Take the animated film, Hedgehogs, for example.

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Best-Selling Devotional Has Prayer to 'Help Me to Hate White People'

How far have we come since Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech?

Sometimes, I'm not so sure. While our society has made tremendous progress toward the idea that all men are created equal, anti-whiteness seems to be all the rage these days. And that is no less racist than hating anyone of any other color.

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Race And Class Warfare: Racist Liberals Assert Blacks Can't Read,  Can't Do Math And Needs Free Money, As Socialism Takes Over The Democrat Party

For a party that screams racism and "Jim Crow Laws" on a daily basis, we note the hypocrisy of then arguing that blacks cannot read properly, cannot do math because asking for a "correct" answer is somehow racist, while insisting on handing out free money for no other reason than the color of their skin is black.

Aside from the never-ending push for racial division, we now have a party, the Democrats, also playing the class warfare game, as all socialists have done throughout history.

Top all that off with the continued attacks against Christians, and we see that the endgame goal is to pit almost every demographic groups against each other to further divide the American population.

Below we will look at a number of recent stories that prove that assertion true.

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US on alert as Russia deploys 'Doomsday Nuke' in Arctic military build-up - conflict fears

RUSSIA is deploying an underwater drone designed to "inundate US coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis" as part of an unprecedented military build-up in the Arctic.

Kremlin defence chiefs are testing their latest weapons in waters that until recently were frozen over as Russia attempts to secure its northern coast and open up a key shipping route from Asia to Europe. The powerful Poseidon 2M39 torpedo, nicknamed the "Doomsday Nuke" because of its terrifying capabilities, is among the new arsenal undergoing tests in the northern oceans.

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BREAKING: GraceLife Church RAIDED by police - fencing went up at dawn

(9:50 a.m. ET / 7:50 a.m. MT) Alberta government agents are raiding GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta.

GraceLife Church is under the care of Pastor James Coates, who recently spent 35 days in the Edmonton Remand Centre after he turned himself in for breaking public health laws on COVID-19.

Our reporter, Sheila Gunn Reid, is heading to the scene immediately for more information.

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The Combined Russian and Chinese Attack Upon America Will Be Complete and We Do Not Have Long to Wait

A reader wrote to me and said that they thought the invasion of the United States only involved the Red Dawn scenario sweeping in our of the Southwest.  That is not the case. Yesterday, we discussed the Chinese coming in our of the Southwest and Northwest after the US moves to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion. There is much, much more.... I will cover a few more places today. Then tomorrow, I will talk about the biological attack that Is coming.

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Artillery Barrage in Ukraine; Russia TV Talks "Nuclear First-Strike"

Artillery fire has broken out along the line of control between breakaway Oblasts (states) Luhansk/Donetsk, and the Ukrainian Army this morning.  The exchanges are described as "Heavy shelling."

Meanwhile, in Russia, television shows featuring former Russian Army officers and some elected officials, are openly talking about Russia having to use nuclear weapons over the Ukraine/NATO troop build-up along the Russian border!

The situation is deteriorating very badly, very fast.

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Watch Out For Sinister Ulterior Motives When The Left Speaks Of An Exploding 'Mental Health Crisis' Due To Covid-19 - 'Mental Health' Has Been Used To Take Away Americans 2nd Amendment Rights And Disarm Americans 

If it wasn't bad enough that Americans have a new 'scourge' to contend with in April of 2021 with 'pandemic zoom zombies' scurrying about the streets, we learn in a new story over at Yahoo that according to a recent study, roughly one in three 'pandemic survivors' are now suffering from mental health problems and other brain and neurological problems and disorders.

With suicides spiking while younger Americans are being isolated due to the lockdowns and social distancing, leaving many younger Americans feeling despondent, angry, listless, afraid and suicidal as we see in the chart below, as that Yahoo story reported, one in three in a study of more than 230,000 mostly Americans diagnosed with a brain or psychiatric disorder within six months of their contracting Covid suggests the pandemic could lead to a wave of mental and neurological problems.

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246 Fully Vaccinated Michigan Residents Test Positive for COVID, With 3 Dead

This week, public health officials in the state of Michigan have revealed that at least 246 residents have tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. At least three of them have also died since recently receiving their vaccine.

According to a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Lynn Sutfin, the cluster of cases covers the period between 1 January and 31 March. Each of the group are confirmed to have tested positive at least two weeks after getting their final does of the vaccine, with a total of 11 persons hospitalized from the group.

"Some of these individuals may ultimately be excluded from this list due to continuing to test positive from a recent infection prior to being fully vaccinated," said Sutfin.

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Is 2021's Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For a Cyber Pandemic?

Event 201 that preceded the COVID pandemic. Event 201 eerily described and seemed to predict the pandemic. (There was also a pandemic simulation called Clade X that preceded Covid.)

What some readers may not know, however, is that the World Economic Forum conducted a similar simulation, Cyber Polygon 2020. This 2020 event also predicted a global catastrophe.

A new cyberattack simulation, Cyber Polygon, will occur in July 2021.

The WEF, Russia's Sberbank, and its cybersecurity subsidiary BIZONE announced in February that a new cyberattack simulation would occur July 9, 2021. The event will simulate a supply-chain cyberattack similar to the SolarWinds attack that would "assess the cyber resilience" of the exercise participants. 

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Parade of dead pharaohs in Egypt occurring on same day as splitting of the Red Sea over 3000 years ago

(OPINION) ETH - Is it a coincidence that while Jews were partaking in the commemorating of the splitting of the Red Sea, that a group of dead Pharaohs was paraded down the main street of Cairo in Egypt, echoing what many say are Biblical events from nearly 3,000 years ago?

The vent has already caused many locals in Egypt to be in great fear that the "Curse of the Pharaohs" will be unleashed as 3000-year-old mummies of 18 kings and four queens are being paraded and moved during the "golden parade" where the mummies will be transferred to a new museum in Cairo where they will be showcased triggering fear among locals that a curse will be released upon the country.

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UBS Predicts 80,000 More Retail Stores Will Close In Five Years

The retail apocalypse has been well documented for readers (see: here & here & here) over the years as tens of thousands of brick and mortar stores nationwide have shuttered their doors. The problem today - is that millions of jobs lost during the pandemic are never coming back - in a consumer-based economy - this sets up for even more store closures.

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Potentially deadly ‘Zoom zombies' are roaming the streets, a new report finds

Fifty-four percent of motorists who've driven their vehicles soon after using a videoconferencing platform report having trouble concentrating on the road.

Americans have a new pandemic-related problem to worry about: zombies. No, not the kind that kills to eat brains, but the type that kills because their own noggins aren't operating at full capacity.

So-called Zoom zombies are terrorizing U.S. drivers and pedestrians, according to the Root Insurance Distracted Driving Awareness Survey, released today. According to the survey, 54% of motorists who have driven their vehicles soon after using a videoconferencing platform report having trouble concentrating on the road.

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Where Is The Outrage? Biden Admin Holding 18,000 Illegal Children - Trump's Max Was 2,600

While the Trump administration's "kids in cages" scandal dominated news headlines for months, the mainstream media is totally ignoring a much larger crisis currently happening under Biden's watch.

According to the Washington Post, at the height of the Trump-era border surge, roughly 2,600 underage illegal immigrants were under the custody of the federal government.

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2+2=5: Oregon Department of Education Pushes Course Claiming Math is Racist Because It Requires a Correct Answer

The Oregon Department of Education is promoting an online course that claims math is racist because it requires a correct answer.

The class, called "A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction," describes itself as "an integrated approach to mathematics that centers Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students" that provides "opportunities for ongoing self-reflection as they seek to develop an anti-racist math practice."

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Chemical Cocktail Found in Face Masks. "Breathing in Carcinogens, Allergens and Synthetic Microfibres"

This is an abridged version of a full feature which appears in the both the print and e-version Ecotextile News, April 2021.

Top German scientists have found that wearing certain types of face masks for long periods of time could result in potentially hazardous chemicals and harmful microplastics being inhaled deep into human lungs.

Professor Michael Braungart, director at the Hamburg Environmental Institute and co-founder of the world-renowned Cradle to Cradle environmental standard has told Ecotextile News that mask wearers unwittingly run the risk of breathing in carcinogens, allergens and tiny synthetic microfibres by wearing both textile and nonwoven surgical masks for long periods of time.

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1,000 'woke' companies unite against election-integrity laws!

Civic Alliance includes McDonalds, Amazon, Verizon, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber

The opposition of major corporations such as Coca-Cola and Delta to a Georgia election law has drawn attention to an alliance of more than 1,000 companies that, in effect, have identified themselves as opponents of voting integrity.

The Civic Alliance boasts on its website that its membership has grown to 1,119 companies that employee more than 5 million people.

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Border protection deletes photos of Yemeni terror watch list suspects held after crossing border citing 'national security': Kevin McCarthy demands briefing on how many terrorists have crossed into US

Republicans on the House Committee on Homeland Security have slammed Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after the agency deleted a press release that detailed the arrest of two Yemeni illegal immigrants who were identified on a terrorism watch list. 

On Monday, CBP announced how two Yemeni nationals who were placed on the FBI's terror watchlist were arrested in California after crossing illegally from Mexico into the United States.

But the announcement was deleted from the CBP website and Twitter account on Tuesday, on the grounds of 'national security'.

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Anti-Vax & Anti-Tax - 2 Huge Trends of 2021 -Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher and publisher of "The Trends Journal," is back to talk about two of the biggest trends taking shape for 2021.  One revolves around Covid-19 (CV-19) and the experimental so-called vaccine, otherwise known as the "jab."  The other is a rebounding economy destined to crash.  First, the CV-19 jab, as Celente explains, "There are going to be new political movements:  anti-tax, anti-vax, anti-immigration and anti-establishment.  We are going to see a big anti-vax movement.  To make the point on how they are going to be selling this . . . They are selling it now that there is going to be a new strain of CV-19, and you better prepare for it.  It's going to happen every year, and you are going to have to get vaccinated.  So, we are going to start seeing a big anti-vax movement."

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Neuralink Co-Founder Says We Have the Tech to Build an Actual Jurassic Park

Max Hodak wants us to create brand-new, "super exotic" dinosaurs.

Max Hodak, the Neuralink cofounder who recently made headlines for suggesting a religion that incorporates drugs and that his company's brain-computer interface would revolutionize gaming, is back - and now he's calling for someone to build a real-world Jurassic Park.

"We could probably build Jurassic Park if we wanted to," Hodak tweeted on Saturday. "Wouldn't be genetically authentic dinosaurs but [shrugging emoji]. Maybe 15 years of breeding + engineering to get super exotic novel species."

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US Sails Carrier Into South China Sea As Philippines Enraged Over China 'Territory Grab'

In the latest dispute over territory in the South China Sea, the Philippine government is denouncing Beijing for sending a "maritime militia" near the contested Whitsun Reef (alternately spelled Whitson Reef). 

China has responded by saying the ships are merely civilian fishing vessels, but the bellicose rhetoric has only grown between the two sides in the past days. And now amid the ratcheting tensions American warships led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier have entered the waters

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Emergency Meeting Called for Ukraine Peace Talks - Ukraine PULLS-OUT. US Asks Russia about Intention for vast Forces Massing, Russia Replies "No more info for you"

The situation in eastern Europe got very much worse today in the ongoing troubles between Russia and Ukraine/US/UK/NATO.

With Russia massing utterly gigantic numbers of troops, tanks, artillery, and armored personnel carriers both in Crimea and on Ukraine's eastern Border states of Luhansk and Donetsk, an "Emergency Meeting" was called of the Trilateral Contact Group on the Conflict in Donbas. (The "Donbas" is the two-state region consisting of Luhansk and Donetsk, which want to breakaway from Ukraine and join Russia).

The purpose of the emergency meeting was to ask Russia to renew the cease-fire agreement, which Expired on March 31.  Russia had previously refused to renew it when Ukraine began massing troops on the borders of the Donbas. 

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Plot to Kill us FURTHER thickened.. started a DECADE ago
re: anti-microbials

An antibacterial hand soap I have used almost 20 years "safeguard" became harder to find in the last few years, and LO! it has received relabeling and an ingredient change!

towit: there was a push by a plethora of liberal/environ[mental] psuedo 'appearing' agencies with "out of the can" websites pressuring (by lawyer representatives) pressuring the FDA to BAN TRICLOCARBAN/TRICLOSAN (an antimicrobial/bacterial) from counter soaps, hand soaps, HOSPITAL BAR SOAPS that doctors used for more than 55 years SAFELY!!

these groups crafted all sorts of dreamy hypothetical stories (WITH ZERO EVIDENCE) that possibly, maybe, hypothetically there is a remote chance that 1 out a possibly quadrillion qazillion GRUBWORMS or other creature might have 'mood swings!'

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'Don't Be Surprised When Buildings Are On Fire' - BLM Activist Threatens 'All Hell Will Break Loose' If Derek Chauvin Not Sentenced In Death Of George Floyd

As the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer being tried for second-third degree murder and/or second degree manslaughter, of George Floyd, proceeds, high profile BLM activists are already making threats of what will happen if they do not get the verdict they want.

This is the problem with: 1.) The media trying people in the court of public opinion before any investigation is even completed, and; 2.) Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists believing said media, feeling entitled to ignore the actual evidence presented at the legal trial and start threatening the entire nation if the selected, and very diverse jury, does not convict and sentence Chauvin.

ANP reported the other day that the trial was producing shocking, never-before-seen evidence, because it didn't feed the media's preferred narrative so they completely ignore it, and we asserted that no matter what happened during the trial, there would be massive riots.

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Fauci is a dangerous sociopath who must be held accountable for committing crimes against humanity

(Natural News) Fake doctor Anthony Fauci is now trying to claim credit for the experimental gene therapy injections for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that were actually created by Donald Trump through Operation Warp Speed (OWS). Consequently, Fauci is now receiving flack from Trump supporters like Peter Navarro who say that Fauci is nothing more than a lying sociopath.

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Situation Update, April 5th, 2021 - Nazi-style covid DEATH CAMPS coming to every Democrat-controlled city

NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty (food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc.). Together, we're helping create a better world, with more honest food labeling, reduced chemical contamination, the avoidance of toxic heavy metals and vastly increased scientific transparency.

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Many Democrats Actually Want The US Military To Go Door To Door And Disarm Americans: Remember! Totalitarian Governments Always First Disarm Their 'Future Victims'!

The Democrats Latest War On The 2nd Amendment Leads To Huge Surge In Gun Sales Nationwide

According to David B. Kopel, an American author, attorney and gun rights advocate, "Even if we assume that 'gun control' may reduce firearm homicides by individual criminals, it facilitates murder by government."

Warning us in a recent episode of his "Kopel's Law & Liberty News" that the problem of government carried out mass murder "was on full display in the 20th Century", as we also hear from Kopel in the only video at the bottom of this story, "the accumulative dangers of armed criminals are much smaller than the danger of armed criminal governments". 

With the very real problem of 'government tyranny' alone giving Americans a reason to arm up like never before in 2021, with fewer guns historically leading to more genocide, as Kopel warned Americans in an article which we've embedded above the comment section of this story below titled "Fewer Guns, More Genocide", totalitarian governments are the most likely to perpetrate mass murder. 

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Our Trojan Horses! The Forces of Darkness Are Not Coming, They Are Already Here!!!

It is really simple, isn't it? As Hillary Clinton's favorite document puts it, overwhelm your adversary with full frontal assaults and eventually they will collapse! This is precisely what America is suffering through. The three-headed dragon of the Deep State, the Democratic Party and the World's New Policeman, China, is attacking America on all fronts. And its is not just the Democrats, so long as most Republicans get to keep their spoils of public service, they don't care who is in charge.

Since 2015, the forces of darkness have been trying to get Russia and America into a war. Why? Because the goal of the New World Order is to fully install the brutal, Satanic regime of China as the world's new policeman. Why? Because China will spare no moral transgression to give the benefactors what they want, namely, a population reduction of 90%.

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Are You Prepared For a "New Normal" of Flashmobs, Revolutionaries and a Lower Standard of Living?

The protests and riots that engulfed the United States just before the election seem to have calmed down. However, you only need to turn on the news to see that random protests and mob street action are popping up all across the country.

Sometimes, the target of the mob attacks is the police. Sometimes they involve competing militias. (Antifa vs. Proud Boys etc.) Sometimes, they are organized mob violence against innocent bystanders.

It seems like the "new normal" everyone keeps talking about is pretty violent.

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Chinese Officials Trying to Dodge COVID-19 Vaccinations, Citing Health Reasons: Leaked Documents

As the Chinese regime races to inoculate tens of millions through coercive policies and a propaganda blitz, some local officials are quietly dodging the shots themselves.

Amid Beijing's aggressive vaccine push, dozens of officials from parts of Liaoning, a province in northeastern China, have cited various health reasons not to take the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine, internal documents dated late March and obtained by The Epoch Times reveal.

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A Marine's Guide to SHTF planning. (Part One-Print and Keep)

Six P's

A lot of battles have been won on paper but lost on the battlefield-just ask Napoleon Bonaparte. Although this seems like a jab against planning, it's just the opposite. I doubt any major battles have been won without good planning. And, poor execution of a good plan gives the same crap results. In the Marines, the importance of planning has been enshrined in the "Six P's " (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance).

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Vaccines Are the New 'Purity Test'

As predicted last year, vaccine passports are being rolled out across the world, including the U.S. As reported by Ron Paul in his Liberty Report,1,2 which streamed live March 29, 2021, the Biden Administration is "seriously looking into establishing some kind of federal vaccine passport system, where Americans who cannot (or will not) prove to the government they have been jabbed with the experimental vaccine will be legally treated as second-class citizens."

Paul warns that this system "will quickly morph into a copy of China's ‘social credit' system, where undesirable behaviors are severely punished." I've been saying the same thing for many months now, and there's every reason to suspect that this is indeed where we're headed.

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In Service of Progressive Values, US Military Has Become Detached From Reality

To mark International Women's Day on March 8, U.S. President Biden honoured women in the U.S. military. "We're making good progress designing body armour that fits women properly; tailoring combat uniforms for women; creating maternity flight suits; updating-updating requirements for their hairstyles," he boasted.

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GM unveils $105,595 ELECTRIC Hummer SUV with 'extract mode' that raises it six feet off the ground to climb over obstacles and has 300-mile range on single charge

The Hummer was the epitome of gas-guzzling excess before retiring in 2010, but General Motors (GM) has revived the iconic vehicle with an eco-friendly design.

The carmaker unveiled its new five-seat Hummer EV SUV, which can go 300 miles before it needs a recharge.

Retailing for $105,595. the top-line Edition 1 offers 830 horsepower, 82 cubic feet of storage and four-wheel steering with CrabWalk, which allows tit to move diagonally

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Two More Teachers DEAD After AstraZeneca COVID Shot

SICILY, ITALY - AstraZeneca changed the name of its experimental COVID-19 viral vector shot to Vaxzevria to help salvage its reputation and sales. Unfortunately the rebranding has not stopped what is quickly approaching genocide in Italy.

Augusta Turiaco Facebook announcement

Two more Italian teachers are dead after receiving AstraZeneca viral vector shots against COVID-19. Mrs. Augusta Turiaco received the first dose of the AstraZeneca shot on March 11, according to daily newspaper La Stampa. The 55-year-old Messina music teacher published a new Facebook profile photo that day, letting everyone know she was "vaccinated."

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'Where is the Skynet logo?': Chinese robotics firm shares 'terrifying' video of its four-legged robots moving in unison that Twitter users say could be the start of a robot takeover

A robot takeover is the plot of many science fiction films, but a video shared on Twitter has some believing the idea may not be too farfetched.

A user shared a clip from Chinese-based Unitree robotics firm that shows a squadron of four-legged machines moving in unison.

The AI-powered, canine-like robot, named, Aliengo, is designed with depth perception, high explosive sport performance and an advanced protection level - among other features.

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Tyrant Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaccinated People to Be a Threat to Humanity

Several dozen heads of the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and various other globalist bodies have declared that the "Great Reset" needs to include the establishment of a global "pandemic" treaty to ensure that all humans are "vaccinated" in accordance with government edicts.

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Waiting For The Trigger Event

"Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

I don't know what else there is to say on the evil and tyranny that we are faced with at this point in our History. People seem to have lost their collective minds and insanity seems to rule the day.

Everywhere you look strange and evil things are happening. We have allowed our country to be stolen from us in a fraudulent election. We have done nothing.

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I have become personally so disenchanted with the way people fail to prep. People still don't understand how important it is to put away. I have gotten into arguments over this and had cretins call me a fool because I put away food, water, and supplies. I thought about this and the frustration that other preppers have with this laid back idiotic attitude that there is no need for preparation. There are good people that just can't/won't start preparing. They have the money to do so, but just don't want to. Many have only seen what happens to non-preppers on TV, but it still doesn't make an impact.

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A Cowed Republic Is A Dead Republic: Forced Vaccination Compliance Goes Completely Against The 'My Body My Choice' Argument Democrats Use For Abortion

The party of baby killers under the guise of "my body, my choice" are also the party that appears dead set on forcing others to do things with their bodies without their willing consent, aka force them to take the COVID vaccine.

The fact that the Biden regime, the media, Democrats and liberals are all pushing for "forced" vaccinations," shows exactly what they truly think of the "My body, my choice" nonsense they spew on a daily basis about abortion.

To them, "my body, my choice," only applies to choices they wish to make and the hell with any one elses decision-making rights as to what goes into their bodies.

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The "Great Reset" Turns Man Into Machine to Serve Elite

One area that has not received nearly as much attention is the plan to fuse human beings with technology under the guise of "improving" mankind. Mankind will be transformed into drones who serve the one percent.

Under the new world order envisioned by the proponents of the United Nations-backed "Great Reset," humans will be merged with machines and technology. Literally. Perhaps most incredibly, the Deep State globalists behind the efforts are coming out of the closet. These days, they are openly and literally proclaiming their intention to abolish private ownership of property and even fuse microchips into people's brains that will be able to read and manipulate individuals' thoughts.

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Reckoning With Reality: America's Days Are Over

hen In The Course of Human Events......

The Founders of this nation put forward a very basic premise: assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them

That no government, no person whether royalty or not, King, Queen or Pawn, can take from one to give to another, to make one lesser than another, to bring remove from one the basics of humanity for the privilege of another.

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BREAKING NEWS: Iran announces NATO-KILLER Missile

The Islamic Republic of Iran today announced its support for Russia in the event the Donbas (Ukraine) is attacked.  It also announced a new Iranian Missile with capabilities hit strike NATO Capitals in Europe, should war erupt between NATO and Russia.

The Iranian announcement was simple and brief.

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British Newspaper Headline ". . . World War . . . in Four Weeks" --- Diplomat too: "A war with Russia is being worked out"

A veritable garbage dump of British media, "The Sun" newspaper, has a headline in yesterday's edition " . . . World War could be triggered in Four Weeks" over the ongoing and escalating situation in Ukraine. 

Gee, that would put us at about May 2, the precise date I mentioned on my radio show last week, for the start of this conflict!

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Montana Bans 'Sanctuary Cities' for Illegal Aliens

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) signs legislation to ban practice

The Republican governor of Montana, Greg Gianforte, has signed new legislation that bans so-called "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens from being established in the state.

While Montana doesn't currently have any sanctuary cities, the move is seen as a warning shot from state GOP executives.

Republicans are pushing back as Joe Biden and a Democratic Congress continue to push progressive reforms.

Similar legislation was vetoed in 2019 by former Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat.

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Did you leave your church today with gratitude for the gift of salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ? However, was there a part of you that felt empty because you know that if Jesus were to walk among us he did 2000 years ago, he would be walking through our unholy institutions in America and doing what he did when he chased the money-changers from the Temple? Isn't your Pastor supposed to embody the courage of Christ in the face of evil? If you are left feeling incomplete about your experience at church this morning, it is because your church is capitulating to evil. If your church will not stand up to evil, who will? Biden? Harris? Pelosi? it is and has always have been the followers of Christ!

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With More Signs Of War, Genocide And Mass Starvation In America's Future, The Unprepared Won't Be Able To Survive Without Trading Their Own Enslavement For A Can Of Corn

The Globalists Satanic Agenda Being Pushed To Their 'End Game' For America

Two days ago on April 2nd, we'd reported within this ANP story that if Joe Biden and Democrats got their way, they're going to get us all killed with Biden's admin insanely declaring their 'unwavering support for Ukraine' at a time when Russia is flooding Crimea with tanks and soldiers and tensions between Russia and Ukraine are running super hot. 

Reporting within that story that in numerous ways, the Russian military had equaled or surpassed the US military, with Russia now owning what have been called the 'crown jewels' of weapons in 2021, the unstoppable hypersonic nuclear weapons capable of evading all defenses, we've just gotten more signs that story was right on the money, with a Russian military analyst warning in this new story over at the Daily Mail that a European or world war could break out in as little as four weeks!

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‘Gestapo out!' WATCH Canadian cops chased out by enraged pastor after reportedly trying to stop Passover prayer

A controversial Canadian pastor has reported that he forced out six police officers, who are said to have tried to stop an Easter service due to Covid-19 restrictions, by repeatedly screaming "Out of this property" at them.

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Society of Terror: A Global Holocaust That Puts People In Survival Mode Would Lend Itself Nicely To The Police State Being Erected To Contain The People

For several years many people have had the opinion that the global elite have had a plan to kill off a significant portion of the worlds population and take complete control of the resources and people. The raping of the worlds financial assets by these people has insured that they must do something to cover their tracks in a way to avert repercussions on themselves from an irate population. A global holocaust that puts people in survival mode would lend itself nicely to the police state being erected to contain the people.

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Anyone Who Believes Pharmaceutical Companies Have a

Moral Compass Believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Vaccines Will Be The Savior of Society...

Oxycontin Maker Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty in Criminal Case

Big Pharmaceutical Continues to Rape Humanity, Purdue to Plead Guilty in $8bn Opioid

Settlement and They Want You to Trust Them With a Vaccine...

The maker of OxyContin painkillers has reached an $8.3bn (£6.3bn) settlement and agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges to resolve a probe of its role in fuelling America's opioid crisis.

Purdue Pharma will admit to enabling the supply of drugs "without legitimate medical purpose".

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The construction of the tunnel, approximately 1,970 feet long and 5 feet wide, was built by the Catholic authorities in Jerusalem as an underground passage allegedly for the purpose of providing passageway from the main building of the Dormition Abbey to the residences of the clergy in the Beit Yosef building, a dormitory/guest house it built nearby decades ago. But spiritual leader of the Yanar Institute in Jerusalem, Rabbi Daniel Asor isn't buying it. According to Rabbi Asor, that tunnel is a means for the Vatican to exhume the bones of King David who they allege was buried in Mt Zion. As the church is Catholic, the rabbi asserts that they are operating under the Vatican's instructions. Rabbi Asor adds that it's all part of the Vatican's plan to collect DNA from the body of King David and use it to "recreate" the Messiah in an effort to fool the world into believing that the Messiah has arrived... (READ MORE)



Fears grow WW3 could be triggered 'in a month' as Russian military seen 'on the move'

Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer has warned WW3 could be sparked by rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine - and things could really kick off in early May

World War 3 could be triggered in four weeks in Ukraine, a top Russian military analyst has warned.

The terrifying alert has come after footage was widely shared on social media showing suspected large scale Russian military movements in regions close to rebel-held eastern Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

Four Ukrainian soldiers also died in separatist shelling on 26 March near Shuma, a village in the Donetsk region.

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Democracy is an Illusion (Perspective) The Covid Scam Has Alerted Millions to The Fact That The World Is Controlled By A Small Cabal Of Satanist Central Bankers Who Wish to Enslave Us

The covidscam has alerted millions to the fact that the world is controlled by a small cabal of satanist central bankers who wish to enslave us. Most everyone who is "successful" serves their demented agenda. This article from 2005 provides background for people new to our ugly political reality.

A "Far Side" cartoon describes our innocence about democracy.

A slave rowing a Viking ship puts up his hand and calls to the whip master: "Yoo-hoo! Oh, yoo-hoo... I think I'm getting a blister."

Like this man, most people cling to the belief that our leaders represent our interests.

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Clive Maund - Genocide is their End Game and everything that has happened and is happening is due to a meticulously planned and sinister plot being implemented by the narrow clique of gangsters who now control our world.

"In a nutshell, they are to cull a large percentage of the human race and to turn the survivors into a completely controlled army of slaves who own nothing and are dictated to and tracked, traced and monitored 24 / 7 everywhere, even inside their own homes, which of course they will no longer own."

"It only starts to make sense when you understand that everything that has happened and is happening is due to a meticulously planned and sinister plot being implemented by the narrow clique of gangsters who now control our world."

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Sweden Scraps Bill Gates' Geoengineering Plot To Block The Sun

An effort to dim the sun to stop global warming has been scrapped by the Swedish Space Agency, who announced that the program, funded by Bill Gates, has ‘divided the scientific community' and will therefore not be carried out.

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) released a statement saying that the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which also had secured Harvard funding, will not go ahead as planned in June.

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Emergency Saturday Broadcast! World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

Here is a link to the SPARS Pandemic document.

A 2017 Johns Hopkins document details plans for Big Pharma global domination. "This document is the holy grail. The key to defeating the globalist." - Alex Jones

Watch here:



Teachers Compile List Of Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum, Plot War On Them

"Infiltrate... shut down their websites... expose these people publicly

A group of current and former teachers and others in Loudoun County, Virginia, compiled a lengthy list of parents suspected of disagreeing with school system actions, including its teaching of controversial racial concepts - with a stated purpose in part to "infiltrate," use "hackers" to silence parents' communications, and "expose these people publicly."

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Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec

Grey and blue SNN200642 masks should no longer be used, warn Quebec and Ottawa

One model of mask distributed to Quebec schools and daycares may be dangerous for the lungs as they could contain a potentially toxic material, according to a directive sent out by the provincial government on Friday.

Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing Health Canada warned of the potential for "early pulmonary toxicity" from the SNN200642 masks which are made in China and sold and distributed by Métallifer, a Quebec-based manufacturer.

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"Structural Collapse Could Occur At Any Time": Florida County Evacuates Residents Near Imminent Radioactive Wastewater Spill

Florida residents located within a one of a phosphate processing plant in Manatee County were evacuated this weekend as officials warned that a pond containing radioactive wastewater could collapse "at any time," according to CBS News.

"A portion of the containment wall at the leak site shifted laterally," said Manatee Director of Public Safety Jake Saur, after the Piney Point processing plant developed a "significant leak" according to county officials cited by WTSP-TV. Saur said that a "structural collapse could occur at any time." Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for the area on Saturday.

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Globalists are Initiating their Extinction Protocols - Steve Quayle

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author, Steve Quayle, contends the evil elite have long warned about drastically reducing the global population.  They even carved it into the infamous Georgia Guide Stones.  It says the world should be comprised of only a half billion people, not the 7.9 billion living on the planet today.  Quayle says the Covid-19 (CV-19) vaccines are part of the plan to kill off a stunningly large part of humanity. Quayle explains, "The bottom line is we are talking about the depopulation in the United States and the rest of the world in the order of 7.4 billion people.  The population on earth right now is around 7.9 billion people. 

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Parade of the pharaohs: Egypt holds spectacular ceremony transporting 22 mummies including Queen Nefertari to new resting place at museum - 3,000 years after they were entombed in Valley of the Kings

Egypt on Saturday held a spectacular parade to transport 22 mummies of its most famous pharaohs from central Cairo to their new resting place at a museum.

The ceremony snaked along the Nile corniche from the Egyptian Museum overlooking Tahrir Square to the newly opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, Cairo, where Egypt's first Islamic capital was located.

The mummies - 18 pharaohs and four other royals - were transported in climate-controlled cases loaded onto trucks decorated with wings and pharaonic design for the hour-long journey from their previous home in the older, Egyptian Museum. 

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BBC "Broadcast" SIMULATES Nuclear War Between NATO & Russia from January 2018 -- Mentions Syria and Ukraine as Basis for Start of the war

Back in January of 2018, I came across what some people might think of as "Predictive Programming;" A BBC (SIMULATED) broadcast about troubles between NATO and Russia and how, within an HOUR, it became full scale nuclear war.  The video appears below.

I recall at the time being utterly stunned that the BBC would even take time to produce something like this, never mind let it get out to the public.  I talked about it on my radio show at the time.

With all the troubles presently brewing in Ukraine, this came to my mind again, and I watched it (in full) today.  The similarities to what is taking place IN REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW are eerie.  Maybe a bit too eerie.   I find myself wondering (again) if this isn't "predictive programming?"

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533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online

A user in a low-level hacking forum on Saturday published the phone numbers and personal data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users for free.

The exposed data includes the personal information of over 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries, including over 32 million records on users in the US, 11 million on users in the UK, and 6 million on users in India. It includes their phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birthdates, bios, and, in some cases, email addresses.

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It appears that the United States may have news, yet, of an unannounced pandemic ready to released. Please consider the following information.

Back in early March, the CDC began requiring travelers to the United States from specific locations in Africa to provide contact information with regard to Ebola. This action is prudent and reasonable and the public should be grateful.

Yesterday, also on Fox News, it was announced that the CDC was already working on an Ebola vaccine. Based on earlier information, this CDC news release is both false and deceptive. The CDC. For a long time, has sat on a developed vaccine for Ebola. In fact the CDC even owns the patent. Combined with the fact that many insider sources say that Ebola will be the kill shot that will follow Covid-19.

Read and watch here:



We Knew This Was Coming No Shots

No Papers No Travel-Tribulations, In Full Swing Compliments of Europe, Satan Soldiers Are Busy...

We begin the New Year with globalist reprobate minds planning to take over the planet through their "Great Reset" plan. At this point, I do not think they will succeed, because globalism will not get much support until the general population demands it. The nations now are way too divided to agree on any type of globalism. By the way, the state run capitalism and socialism the globalists want is really Fascism.

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New ‘Detention Camp In America: Quarantine Camps

& Forced Vaccinations...

Evil people are waxing worse and worse and there is nothing Christians can do about that other than to PRAY and take a stand against their evils. Those trying to reason with people given over to a reprobate mind are for the most part casting their pearls before swine.

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Cancel Culture Isn't A WMD: It's Political Terror

There are only a tiny handful of writers working in the media worth following. That wasn't always the case, but the media has consolidated into a political narrative bloc churning out clickbait aimed at the choir which means that, even aside from its politics, it has no room for anything interesting.

Neither does its core audience.

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Expect A Far More Deadly Bioweapon To Be Unleashed Upon America If Not Enough People Take The 'Covid Kill Shot' As More Sinister Moves Are Made Towards Human Genocide

America In A Downward Spiral As Vicious Cycle Gets Ready To Be Repeated

While China, the World Health Organization and the mainstream media will continue to call the 'Covid-19 is a Chinese bioweapon theory' a 'conspiracy theory', we've gotten numerous new signs over the past several days alone that it IS being 'used' as a 'weapon', to take down national governments and help usher in the globalists 'new world order one world government', with the WHO now pushing an 'International Pandemic Treaty', which is nothing less than that next stepping stone towards world government and tyranny.

As Makia Freeman over at The Freedom Articles reports in this new story, back on March 30th, the WHO released a letter, signed by its director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus plus 23 other world leaders, calling for the world to unite behind a new international pandemic treaty.

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Behold The Chinese Type 100-Class "God Of Submarines"

Chinese submarine, identified as the Type-100 Class is reportedly contesting Russian Navy's mighty Pr.941 Typhoon Class submarine as the largest ever built.

This was reported by H. I. Sutton for Naval News.

The new submarine is reportedly armed with 48 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs). It can also carry massive nuclear-powered nuclear-armed autonomous torpedoes.

The submarine was unveiled on April 1st

It was revealed at the Bohai Shipyard in Huludao, China, the new submarine is believed to be the Type-100 ‘Sun Tzu' class. The timing, together with its type number, appear to refer to the 100th year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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As Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine, The Globe Braces For World War 3

At this hour, more Russian military forces are massed near Ukraine's borders than we have ever seen before. 

Western military leaders say that they are concerned that the troop movements that we have witnessed in recent days may be leading up to an invasion, and if an invasion does happen it will greatly test the resolve of the Biden administration, EU leaders and NATO brass.  In particular, the hawks in the Biden administration would almost certainly not be willing to just sit back and let the Russians conquer all of Ukraine.  There would likely be a major response by the United States, and that could set off a chain reaction that could ultimately spark World War 3.

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Canada Sends COVID Positive Travelers to ‘Internment' Facilities

Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that as part of its new Corona laws, any Canadians hoping to return to their country must first be tested before and after takeoff, meaning that anyone with a positive test result will need to immediately quarantine at designated government facility.

Trudeau's new internment policy was put in place since last month, and numerous Canadians have taken to media to share their horror stories about the country's latest authoritarian power play waged against its citizens.

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THE ELITE HAVE BEGUN THEIR FULL SCALE EXECUTION! The Vaccine And Starvation: ‘The Modern Weapons Of Mass Sestruction'

The fear campaign prevails. And people are now led to believe that the corona vaccine sponsored by their governments is the "solution". And that "normality" will  be restored once the entire population of the planet has been vaccinated.

For those who think that a financial collapse causing the loss of their savings and livelihood are the worst that could happen, they might want to consider this possibility. If this country were destroyed economically and our infrastructure were destroyed we have the ability to rebuild it all over time. Many of the global players know that a small core of Americans can never be subjugated and could cause many problems for years to come if left to their own devices. In a country as big as America it would be almost impossible to round up all of them so something more drastic may be needed.

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Big Tech Can Make Sure Billions of People NEVER See Dissenting Opinions

We've reached a critical tipping point in the United States in which we're being turned against one another and silenced via wokism. I submit to you this hypothesis: Big Tech (social media, mainstream media, and companies like Google and Amazon) form an unofficial fourth branch of the government. They've gotten so big that they can make sure that billions of people all over the world are never exposed to dissenting opinions.

We all learn in high school civics (well, we did back when we had high school civics) that the government was made up of three branches that formed a series of checks and balances to keep any single group from holding too much power: executive, judicial, and legislative.

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Mass Media Lies: From Outright Fake News, To Declaring 'Fairness Is Overrated' To 'Doggy Doo' Reporting, The MSM Racing Each Other To Find Rock Bottom

I almost miss the days when the media was obsessing over everything Donald Trump did, said, or even how many scoops of ice cream he liked to eat with his pie, and lying about it all blatantly, because watching their death spiral just months after losing their "golden goose," overwhelmingly shows they still haven't quite hit rock bottom yet, but they trying really hard to find it.

And...they are in a race as to who can find it first!

It is actually painful to watch. The good news is the American people are also watching and the trust in the media and confidence levels are continuing to fall to new lows

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The ‘Vaccine' Wasn't Made For COVID, The COVID Disease Was Created For A ‘Vaccine'-Once You Understand That, Everything Else Will Make Perfect Sense

Get a COVID-19 vaccine and you'll be counseled to keep wearing a mask and keep staying away from other people. So, what's the point?

There's an immediate benefit to the person who receives a vaccine, said Andy Slavitt, White House senior adviser on the COVID-19 response.

"People are interested in taking the vaccine," he said at a Monday news conference, because "they don't want to be sick and they don't want to die."

"According to large research trials, getting two shots of either the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduces an individual's risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 by about 95%"...WHAT LARGE RESEARCH TRIALS?

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Naomi Wolf: Vaccine Passports Are The "End Of Human Liberty In The West"

The Left would like to dismiss Naomi Wolf as a heretic and conspiracy theorist now that she disagrees with their anti-liberty responses to coronavirus, but her warning about President Biden's threatened "vaccine passports" should be heeded.

Wolf, who started a tech site that she says is meant to bring the right and left together, says the passport would divide people between haves and have nots: those who have had the COVID shot and those who have not. In her words, it "is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned."

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VACCINATION PASSPORTS: Ushering China's Social Credit System into America - Biden Simply a "Placeholder" President Waiting for the CCP to Come to Power in America

I have been thinking about this since O'Biden et al came into power (illegally) in America. The Left know that he is in no shape physically or mentally to lead our country.

As on a chessboard, the left are thinking many moves ahead. Everything is calculated. The election itself was stolen and yes, I know that I can get in trouble for saying that.

But brethren, until I draw my last breath, I will speak Truth. It may land me in a re-education camp and that is fine. I will simply share the Gospel with everyone who will listen. Perhaps some will have their eyes and hearts opened by our Lord.

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months

REQUIRED VIEWING! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information!

She talks about instances of hyper-immune response in test animals during previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, which has been a persistent problem.

All seems well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus. To her, it's clear that the same will happen with humans.

Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists predict that millions may die from the vaccine but it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID - to make an argument for even MORE deadly vaccines.

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"Noah X": Capitol Stabber Identified As Indiana Man Who Followed Nation Of Islam

(Update 1512ET): The Capitol Shooter has been identified as 25-year-old Noah Green, originally from Indiana but who may have moved to Virginia. He recently lost his job and posted to Facebook that he was 'seeking spirital help.' NBC's Pete Williams confirmed his identity.

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Russia Warns NATO Against Sending Any Troops To Ukraine As "Frightening" Escalation Looms

The Kremlin's latest statements out Friday amid the potential new Ukraine crisis which has seen a serious flare-up in fighting in the Donbass region, along with what appears to be far bigger-than-usual troop movements on Russia's side of the border, has raised the stakes further. 

Russia has vowed it will take "extra measures to ensure its own security" should it observe any deployment of NATO troops inside Ukraine, the Kremlin statement said Friday according to Reuters.

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A Black Army Rises to Fight the Racist Right

A man calling himself Grandmaster Jay has raised a disciplined, heavily armed militia. It has yet to fire a shot at its enemies, but it's prepared for war.

When Grandmaster Jay walked into Million's Crab, a seafood joint in suburban Cincinnati, the waitstaff looked alarmed. Million's Crab is a family restaurant, and on that placid November evening, Jay-the supreme commander of the Not Fucking Around Coalition-was wearing body armor rated to take a pistol round directly to the chest. Dressed from mask to shoes in black, he was four hours late to our meeting, and remorseless. "My time is scarce," he said, making aggressive eye contact. Indeed, of the two of us, I was the one who felt sheepish, not because I was wasting his time but because it occurred to me that while I waited, I could have warned the servers that my dining companion was often armed and that he might look as if he had just stepped out of The Matrix.

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"There's No Town Left" - Ten Years Later, Fukushima's Eerie Landscapes Resemble 'Ghost Town'

The largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan struck ten years ago today. The 9.0-magnitude quake triggered a devastating tsunami, killing more than 18,000 people and led to a nuclear meltdown in northern Japan. 

Here's what we wrote about the nuclear incident ten years ago today: "Nuclear Expert: "Fukushima Has 24 Hours To Avoid A Core Meltdown Scenario."" 

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is considered the second-worst nuclear disaster in history, forcing the relocation of more than 100,000 people. The world's worst nuclear disaster was the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. 

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Tucker Knocks It Out of the Park: Biden Raises Your Taxes While He Dodges His Own [Video]

Tucker Carlson just opened up a can of whoop-ass on Biden's sham "infrastructure" bill that is really all about social engineering. The hot topic of the days that has everyone up in arms is that only 5% of the $2 trillion bill goes to infrastructure! Yes, this is another boondoggle payout.

Carlson uses sarcasm brilliantly to call out the phony Democrats and an even phonier Joe Biden, who delivered another teleprompter speech on Thursday afternoon, telling everyone how life-changing this "infrastructure" bill will be.

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Joe Biden's Going To Get Us All Killed! Prepare For World War 3 And Nuclear Annihilation With America Sent Back To The Dark Ages If Biden And Democrats Get Their Way

Get Ready For A Surprise Nuclear Attack Upon America, A 'Bolt From The Blue' 

With the globalists/democrats mass extermination endgame for America now quite easy to be seen as they set out upon their course of 'divide and conquer', this new story over at the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website on Thursday night warned of what is ahead if we keep traveling down the same road we're now traveling on. 

Reporting that Joe Biden and the US have declared their 'unwavering support for Ukraine' at a time when Russia is flooding Crimea with 'trains full of tanks and escalating tensions', we'll remind you that according to numerous military experts as we'll explore within this ANP story, Russia has far surpassed the US military in numerous ways, with their unstoppable hypersonic nuclear weapons a threat to our electrical grid, America's 'achilles heal' that should it be brought down for any lengthy period of time could lead to our destruction. 

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Number of Pregnant Women suffering Miscarriage after having Covid Vaccine increases by 483% in just 7 weeks

We're saddened to report that the eighth update on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme has seen yet another increase in the number of women suffering the heartbreak of losing an unborn child.

The Government have released weekly reports on adverse reactions to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, the first of which covered data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from the 9th December 2020 through to the 24th January 2021. Their latest report (find it here), which is the eighth to be released covers data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from the 9th December 2020 though to the 14th March 2021.

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As we struggle to reimagine our lives after the COVID PLANDEMIC that turned our world upside down, we are failing to recognize the new threat that is becoming more and more real.  WAR!  

Whether it is all legitimate or it is contrived it is non-the-less real for all of us.  It is more than likely orchestrated as the next step to bring the world to accept the New World Order.  That next step is about to occur.  

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LUCIFERASE: Enzyme in Bill Gates New Implantable Vaccine Biochemical ID

(Chaz Anon) Bill Gates wants control. His new implantable vaccine ID system called the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is proof of that. It is one of the new medical systems, along with contact tracing, designed to completely destroy your privacy and track everything you do.

A very interestingly named biochemical is what makes this system work.

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It Got Serious In A Hurry

Trump's five years were fun. He said things that provoked outrage among all the right people, often because they were true. You could laugh at their hypocritical idiocies, hysterical posturing, and sputtering anger. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, anyone who can watch Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow without laughing has a heart of stone. Frothing anger fueled effort after effort to depose Trump until success was realized with overblown pandemic panic, riots, and a clearly rigged election. If nothing else, Trump exposed the mendacity, arrogance, incompetence, venality, and criminality of the Corruptocracy.

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Russia warns it will take 'extra measures to ensure its security' if NATO sends forces to Ukraine after Moscow moved 4,000 troops to the border amid growing fears of war in disputed Donbass region

Russia today vowed to 'take extra measures' if Nato sends forces to Ukraine after the Kremlin dispatched 4,000 troops to the disputed border with its neighbour.

'No doubt such a scenario would lead to a further increase in tensions close to Russia's borders. Of course, this would call for additional measures from the Russian side to ensure its security,' Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

He insisted, however, that Russia was 'not threatening' Ukraine, despite an earlier statement which warned a war in Donbass would 'destroy' its neighbour.   

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